chelsea gets cuntrolled
by Cumplete Cuntrol

Chelsea Gets a New Room

"Chelsea, we need to talk." The eighteen-year-old pretended not to hear him, her head still down, her ear buds blaring Scrillex into her ears. God! Fucking nerd! The all-wise "Engisneer of the Year" wants to fucking talk.Straight raven-black hair streaked blue shielded her face as she rolled her eyes and sneered. Her father held out the brochure for her and tugged an ear bud free, "Chelsea, we need to talk." She glanced at the brochure petulantly and immediately felt like retching.

On the cover stood three smiling, brain-dead losers in matching school uniforms with matching plaid skirts, ties, and bright red blouses. The one in the middle was taller than the two framing her, but she wore the same length skirt. Bad Photoshop geniuses; slut looks at least twenty-five between those two teens.It looked like if she bent over youíd see everything from behind. Her tits were bigger, too, and Chelsea could swear the skank wasnít even wearing a bra. The legend at the top read, "Patterson Exploratory for Troubled Girls" and below was printed a comforting motto in italics, "Where young ladies become who they were meant to be."

Not taking the brochure, she snarled, "What?! Why canít you go Engineer something? Or Enginate something, or whatever the fuck you do, and just leave me the fuck alone?!?"

"Chelsea Ren"e Caldwell, I have had enough of your attitude. God knows it has been tough on both of us since your mom died, but you are so full of disrespect I am at my wits end trying to figure out how to deal with you. I donít know what else I can do; the shoplifting, the bullying, the graffiti, the hair, the rebellion " I just, I donít know what else to do to get through to you. You have to change, and you are the only one who can do that. You just became an adult and now you are expelled from school for making a bomb threat? Itís only October! Youíre lucky you arenít in prison! It has got to stop, somehow. I canít handle the extra stress."

"Ughhhhh! OH MY GOD! Dad, you canít be thinking of sending me to that dorky prep school for brain-dead skanks! Iíd burn that fucker down within a week! Iíd lead a loser rebellion right out the front door of that prissy place. Look at them! You really want me like that? Some blank-staring, smiling, Stepford-slut?"

"Chelsea, it isnít about what I want anymore. You had that chance already. You passed on caring what I want a long time ago. Now I have to think about what I need! I have to try to make the best decisions for your needs, too."

He reached toward her with the syringe in hand. Confusion and uncertainty suddenly spread over her face, quickly replacing the vicious snarling expression with a fearful one. "Dad, what the hell?" she managed to ask as his hands closed around her arms.

"Donít you worry, Chelsea, she promised me that youíll be a totally different person when I get you back." She didnít even feel the needle slip into her neck, she just felt the world slip away and she heard her dad from somewhere way off in the distance saying, "I love you so much, Chelsea, Iím so sorry you pushed me this far."

She woke slowly. Dimly aware of her surroundings, it looked sort of like a hospital room, but much smaller. She was lying cramped up on a bed three feet long; the mattress was very thin, the pillow felt like a granite rock under her head. Dizziness told her to move slowly. The walls were pale pink. The shade over the light on the ceiling was pastel purple. Great.Just fucking great.Dad sent me to the mythical world of My Little-fucking Ponies. Iíll fucking rub two sticks together if I have to, this place burns to the mother-fucking ground.

Chelsea Gets a New Perspective

The walls all lit up with a pastel blue background, and in heavy pastel pink letters she read:

Our Mission
In recognition of the prevalence of divorce, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted teen pregnancies, and rising court costs associated with adjudicating matters pursuant to these social ills, Patterson Exploratory for Troubled Girls is dedicated to the ideal of teaching young females their proper role in society and instilling within them ardent desire to become as they were meant to be to their most extreme potential.

You gotta be fucking kidding me! Iíll show you fuckers my extreme potential alright, just lemme get close to something I can use to jab out an eye-socket with.

The message on the walls changed.

Our Philosophy
For far too long, our world has been imbalanced by an unseemly pretense of equality. Equality of race, equality of class, equality of gender, these are all myths that should be unlearned.

