beauty and the beast
by katie slave


The Prince was a vain egomaniac with an obsession with his looks. He had fucked most of the women in his kingdom and still found no one worthy of being his princess. That didn't stop him from continuing to fuck, under the premise of finding the right girl. One day, a beautiful enchantress came to the Castle, wearing nothing but her long blonde hair strategically placed over her round breasts. She asked the Prince if he would have dinner with her. The Prince agreed but before the two reached the dining room, the prince grabbed her by her hair and viciously raped her in the hall, pounding his long, royal cock into her tight cunt, causing her great pain. Just as he was about to climax into her, she disappeared from beneath him. Instead she floated above him, cursing his wickedness and sentencing him to becoming a hideous beast, saying that since he was not willing to get to know her before satisfying his desire, he should find out what's it's like to be trapped inside of a terrible beast. If he could get a virgin to surrender her vaginal cherry by his 21st birthday, the spell would be lifted and he would become a handsome prince again. If not, he and the inhabitants of his Castle would remain objects forever.

Ashamed of his monstrous look, the prince became secluded in his Castle and he had contact with no one but his servants. Until one day...

PART 1 - The Choice

Belle just knew she didn't fit in her quiet little French town. Her father, Maurice, was an inventor and he had encouraged her to read and be studious. Most of the other townspeople thought it was odd for a girl to want to learn and thought her odd.

The one man who seemed to not mind her oddness was Gaston and he only saw her gorgeous breasts and long, thin legs. She was the most beautiful girl in town so, despite the fact that dozens of women swooned at his feet, Gaston had his eyes set on Belle.

Belle wanted nothing to do with the boorish Gaston. In him, she saw the worst of her small provincial town. She wanted adventure and to get away from her small town. She wanted to be free of this place and go find true happiness and love.

The only thing keeping her in town was her slightly senile father, who needed her. After her mother died, Belle was all he had left. But, they both hoped that his newest invention would bring him great riches and fame and he set off for the fair.

It was long before a "short cut" left Maurice lost in the dark, scary woods. When the wolves nipped at his horse's hooves, Maurice was thrown from the horse. He ran for his life, stumbling upon a dark, forbidden castle. Although the gate was wide open, the wolves would not follow, seeming to dread going into the castle. A puzzled Maurice ran into it anyway and yelled for help.

Within seconds, he met up with a talking clock and candlestick. While these creatures were very nice, a feather duster took the most interest in him, sidling up to him, tickling him with her feather, cooing at him. Suddenly, there was a great roar and a hideous beast was there.

"You came to gawk at the creature. You are my prisoner. Take him to the dungeon and torture him."


But two large objects grabbed him and threw the old man into a dungeon cage.

Meanwhile, Belle was busy saying no to Gaston's advances. Everywhere she went, he followed. But the final straw was him sneaking into her cottage while she bathed and trying to have his way with her. She somehow fought off his advances when his goofy friend Lafou unintentionally interfered and she ran from the cottage.

She hadn't gotten far when she came across her father's house and wagon. She knew that her father was in trouble and jumped onto the horse to go and find him. She made it to the Castle and went inside.

The enchanted inhabitants of the castle were shocked to see a beautiful girl in the castle. Since the spell, the only visitors were men and they were there to hunt the beast. Each of them became prisoners, much like the ole man now...tortured with pleasure until it became pain. Then they were killed.

The girl made her way around the castle, calling out for her father.

"Papa? Papa, are you here?"


Belle heard her father's cry and ran down a dark stairwell. She arrived to find him completely naked and hanging from his wrists in a cell. In front of him, what looked to be a duster had his cock in her mouth and was sucking him hard. She saw blood dripping from her father's back and legs, from welts given from a whip.

"PAPA! Oh God, what is happening!"

"Oh Belle, they're torturing me Belle. You must escape. OHHH! GOODDD !!! NNNN!!!"

