felicia's homecumming
by Nicholas Romanschak

I walked into the den, exhausted from the day's events. There never seems to be enough time to write every proposal or meet all the deadlines that need to be met. The house is so still and empty without you there to brighten and warm it. I look at the clock and sigh knowing that it will be another hour until you walk through the door. Peeling my suit jacket from my back and throwing over the arm of the chair I walk to the fire place, kneel down, and light the neatly stacked logs within. Satisfied with the heat progressing from the hearth I stand and move towards the stereo. Selecting an opera by Verdi I slip the CD into the player and turn the volume up. The sounds of soft strings fill the warming room as I let myself down onto the soft and stretch out lengthwise.

My hands reach up to loosen my tie and unbutton the top button of my crisp white dress shirt. I begin to relax my muscles as I take in several deep breaths and melt into the softness of the leather sofa. Feeling the warmth of the fire and loosing myself to the melodic rhythm of the opera I begin to drift into a state of unconsciousness. Dream like thoughts cloud my mind, your hands touching me, your lips caressing mine, your perfumed hair filling my nostrils as I inhale you deeply. I am too paralyzed to move as desirable thoughts invade my sleep. It is your hand and voice that commands your soul that cries out to be nurtured. We float effortlessly through my dream, flesh to flesh, connected together as one, not knowing where you stop and I begin. Far off in the distance I hear your voice call my name. But how can that be? You are right next to me. I don't understand. You call again and suddenly I am pulled from your arms and hurled through the darkness of my dream. Still confused I open my eyes to see you gazing down at me.

"I've been calling you Love," you speak softly as your attaché case slips from your hand onto the floor.

My eyes try to focus as I watch you kneel down next to me on the floor and slip your hands onto the buttons of my shirt. Things become clearer to me and I realize I am no longer dreaming. Instinctively my hands move up to caress you but you gently stop them in their quest and force them back down to my sides. Your arms move back over to my chest as you flatten your palm against me and lift your self up off your knees and stretch yourself out over my body. Oh you feel so good on top of me, keeping me warm and safe, but it is I who desire to do those things for you. One by one your fingers work over the buttons of my shirt, slowly working them free from the material. Once unbuttoned your hands move to my tie and slip the short end through the knot, pulling it free. As you grasp the ends of my shirt you peel it back slowly and expose my muscular chest. My eyes are locked into you, watching every move you make, taking in every play by play of your erotic game. I marvel at your tongue as it slips past your full red lips and onto my erect nipples. My eyes close as the sensation of your lips and tongue, sucking down on my nipples, overtakes me and sends me melting back into the soft. Seeing me begin to drift away you decide to regain my attention by biting down, hard, onto my nipple. The rush of pain shoots up through my chest and into my head a your teeth clamp down and hold me tightly. My eyes open wide, my hands involuntary move up to the back of your head to pull you off of me, and I immediately sit up to try and ease the pain you are inflicting. I drag your head off my chest and listen to you stifle a giggle as I swing my legs off the sofa and spin you around into my lap.

"So you want to play rough," I question as my right hand forces you face down over my legs and my left hand gathers your wrists behind your back.

Your hip rest against my right knee, your legs dangle behind you, not quiet reaching the floor, and your forehead is forced to rest against my inner thigh. You answer my question by laughing, which let's me know that this is the game you wish to play. Unfortunately for you, we are now going to play by my rules.

Holding your wrists firmly against the small of your back with my left hand my right hand moves down your legs and slips your pumps off your feet. Slowly, my hand trials back up your legs, parting them slightly with my fingers. I slip my fingers into the elastic band of your thigh high stockings and pull the silky nylon down over your pale flesh. The first stocking I remove and let drop to the floor in a heap of silk, the second I remove and pull up to your back and drop it over my hand. Quickly I bind your wrists with the stocking and secure them tightly behind your back. My hands work effortlessly to pull the tie from my neck and wrap it around your head, gagging your mouth. You begin to protest but I am able to wrap my tie, twice around, and knot it against the back of your head, silencing any protests you may offer. I shift myself back against the sofa as you begin to squirm about on my lap. Reaching between the leather cushions I pull a black silk scarf from within, one, which I knew, would be there, and bind it over your eyes.

"Rough you want," I ask again as I secure the scarf behind your head and steal your sight from you.

Your inaudible pleas fill my ears as my hands roam over your writhing body reaching for the site of your pleasures. My right hand grasps the top of your thighs firmly as my left hand curls around the hem of your skirt and draws it up over your ass, dropping it into a mass around your waist. Your wearing a black silk thong, which accentuates your perfectly shaped, fuckable ass. I admire you for a moment, thinking to myself at first, then expressing the thought out loud, that you look good enough to eat.

I lean over you and brush my lips against your ear as I whisper, "You're going to help me work up an appetite first though my Love."

You try to speak, but the gag prevents your words from being understood as I straighten back up and laugh. My hands move down and edge themselves between your thighs. As I push outward your right thigh if forced over my knee and your left back into my stomach, spreading you so that the patch of silk material is fully exposed for my viewing pleasure. Teasing you I take my fingers and trail them down along the thin strip of your thong and move them to stroke your throbbing sex. I slip my fingers into the waistband of your thong and pull upward towards your head, working the material into the crack of your ass. Your muffled cries grow louder as the silk cuts into your ass and rubs against your wet pussy.