This one stayed up only briefly, and as it transitioned to the next message Chelsea could have sworn she saw some other words flickering faintly in the background in a slightly darker blue than the wall. When she tried to focus on them they seemed to disappear, like those floaty things in her eyes that would sometimes drift across her field of vision.

Our Philosophy on Race
There are clearly racial inequalities, genetic gifts and deficiencies that make races unequal in various ways. This pragmatic acceptance of reality is in no way to mean that there should be distinction in the way the races treat one another, no race is better or worse than another, only different. Nor does this acceptance suggest there should be division and separation among the races.

Her stomach rumbled and she was suddenly aware she was hungry. That brought to her attention that she had no idea what time it was, or how long sheíd been out. What the fuck? This time she was aware to look for it, and sure enough there was something else displayed on the wall. For the life of her, though, she could not figure out what it was.

Our Philosophy on Race
Within each race there are clear distinctions of class. These will naturally result in any segment of human society, but these are not genetic at all. These are the product of variation in ability, capacity, acumen, and perceived value to society or segments of society.

Oh my GOD! I hated this crap at my old school and now I am stuck with a wall full of it and nothing else to look but a ratty old mattress on a doll bed? AggghHH!!!

The message shifts again.

Our Philosophy on Gender
Females are not living as they were meant to live. They are meant to serve and they cannot find true happiness or contentment in any other way. Whenever women are living in a society that does not expect them to be servile and available to fulfill the needs and desires of others, women will act irrationally against their own best interests and will become angry, bitter people. Because our society has become so warped in its views on equality, restoring the proper view of gender inequality can be very difficult and painful for the one needing correction.

Gender inequality? Dad sent me to a school filled with woman haters? Iíll show íem something to hate, alright. Just wait and see! Sorry-ass mother-fuckers gonna wish they drugged some dumb bimbo-bitch like the cover of their brochure.

Our Vision
Restore Chelsea Caldwell to her proper role in the world, by making life extremely difficult and painful for her if necessary.

"What the fuck?!" The words under "Our Vision" disappeared then appeared again, one word at a time. After a brief pause, the phrase appeared, "Do we need to spell it out for you " slut?"

Chelsea Gets a New Sensation

The room went dark. Pitch black. Suddenly the small size of the room seemed far less like a little girlís room and much more like a severe confinement. She was hungry. She was alone. She was really scared, deep-down scared, for probably the first time since she was six or seven years old. She was pissed at whatever or whoever was scaring her. She screamed herself to sleep with every creative epithet she knew hurled at the ones she assumed were spying on her.

A tone sounded. She had no idea how long she had slept. She opened one eye, cagily, pretending to be sleepier than she was in case she could catch her captors off-guard. A one-foot square of light appeared at the base of the wall beside the bed and a vacuum-sealed door sighed as the wall opened. The drawer was deep and wide with just a very narrow space between the bed and the wall to open. She looked inside but saw nothing. The light above came on faintly enough not to hurt her eyes.

On the wall, the tallest of the three girls from the brochure cover, the one who looked like a woman, appeared wearing that lame-ass uniform, her face and torso large enough to cover the entire wall.

"Welcome to your new room," she began comfortingly. Well, she is very pretty, and that uniform is maybe a little sexy, kind of, the way it clings to her big beautiful tits."The walls are very thick and are metal. If you are anything like I was when I first arrived you are probably very hungry and thirsty by now. That is perfectly understandable. However, you will find that you no longer get to expect to receive even the most basic necessities of life without a price. At Patterson Exploratory for Troubled Girls, we are teaching young ladies to become who they wer-"

Chelsea roared, "Who the fuck are you fuckers!?! I am hungry, I am thirsty, and I need to piss! Why the fuck are you fuckers playing that fucking lame-ass promo video with the suck-ass skank explaining shit I donít want to hear? I donít need that shit. I wonít be staying, thanks just the same."

The beautiful woman on the wall waited. With the snarky final retort, the drawer in the wall closed. The woman corrected, "There seems to be some difficulty in your ability to understand the situation. In future, I will refer to such difficulties as interference. For now, we will turn off the lights for you, Chelsea, and try again later."