Belle heard the feather duster purring and swallowing and knew that her father had emptied his load into the woman/object. She looked away, revolted by this act. She was a virgin, never even saw a cock before. She was sickened that this thing would do such a disgusting thing to her sweet old father.

"Please stopp, I can't take it anymore. You've already sucked four out of me. I'm an old man. OHHH!!"

"HMMM, but I love the male cock, OHHH," and her head went back down on the old man's organ, causing him to groan in pain and pleasure."

"Papa, I will go for help!"


"You will go no where. What is the meaning of this?"

The beasts leaped into the dungeon area, just a few feet from Belle who gasped and took a step backwards.

"Please, this is my father. He is sick. Let me take him home."

"He is my prisoner. He trespassed on my property. Now you leave or take his place. Either way, one of you must get out now."

"I'll take his place. Please let my father go, look at him. He'll die."

"No Belle, you don't know what you are doing," Maurice said to his only daughter, "ahhh," he said as the feather duster worked her magic on his cock.

"You heard her. Release the old man. The girl is our new prisoner."

With that, the feather duster started bawling but Maurice was released from his bonds and his cock was removed from her mouth for the first time in hours. He gasped as his now flaccid cock bounced...his cock was so used to the constant sucking that it now hurt with every movement.

The exhausted man couldn't even move towards his daughter but he was forcibly pulled past her and out of the dungeon. The girl ran towards him, hoping for a goodbye, but the Beast would not allow it.

"PAPA, wait, please wait!"

"Don't worry about him, he is no longer your concern. Bring her to her new room."

The big objects grabbed the beautiful girl and roughly took her out of the dungeon. They pushed her down long, dark hallways and towards the east side of the castle.

"I should warn you about going to the West Wing, but I don't think you will be wandering. Mrs. Potts, into my chambers."

The large teapot looked positively pale but followed dutifully behind her master as the other servants smiled. Meanwhile, Belle was forced into a room that looked like a dungeon. Stocks, ropes, whips, everything was in there. Within seconds, the servants had tied her down spread eagle on the bed.

"Oh God, please no, I'm begging you, let me go. I'm a goodgirl."

"Lumiere, could it be," Cogsworth the Clock said to the candle.

"Let me check," the candle said, pulling the girl's dress up and ripping her panties off by burning the sides. He brought his light down between the girl's legs for a better view.

Belle felt the heat and groaned. "Please no," but it was no use as the candle managed to spread her pussy lips apart and shine his light inside.

"Yes, I think I see it...yes, it's there. She's a virgin."

"Oh God, this is too good to be true. So all the Master has to do..."

"SHHHH!!! You know the rule...he can't force anything. But we can do this...," said Lumiere as he pushed his cock into the ass of the bound beauty who screamed and begged for mercy.

"If you think this is bad, wait until the rest of the servants get a piece of you."


The anal rape by the candle turned into a chorus line. Several of the Castle's enchanted servants used her battered asshole. They then lined up to use her mouth. Along the way, she heard the candle singing a song about being their guest...saying it had been years since they had fucked someone and they would provide the jizz. It was awful and the girl prayed for a miracle.

Meanwhile, in the west wing, the beast was giving his regular fucking to Mrs. Potts, the kindly old cook who had been the recipient of the Master's cum since he had been turned into a beast. Prior to that, she had worked for his father, the king, a nasty old man who had forced her into wearing a revealing outfit and took pleasure in lifting her skirt and groping her. She had put up with it from him because the pay was good and she had young children to feed. Then, in the years following the king's death, the young prince had taken control of her, degrading her worse than the father. Though he was still a young man, his cock was huge and thick and he liked to use it. He would summon her into his chambers and she would not leave for days. He was insatiable and would stuff his monster cock into her holes over and over again.

When it got to the point when she was not allowed clothing and spent five times the amount of time in his chambers rather than the kitchen, she had decided that no job was worth it. She was packing the children up after telling the prince that she was leaving. He scoffed at her but had made no comment. It was then that the enchantress had worked her spell, forcing her to remain in the castle with the man she now hated.