Unable to see my right hand raise high into the air, you shake and wiggle your ass against my knee. Sharply I bring the palm of my hand down upon your ass and smack you hard. My hand works quickly to reach under you as I grasp your panties from the front and pull on them, forcing the material to bunch up and wedge deeply into the folds of your pussy. A second "smack" echoes off the walls as my right hand falls down into your ass and my left hand pulls your wedged panties back over your slit. Your hips buck and bounce off my knee as I alternate spanking your ass and masturbating your thong over your clit. My hand falls over your ass, repeatedly, turning your once pale skin into a blaze of crimson hue. I watch lustfully as your hips thrust up to meet each blow of my palm against your ass and then fall back down grinding into the invading silk of your thong. Helplessly you flail over my legs as I continuously work my touch over you.

You breathe in short quick breaths as a low moan escapes your gagged lips. And only when your cum begins to spill down your legs do I stop the beating. Your orgasm works a path through your body, making you shudder and quaver on top of me. Before that last of your cum can flee your pussy my hands are on you, turning you over onto my lap, and laying you so that your legs are bent at the knees and draped over my right thigh and your back rests comfortably against my left thigh. Quickly I hook my fingers into the sides of your panties and peel them from between your legs and pull them down your still shaking thighs. I pull your cum soaked thong completely from you and let it drop to the floor next to your nylons.

My hands fall back to your knees and spread your legs wide over my lap. Your still shuddering slightly as I lean into you and drop my head between your parted thighs. You make a gasping sound as my tongue snakes out between my lips and falls onto your cum covered pussy. Oh the taste of you excites me as I lick up your slit, lapping your juices into my mouth and greedily swallowing you down as if I was a starving man. My tongue licks over your slit and runs over your clit, cleaning you thoroughly of all your cum. I work my fingers back up your thighs and slip them onto the lips of your pussy so I can open you up fully to my starving mouth. Over and over my tongue laps at your sweet sex, working itself throughout the warmth of your slit and over your hardened clit. The moans coming from behind the gag tell me that I am bringing you to the brink of orgasm once again so I lift my head off of you and straighten.

I laugh, "Oh no baby, next time you cum it will be with my cock buried in you."

My hands move under your head and back, and as I sit back against the sofa I raise you up to a sitting position on my lap. My hands remain on you to steady you as I lift your right leg over my lap and drop it so that you are now straddling me. Your legs are bent and your knees are planted on the sofa along side my thighs. I watch as you move your head back and forth as you try, with no avail, to peek through the silk blindfold. When I am sure you can balance yourself on my thighs I remove my hands and lower them to the bulge in my pants. Your head cocks to one side as you listen to the sound of a zipper being pulled down. My hand slips into my pants and works its way through my briefs to pull my throbbing cock free. I reach my right hand out and run, it with my palm up between your legs as my left hand cups the base of my cock. Coating my fingers with the juices that flow from within you I move my hand back to my shaft and begin to stroke it up and down. I work my hand over my cock head and spread your juice over it. I am completely hard and ready to fill you by the time my cock is covered with your wetness.

I listen to you moan as I grasp you by the hips, lift you up over my cock, and lower you, slowly, down. Your muscles contract and welcome my invading shaft as I lower you down until you are impaled fully on me.

"Oh my god, that feels so good." I moan as my hands leave your hips and move up to the buttons of your blouse.

Your skirt falls down around your waist and covers you up as my hands move to expose other parts of your body. Your chest heaves forward when you feel the touch of my hand against your breasts. I want your shirt open and off your shoulders so I can watch your breasts jump as I fuck you. Becoming frustrated with the small pearlescent buttons I grip the folds of your blouse and tear it open. Your moans become louder as the sound of ripping material fills the room. I slip your blouse over your shoulders and let it fall into your bound hands. Your not wearing a bra and that delights me because your nipples are erected and they draw me in with their charms. I feel my cock throb within you as my hands move back up to your hips. With ease I raise your hips off my cock and slowly lift you up. Just before the head of my cock slips from your gripping pussy I drop you back down and fill your womb once again. I begin to repeat this process, fucking you onto my cock with my arms.

My head falls to your breasts as I begin to kiss them all over, moving my head up and down to keep up with your fucking motion. I am consumed by a burning passion for you as I draw your nipples in and out of my mouth and impale your sweet pussy onto my rock hard cock. It is the complete control I have over you that makes me desire you even more. No sight more erotic then our bodies joined as one, me forcing you to ride my shaft, you, bound and gagged, a high pitched wailing of an opera in the background, and a raging fire to heat our lust. Faster and harder I bring you down upon my cock, making you take it all up into you while I work my mouth over your delicious nipples. I feel myself building within your womb, my cock begins to throb and twitch, my orgasm begins to build in the pit of my stomach, and my teeth begins to close in around your sweet dark berry. And as I explode deep within your womb my mouth clamps down onto your nipple and I bite hard, sending your back arching and your cum spilling down over my erupting cock.

Yes this is how it all began, with one small bite of an erect nipple, one painfully pleasant eye opener. Again and again I drive you down onto my cock, my white knuckles gripping your hips as I bounce you up and down. You ride me for what seems like an infinite orgasm, the likes of which I have never known. Things become blurred, my hands over you, tearing the blindfold and gag from your head, stripping your wrists of their binds, ripping our remaining clothing from our bodies, and falling into a pit of sheer ecstasy. It is the opera I hear now in my head, the fire I feel against my flesh, and the smell of our sex in the air.

My eyes close as we fall into a sound sleep, having enough time before I drift off to whisper, "I love you Felicia."

Copyright 2001 by Nicholas Romanschak