OhmyGod, sheís not taped, that shitís real.

"Wait, wait ""

The lights went out again, but the woman on the wall waited.

"I am hungry, I need to piss, and I am thirsty, and if you fuckers donít let me out-"

"Unfortunately, Chelsea, I am still getting interference. I hope the next time we talk you will have figured out what keeps causing that to happen. It is possible that interference could lead to you starving to death writhing in a mess of your own urine and feces. I believe you are smarter than that, but even if I am wrong you will help us. I am sure some of our clients would enjoy watching you die that way." Her image disappeared, leaving the room pitch black again.

Great. Pissed off the first actual person who has talked to me since they kidnapped me. Now what the fuck am I supposed to do?

Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of something on the wall, a fleeting light or something. When she looked in that direction, it disappeared and she immediately caught a flicker in another part of the room just beyond her field of vision. She chased the flickers around the room for a while before she got the idea of just waiting with her eyes focused forward until the flickers showed up in front of her. The image of a kitten chasing a laser-pointer light around a room flashed through her mind. These fuckers are playing with me like a pet!

Just past the field of her vision, she could make out a definite series of words flashing on the wall. If she even glanced at them they stopped flickering or adjusted to flicker further afield. Well, they canít fucking subliminal my ass if Iím a-fucking-sleep, can they? Fuckers think theyíre so fucking smart.

She did not know what time she fell miserably asleep, she did not know what time the tone sounded again as she painfully rolled over, groaning from hunger.

The sexy woman from the brochure was on the wall again. That body of hers is so sexy, the way her tits jut out from her torso and you can just look at her posture and you know she is a total slut. Chelsea shivered. Why the fuck am I turned on by that? By a woman? Iím not a dyke! That short skirt of hers isnít showing. I wonder whether she is wearing any panties? I bet her pussy is shaved. Chelsea felt a strange arousal at the thought of watching this woman expose herself for inspection.

"Hello again, Chelsea. Perhaps this time we can finish this orientation without interference. The walls of your room are made of very thick metal. If you are anything like I was when I first arrived you are probably very hungry and thirsty by now. That is perfectly understandable. However, you will find that you no longer get to expect to receive even the most basic necessities of life, including a sense of the passage of time and eventually including even the very air you breathe freely, without a price. At Patterson Exploratory for Troubled Girls, we are teaching young ladies to become who they were meant to be. Right now your focus is, understandably on your personal survival.

"We have taken a course of action already that is starting to cause you to have more appreciation for so many things you used to take for granted. This is as it should be. You will experience many changes during your time here. Please, feel free to fight these or embrace them. You will experience them, nonetheless, whatever you choose, and eventually the result will be the same. From time to time you will receive instructions. The basic necessities of life will depend on your compliance. For now, remove those clothes and fold them neatly on the bed."

What the fuck? Is this some kind of sex thing? "What will I get if I do it?"

"Hello? Chelsea? There seems to be more interference coming in-"

OhmyGod, ohmyGod, ohmyGod! "No, wait! I will do it. Strip and fold my clothes up on the bed. Got it. See?" She began frantically pulling at the three T-shirts she was wearing, her panic causing her to fumble at it a bit.

"Well, isnít that interesting? Chelsea, it seems the interference seems to be reducing. Perhaps I wonít need to end this visit so soon after all."

Chelsea had her shirts off. She busied herself separating them and folding each before unfastening her belt, unsnapping the button fly on her jeans, and peeling them down her shapely legs. After folding them, she stood and looked at the woman on the wall, waiting for the next instructions.

"Maybe I spoke too soon, Chelsea " or maybe you donít know that all accessories and underwear are also clothing." With a disrespectful eye-roll, Chelsea pulled loose the snaps on her studded leather bracelets and dropped it on her folded pants. She slipped her C-cup breasts free of her royal blue, satiny bra. She tried to turn towards the bed to shield her breasts from exposure as the hot woman continued, "Privacy and modesty can no longer be taken for granted, Chelsea, you are exposed unless you are permitted privacy and modesty."