Since then, her treatment had gotten worse. She was subjected to numerous humiliations and assaults. She had been fucked so many different ways that she had lost count. She had been forced to give away the last of her dignity and become a full-time fucktoy, surrendering the cooking duties to other servants...she was too busy having her pussy, ass and mouth pummeled to take care of the kitchen. Her tits were a disaster after being clawed continually by him.

And her children were being neglected. In fact, the Beast had forced her to reveal herself to her sons, who took great pleasure in making fun of her. Meanwhile, her daughter became a slut for the stable boys. Mrs. Potts wasn't even sure what had happened to her. The last she had seen her, the poor dear had a horse cock in her mouth and the stable boys cock in her ass. Poor thing, Mrs. Potts thought.

But Mrs. Potts could not worry about her daughter...she was too busy getting reamed for the second time in an hour. The spell had doubled the size of the prince's monster cock and the amount of time he could fuck without cumming. And the poor monster was not even allowed the pleasure of being satisfied after cumming. His cock remained rock hard and his desires never abated. He was cursed with a constant erection and no way of relieving it. The only way of getting rid of it would be inside of the pussy of a virgin who gave himself to him willingly and it seemed unlikely that any woman, let alone a virgin, would ever allow herself to be invaded by his monster cock.

RRROOOOAAARRR!!! The Beast let go a mighty sound and pushed into Mrs. Potts to the hilt. She screamed out as his seed filled the depths of her was as if he pushed open her cervix and poured the seed directly into her uterus.

Finally, he pulled out of her, pushing her to the ground. She laid there for a few moments before asking his permission to leave. He snarled that he was not yet done with her.

She cowered in the corner, waiting for further instructions. As she sat there, she saw his cock and noticed that it was even hairier and thicker than it had been yesterday. Every day the spell went on, the physical changes became more and more pronounced. His cock was the last thing to get hairy and she knew he didn't have much time left to spare all of their lives. She looked up at the rose that was encased in glass on his mantel...there were just three petals left. Once they were gone, the spell would be permanent and they would remain objects forever.

Mrs. Potts had noticed the changes in herself. Her arms were no longer just like spouts of a teapot. Her hair was turning grayer and grayer to make her look more and more like a silver pot.

Mrs. Potts sat there and prayed for a miracle. For some reason, she had been the only woman servant in the castle to be used by him. Marie, the feather duster, is so cock crazy that she would have probably loved being the recipient of his attention. Instead, he only used her holes, torturing her alone. She thought that it might have had something to do with her resigning her position and revenge.

He moved towards her when she begged him to stop. "Please Master, what if I helped you get Belle to give her virginity to you? Would you stop raping and torturing me?"

The Beast stopped where he was and looked with puzzlement at his slave. He was surprised she would be willing to help him after everything he had done to her.

"Yes cunt, if you can convince the girl to fuck me, I will leave you be and let you go free forever. What is your plan?"

The woman/teapot leaned into the hideous beast and whispered her plan to save herself, though she knew she was resigning the young girl to years of misery. The beast smiled, knowing that it might work.

PART 3 - The Asking (or Begging)

Belle laid there, sobbing as the disgusting clock rammed his cock into her ravaged asshole. She was out of tears and her sobs were now just dry heaves.

Finally, Cogsworth gave a gasp and pushed into her hard. She felt his cum mixing with the dozens of others already in her anus and pull out. She felt the cum dripping out of her extended, abused hole and onto her thighs. She wanted to die from the humiliation of having so many men rape her. Her mouth was full of their cum and it was all she could taste. She would do anything for a drink of water, anything to make her forget this terrible moment.

RRROOOAARR!!! The Beast leapt into the room and threw Cogworth against the wall.

"What is the meaning of this? Who authorized this terrible invasion of our prisoner?"

"Bbbuttt, Mmmassterr, yyyou!!!"

"SILENCE!" The Beast roared. "I never gave you permission to abuse this poor girl like this. Away with you all."