The walls in the room lit up with a 360" view of her body divided against the four walls. "Now that you understand the circumstance, for the cameras, bend over to remove your panties. Make sure that saucy little pussy will be fully exposed." Chelsea complied, with irritation obvious in her movements, sneering at the image in front of her face of her ass crack and closely-trimmed pussy revealed to whoever these people were. She then stood erect to conceal the majority of her most private area.

"Oh my, arenít those long nipples just darlings?" Chelsea flushed immediately, "You pull on them when you masturbate, donít you? When you put a finger between that little slit and rub until youóah, that is " as I was saying, your expected reality does not exist anymore and your survival depends upon you learning to adjust rather quickly to a new reality. Place your clothes inside the drawer."

Chelsea was worried about permanently losing her clothes, but she knew she really had no choice. The drawer slid into the wall with a sigh. A few moments later, it opened again to reveal a contraption unlike anything she had ever seen before. It had a long hose leading into a half-gallon measuring pitcher. It had an interesting attachment at the other end. It looked like clear plastic jelly and she couldnít figure out what it could be for. She was hoping for water and she got something incomprehensible to her.


ĎWellí what? I donít even know what that thing is.

"Chelsea, you said you had to urinate, right? You have to spread your legs pretty wide or else you are going to make a big mess, but you just push those plastic jelly lips tightly against that slut pussy for me. I want you to spread that pussy out prettily so I can watch you piss out all that urine into the pitcher." Chelseaís mind was reeling. She expects me to piss on camera? And in such an abnormal way? She regarded the woman on the wall thoughtfully. She is so sexy! Oh my God, I canít believe how sexy she is " I guess I can do it " for her. She bent over and retrieved the items from the drawer, blushing when she remembered there were cameras giving someone another peek at her most private parts. She quickly stood up. What the fuck is wrong with me? I am embarrassed that people can see my pussy from behind but I am about to spread my legs and piss into a bottle for this womanís amusement? Chelsea looked at the jelly funnel and then at the woman on the wall. But she is so beautiful and sexy " and I want to show her whatever she wants to see " what the fuck is wrong with me?

"Chelsea, donít you want to show me that pussy? Spread those legs and let me see." Chelsea felt a wave of sexual fervor run up her spine and wash out through her body; it felt like her pussy was on fire. She gasped and rocked forward, off-balanced by the sudden and unexpected urging she was experiencing. As soon as she was stable, she spread her legs and rocked her hips out toward the woman on the screen. "Such a pretty little cunt!"

Chelsea flushed with pride. Why does her praise feel so " sexual " and fun and " goooood? "And thatís such a pretty pussy, too! Aw, isnít that adorable? Two nicely shaped tits are blushing and the nipples are getting stiff just for me. I think somebody really likes getting horny for me. Okay, Chelsea, cup the funnel with the hose between middle-finger and ring-finger, then press it right into that damp little quim. Go slowly, because I want to watch. Make it sexy for me. As you push, the jelly will automatically spread the vulva out and eventually make a nice tight seal."

Why am so attracted to her? Hose between middle-finger and ring-finger " oh my God Iím so horny! A sassy hip-twist is sexy " and roll the hips forward into the funnel. She smiled; sheís liking the show! The pussy is wet and slippery " grind the funnel a little, slide it up and down and roll the hips. Sheís squeezing her tit, she really likes the show! More pressure, gotta make a tight seal or else Iím gonna make a mess. What the fuck am I thinking? I bet her other hand is stroking her pussy. I bet her pussy is shaved. I wish I could see her other hand. There, tight seal and a sexy show. I wish I could BE her other hand! What the fuck am I thinking?

"Good, you beautiful little slut! I like the attitude! Now, piss for me. Give me as much piss as you can, drain that slutty, hot little body completely just for me."

Chelsea hardly expected she could relax enough to piss under the circumstances, but for some reason, as soon as the woman on the wall stopped speaking she let loose her urine stream. Iím peeing on camera, Iím horny as fucking hell, and Iím thinking sex stuff about a woman I never even met. What the FUCK is wrong with me? She looked at the image on the wall, the woman was smiling, obviously aroused, a little amused.

The hose was filled and fresh piss splashed into the pitcher. Iím pissing for her; itís what she wants. I want to give her what she wants. She wants me stark-ass naked, so Iím naked. She wants me to do a little sexy show for her so I do a little sexy show for her. She wants me to make a pitcher full of piss for her so she gets a pitcher of piss. What the fuck am I thinking?

The stream finally stopped. "You really like doing things for me, donít you, you horny little slut?" Chelsea nodded sexily, with a slight downward head tilt to show the side of the face and coquettish eyes peering out, as if bashfully agreeing. "Doing things for me makes you wet between those legs, doesnít it, slut?" Another bashful agreement. "Thatís good, slut, because I reallywant you, wet and horny, and I really want you to do things for me," the woman breathed to Chelsea, obviously implying dominant sexual desire with a head-tilt up, shoulder-squaring thrust of tits.

Chelsea Gets a New Mommy

"Be a good slut for me and give that pussy a few more sensual rubs with that funnel before you drain that hose." The woman licked her lusciouslips watching Chelsea groan like a wanton slut. As soon as Chelsea finished what the woman wanted, the drawer in the wall popped out again. It was empty. This time, Chelsea thought she knew what the woman wanted, so the hose was coiled neatly then the funnel, the hose, and half-filled pitcher of hot piss went back into the drawer. The drawer closed.

"What are you doing, slut?" The womanís dissatisfaction was obvious from facial expression and tone of voice. What did I do wrong? Was I supposed to wait before putting the stuff back into the drawer? Iím just standing here, waiting for her. I donít remember doing anything wrong. Chelsea braved, "Um, nothing? At least, I donít think I was doing anything. I was just standing here."

"What a strong sense of entitlement you have!" the womanís tone continued to demonstrate her dissatisfaction. Chelsea was confused; she didnít know the word Ďentitlementí and she didnít know what she had done that could have offended this gloriously sexy woman.

Brow wrinkled in confusion and worry, Chelsea pleaded, "What did I do? I donít understand. I did what you wanted; I stripped, I rubbed this for you," she thrust a hip forward and used a hand to begin grinding pussy off sexily, moaning lightly, continuing, "and I even pissed in a see-through funnel for you " oh! " this feels so good! " and I gave you everything you asked for." Why do I like showing off for this woman? Oh God could she GET any sexier? I wish " Chelsea slipped a finger inside herself.

"Wrong, slut, but you are doing what I want now," her tone had softened and the wry smile was back, "Remember, cunt? I told you that I reallywant you, wet and horny, and I really want you to do things for me. Then when asked what you were doing, you said you werenít doing anything, didnít you? Well?"

Grinding hard on a finger shoved deeply inside, Chelsea moaned out, "Y-yes, I " ooooh! " I did. I did."

"If you know what I want now, explain what I want for me."

Chelsea groaned her answer, "You want me to do things for you; you want me to be wet and h-horny and do s-s-sexual things for y-y-you " OH-ooo-ohhh! " but I wasnít d-doing anything at a-a-all!"

"But you were doing things, slut. You were standing still, you were breathing, you were experiencing light, you were able to see an image of another human being and you were definitely looking at me, lastly, you were living. Which one of these things you were doing was the wrong thing to be doing?"

"Stand-ding st-still was wr-"

"Thatís right, slut. It is wrong for you to stand still and do nothing unless that is what I want you to do. But that isnít what I want you to do, is it? I want you to lust for me, I want that pussy to stay wet and horny and ready to orgasm whenever I decide to tell it to cum for me. I want you to daydream about me, and fantasize about me, and wonder what things I might like you to do, and I want you to show me what you think is sexual and erotic and enticing. When I tell you to do something I want you to want to do it."

The woman held something up in front of her face, cupped inside her hand, and it took Chelsea a moment to recognize it by the hose leading out from the middle. She brought the pussy-shaped funnel close to her nose and inhaled deeply, "Mmmm, smells like nice little-girl pussy. Yes, I like that, I want you to be my little girl, slut. I want you to think of me as Mommy from now on, slut." Her tongue snaked out and rimmed the inside of the funnel, "Tastes good, too. Yummy.Cum for me, slut."