Belle watched through glazed eyes as the servants left her room. She breathed a sigh of relief, praying that the worst was over.

She felt the Beast remove her wrist cuffs from the headboard and then her ankle cuffs. Unable to move, she gladly fell into his arms, no longer afraid of his monstrous appearance. He carried her into a bright, cheery room, unlike any she had seen in the castle.

"Belle, this is your new room. I am sorry for what has happened to you."

He laid her down gently onto a nice, clean bed that was soft and gentle. Mrs. Potts limped towards the bed, wearing clothes for the first time in years, albeit a skimpy apron.

"Dear, please help yourself to some tea," she said, pouring some of the hot liquid from her pot into a cup at the girl's bedside. The naked beauty sat up with some effort and took the tea, gratefully lapping it up.

"May I have some more please," she asked, dying to get the awful taste of cum from her mouth.

"Why certainly dearie, my pleasure."

After the girl drank some tea, another object entered. "Belle, this is the castle's doctor. He has some cream for your bottom dear."

"Yes Miss, this cream will help you but I have to tie your ankles apart and your wrists to the headboard. This cream is going to sting at first and I can't have you touching the area. Please understand."

"No, please," the girl said, desperately wanting to keep her little bit of found freedom, but instead the doctor easily overtook the exhausted girl and was able to tie her wrists to the headboard. He then pulled up some stirrups and attached her ankles to it so that her pussy and asshole was completely open and vulnerable.

"Oh God, please no, no more rape, please."

"Maam, I am disgraced at your comments. I have never raped a patient and never would. How dare you criticize me when I am trying to help you."

Despite herself, Belle felt bad, afraid that she had offended the doctor.

"Oh Sir, I am most sorry. It's just, everyone has raped me, I just figured."

"Forget it. It's done anyway. Let me apply the salve."

The salve actually had no curing agent in it at all. It was in fact a cream of meat, meant to entice the castle dog into the room.

"There, not so bad, right," the doctor said, kindly smiling at Belle.

The naked, spread beauty smiled. "No, doesn't sting at all," not wanting to add that the smell was horrible.

"Okay, let's leave her to rest a bit."

Mrs. Potts reluctantly followed the doctor out of the room, knowing that his fee would be her ass. But she did so, hoping that the spell would soon be broken and she could leave this hell.

Meanwhile, Belle laid her head back, grateful to finally be alone. She wanted to cry for her father and her lost life, but had nothing left to do. She finally dozed off, exhausted by the rapes and the events of the last day.

She dreamt of being away from all of this, in a nice, relaxing meadow near a stream. She laid there nude on the soft grass. Suddenly she felt something warm between her legs. She awoke with a startle and saw a large ottoman/dog licking her pussy and ass.

"No, no boy, down, please no boyyy....ahhh!!!"

Belle could feel the pleasure ripping through her body and wanted no parts of it. But the rough tongue of the dog probing her soft, tight pussy was too good. She wanted to cum so badly but certainly did not want her orgasm to come from this dog.

"NNOOO!!!," she screamed but the orgasm washed over her...but it wasn't enough. She wanted something to fill her. The dog continued his assault on her pussy...she thrashed and moaned but no one came to help. Another orgasm swept through her but it still did not satisfy her.

From his chambers, the Beast watched the action through his magic mirror. He saw the beauty's naked form and lusted for her, knowing that she was the one to finally satisfy him. But he had to bide his time, wait until she couldn't take it anymore. He continued to watch, using his paws to jerk off another orgasm, trying to time it so that he came as she did.

For Belle, the torment went on for hours. The sunny day turned into a dark night as she sat there, totally nude as the dog licked every nook and cranny of her pussy and ass. She so wanted him gone, but so wanted him to stay too. She wanted a cock inside of her and would have begged for it.

Just then, she heard a whistle and the dog thankfully ran away. Within seconds, the Beast was in her room, next to her bed.

"Oh God, that dog, it was terrible, he just kept licking, thank God he saved him."