She gave the order so calmly, but something inside the eighteen-year-old mind broke as if shattered with steel. Melting into the void, the last awareness she had before fading into oblivion was staring into eyes filled with delight and the glow of total victory on her new Mommyís face while a distant voice was yelling out, "Yes, Mommm-m-m-m-meeeeeeee!"

Chelsea Gets a New Savory

Chelsea still had no idea how long she had been in the room. It felt like days since she ate. She woke up groggy, becoming gradually aware of the dimly lit surroundings. She vaguely remembered the dream she was having; on knees bent backwards with Mommy straddling her little girl and rubbing sopping wet pussy lips over the eager eighteen-year-old mouth buried between muscular spread thighs. She was thirsty,and hungry but what Mommy wants comes first. Thinking of her dream and of how much she hoped Mommy was watching her good little slut, she stood up by the tiny mattress and trailed two fingers between two long-nippled tits, slowly down a slinky, tight abdomen, hand turning as it drifts over the bellybutton, down through the pelvic region, legs spreading, knees bending, she could feel the air cool the damp wetness where the inner thighs met just before the two fingers plunged inside the already slippery hole.

She rolled back onto the mattress, moaning for Mommy, "Mommmmy! Little slut is awake." She thought about what Mommy might enjoy seeing her do. Chelsea had never tasted pussy before, but Mommy seemed to like licking that funnel. I bet she would enjoy watching me enjoy tasting pussy for the first time. She would definitely want me to enjoy it.

She languidly withdrew the sticky fingers and contemplated the stringy proof of her lengthy state of arousal. "Are you watching, Mommy? Your little girl is going to taste pussy juice for the first time." She salivated in anticipation, imagining Mommy watching and beaming approval at her little slut. With sexual pride she cradled two messy fingers inside her mouth and made loud slurping and licking sounds to accompany her hungry grunts and moans of ecstatic delight.

A wall at the end of the tiny room lowered slowly into the floor.

Mommy entered the room, radiating approval almost exactly as Chelsea had imagined, "Thatís so sweet, my pet! You want to share your new experiences with Mommy." Lying on the ratty mattress, Chelsea could see that her guess was right, Mommy wasnít wearing any panties; her pussy was shaved clean, there was no hair at all, and it looked perfect, and beautiful, and absolutely delicious.

Two bent-kneed legs, rhythmically stirring the air in perfect time with the two fingers plunging into the wet pussy, made Mommy smirk devilishly. Mommy is so beautiful, how could I deny her anything?Mommy had muscular thighs just as Chelsea had dreamed, and beautiful long calves. I hope Mommy likes the view. She wore strappy, open-toed high-heeled pumps. Mommy sauntered toward Chelsea, thrilling the girl by softly stroking one of the undulating shins, "I want you to tell me, in your own words: What is a good little slut?"

Chelsea smiled bashfully but with temptress flair, "A good little slut is a wet horny pussy waiting to cum for Mommy." Fingers back to the wet horny hole. "A good little slut gives Mommy what Mommy wants." Fingers back to mouth, with exaggerated sucking and slurping. Oh my God! This wonderful taste was right there my whole life and I never tried it. I can hardly believe how good this tastes!"Mmmm, a goodthlithlesthlutisth aw-ways-s-thryingthoo," spit covered fingers come out, and return to sawing in and out of the tight little pussy, "imagine what Mommy might want so she can give that to Mommy, too. A-ah-ahhh! Ooooh! Mmmm."

"Do you belong to me, little slut?"

"Oh, yes, Mommy! I belong to you!"

"So then, you are my property? My slave? Not someone at all, but rather, something? An object? Just an interesting toy that I control with my desires, a puppet that exists only to do whatever I want?" A puppet, yes, that is what I am. Why the fuck was I thinking so much about myself, and always about what I wanted and needed? She is so much more worthy than I am of getting what she wants, and she wants me to give all of myself to her.

"Yes, Mommy,YES!"Doesnít she know I am already hers?

"If you really belong to me completely then I want you to cum for Mommy, slave."

Chelsea felt all muscles seize up in orgasmic spasm, felt a cold sweat break out, and felt spasm pulse strongly along the two fingers inside, as if milking them. As soon as her reverie had ended, she looked up adoringly at Mommy and resumed ministering to her nearly uncontrollable sexual cravings for friction against naked pussy flesh.

"Slut, I want you to tell me what the name ĎChelsea Caldwellí means to you."

Without a pause or hint of hesitation, Chelsea proudly thrust her tits toward Mommy and announced, "ĎChelsea Caldwellí means Mommyís little slut."

"Thatís good, Chelsea. You are my slut, and that means that all parts of you are slut parts. Those slut parts belong to me, too. From now on, any time you are called by that name I want you to think of Mommyís little slut happily using those slut parts to do some perverted and disgusting thing for Mommy. I want you to get a special little sexual thrill from hearing that dirty, perverted little slut name. Do you understand what I want?"

"Yes, Mommy, I understand."

"Chelsea ""

Mommy bends over her kneeling slut and says, "Open." The slut head tilts up and the slut jaw stretches wide open for Mommy. Mommy spits into the slut mouth and smiles, petting the slut on the head, "Swallow." The slut immediately gulps down Mommyís gift. The scene ran through her head almost instantly, while she replied, "Yes, Mommy?"

"Come over here and worship Mommy."

"Yesss, Mommy," Chelsea breathed. Rolling forward onto the slut belly, rising to hands and knees, she slinked like a cat toward Mommy. Light licks caressed long legs from the feet toward the denuded pussy nestled between.

"My pet, you must not ever hide yourself from Mommy, I like to watch that sexy ass and those lovely tits. I want you to be proud to show off that slutty body of mine, proud to comply with any perversion I request. Oh! Sweet pet, those kitten kisses of yours are divine!" Chelsea flushed with pride. She glanced up at Mommyís pussy and immediately salivated at the thought of tasting it for the first time. Mommy continued, "On the other hand, I also like the way your skin flushes, and I donít want you to enjoy yourself too much, so I want you to always be deeply ashamed of how proud you are of your slut nature," Mommy gracefully set one foot further from the other and rolled her hips forward to more fully receive Chelseaís attentions, "Now, be a good little conflicted slut for Mommy and make Mommy cum."

Chelseaís smile would have made an imp blush, "Yes, Mommy!" In only moments, Mommy began moaning and her legs started to gently spasm and jerk from arousal; lips slurping, mouth devouring, tongue fondling her most intimately. She tastes wonderful! If I live my whole life I bet Iíll never taste something this good. I would do anything for her. I wonder if she likes her toes licked. I wonder what her asshole tastes like. Fingers found their proper place inside her as she continued her worshipful adoration of the pussy between Mommyís legs. Iím wet for Mommy, in case she wants to watch me have an orgasm. She felt Mommy grab handfuls of hair and step forward to ride the face pleasuring her. Neck bent back painfully, Chelsea was proud to hurt for Mommy, proud that Mommy was so excited by her slaveís efforts. Chelsea redoubled her efforts and was soon rewarded by getting her air supply cut off completely when Mommy began ratcheting her pelvis without any consideration at all for the welfare or comfort of the person wearing the face she was using. I am a thing for Mommy to play with. The air is not mine; this nose Mommy covered up with her pussy is not mine. I will breathe if she wants me to breathe. The strength of the orgasm brought Mommyís hips far enough forward to bury the nose in her pussy, and she was riding out the final waves on its bridge, finding the perfect spot for her clitoris to get stimulation at the nexus of bone and cartilage.

This shift presented Mommyís asshole to Chelsea at the same moment it allowed her a ragged breath of air. Mommy felt a soft warm tongue against her anus, gently petting it as the orgasm subsided. She let the slave continue her worshipful service for a little while. As she backed away she was delighted to see the slut look longingly toward her Mommyís crotch.

"I will often use you like this," Mommy said, "and in any other way I choose. Now, crawl in front of me into the next room."

"Yes, Mommy," Chelsea said, happily. Being careful not to hide any part of Mommyís little slut from Mommy, and remembering to move seductively, she crawled out of the room and into an entirely new kind of life.

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