"It's okay Belle, I am here now. Let me untie you," the Beast said gently using his claws to undo her binds.

She was grateful for his kindness and wanted to thank him. And she also wondered if he could fulfill her deep longing in the pussy.

"Thank you Sir, I am so must have been hours."

"Belle, can I tell you something?"

"Sure, anything."

"Well, I haven't always been a beast. I was once a handsome prince, but I was turned this way by an evil witch. Since then, I haven't been with a woman."

The Beast pretended to look down in embarrassment. Actually, he was trying hard to keep from laughing. His cock still had remnants of Mrs. Potts' pussy juices.

But Belle did not see that. She saw a man that was in anguish, much like herself. She saw a man excluded from society, a man who didn't fit in, and she saw herself.

"I know the feeling. I have never been with a man either, well until today." She started to sob. The Beast moved towards her, holding her close.

"I am sorry about that. The servants have been reprimanded. It will not happen again," he said. He should have added, at least until after I've fucked you, but he remained silent.

"Belle, could I ask you a favor? Would you let me put my penis inside of you? It would be so wonderful for a guy like me and it would be a wonderful release."

Belle thought for a moment, wondering if this was okay. She had always intended to wait until marriage but knew she was going to allowed to leave this place anyway. And the itch was so great.

"Okay, but please be gentle, I'm still a virgin in my vagina."

The Beast smiled tenderly. "I will be sweetie, I will be."

He lifted the pretty girl onto her bed and arranged her legs spread. He asked her to close her eyes as he undid his pants, not wanting her to say no. She did as commanded and he lowered his pants. His huge cock sprang out, measuring at least 17 inches long and four inches wide.

He moved towards her, gently licking her pussy, which was soaking wet. Perfect he thought. He pushed the tip of his cock between her lips and her eyes went wide at the stretching feeling. Just as she was about to protest, he pushed into her violently. As Belle screamed, stars filled the room as the beast began to be transformed back into a prince. But that didn't stop him from fucking her completely, filling her pussy to overflow. Despite the awful pain of her virginity being ripped from her, Belle was feeling pleasure and started to buck her hips in rhythm with the fucking. She looked up and saw a handsome prince where the beast had been. All around the castle, objects were turning into people again and cheers went up. But Belle ignored that, concentrating on this gorgeous creature above her pounding his cock into her. She liked the pain and pleasure and soon both of them shook with tremendous orgasms. For the first time in years, the prince was satisfied.

They laid together in her bed, exhausted from their first real orgasm. The prince, once so jaded by women, was completely in love with this new girl who had given him his much-needed relief. Belle finally felt at home, like a woman who had been totally fulfilled by a man.

"Belle, you are no longer my prisoner. You may go."

Belle sat up, shocked at his words. "But sir, I can't leave. I love you."

The prince smiled and pulled her lips to his and kissed her. A fairy tale had begun as the young beauty became the prince's eternal sex slave, a setup that pleased them both greatly.


Belle and the Prince became lovers, spending mostly every minute of every day together. The Prince loved doing all sorts of things to her naked body and Belle reveled in his attention and torments. They spent hours every day fucking like rabbits and she even bore him three children, including a daughter who was being raised to follow in her mother's footsteps.

Marie, the former feather duster, went off and found Maurice, Belle's father, the man she fell in love with. She spent most of her time naked in his cottage, sucking his cock (which they both loved), doing his housework and cooking (since Belle was gone) and fucking. They also provided some offspring, with two stepbrothers for Belle to fuck.

Mrs. Potts, the engineer of the plan, never did get away. The prince, angry at her turning on Belle, made her a stable slave and set her daughter free. Mrs. Potts spent most of her time on her hands and knees, sucking the other servants's cock and servicing the horses. She had lost the ability to keep her asshole closed after several of the stallions had their way back there and now almost constantly leaked from her bottom holes. She prayed for death to come but it never did and she was left to serve until a very old age.

© 2001 by katie slave