by Flost


She was very nervous. The afternoon light made the hotel lobby seemed large and bright. Though she knew it was impossible, she was sure everyone could hear her heart beating loudly against her chest. She looked about trying to decide which route to take to the 5th floor. The elevator doors were closed the light above them indicating that they were both in use. She looked for stairs and saw only the broad marble staircase leading to the open second floor.

Above her, matrons chatted quietly as they walked from shop to shop on the mezzanine. Nearby, laughter and murmuring spilled out of the open bar at the west end of the lobby. A cluster of bellboys at the side of the front desk moved apart and regrouped, giving her a good view of the clerk, who was looking her way expectantly. The air around her seemed to become heavy and her head felt light. Trying to regain her composure and give a show of confidence, she vaguely smiled in their direction. Inwardly she felt as if every eye in the lobby was on her, and worse, knew what she was here to do.

The ding announcing the elevator's arrival turned her head and she carefully perused the men exiting into the echoing lobby. Several well-dressed men scattered into the hall as her eyes scanned their faces, looking for something familiar. No, he did not seem to be there and she almost sighed with relief. Quickly she made her way to the ladies room and slipped inside.

She stood in front of the mirror and checked her makeup and hair. Critically eyeing herself she tried to objectively assess the woman in the mirror. She was attractive, tall and slender, with shoulder length blond hair and green eyes. Her dress was conservative in a casual way, a loose floating shift that draped nicely over her breasts and gave tantalizing hints of the figure underneath. She reached up and fingered the buttons running down the bodice and felt a thrill of excitement traverse her body. Touching her hair she smiled at herself shyly.

She opened her pocketbook and looked into its recesses. Her fingers trembling, she pulled a computer-printed photograph of an attractive man partially into view. She stood gazing at it, imprinting his features in her brain for the millionth time it seemed. This woman was here for a reason. No one looking at her could fathom her true reason for being in this hotel, her true reason for being on earth as far as she was concerned. With one last glance in the mirror she opened the door and stepped back into the lobby. The elevators were standing open and ready.

The elevator ride was nerve wracking and much too short. She would have preferred to be alone but an elderly couple shared the car with her until the third floor. As they exited the car a middle-aged woman entered, sighed with exasperation and began to talk about how she had wanted to go straight to the lobby. She smiled in sympathy as the woman tsked and fumed about the supposed inadequacy of the hotel elevator system. The fifth floor came quickly and she got off, leaving the unhappy woman behind.

She looked left and right, scanning the walls for the usual plaques stating the direction and sequence of the room numbers. Room 577 was to the left. She looked down the hallway and was horrified to see a man coming her way.

She turned and began to walk rapidly in the opposite direction, turning the first corner she came to and finding herself in a short dead-end hallway with a window overlooking the park across the street. Behind her she heard the familiar ding of the elevator and the quiet shoosh-shunk of the elevator doors as they opened and closed. She pressed her fingertips to her forehead and took a deep breath. Cautiously she moved back to the corner and looked down the hall. It was empty. She stepped out.


The long empty hallway stretched before her. Through a window at the far end the sun shined weakly on to a patch of the deep maroon carpet there. She straightened her shoulders and began to walk toward the end of the hall, her eyes flickering back and forth at first to determine which side the odd numbered rooms were on. Once she found which side they were on she made a quick calculation and realized the room she was looking for should be the one at the end of the hallway on the left. She moved toward it, her heart trip hammering.

She stood in front of room 577 feeling the sunlight on her hips and legs as she raised a faltering hand to knock at the door. She adjusted her hold on her purse and forced herself to knock three times and then quelled an overpowering urge to dash down the hall and escape into the elevator.

No, she had made a commitment and she intended to keep it. She had avoided relationships too long due to not being able to make her wants and desires clear until it was too late and she had found her male partner incapable of fulfilling them. This time she had made her desires clear and this man seemed very receptive, even encouraging, so she could not back out now.

She had met him on line in a chat room seven months earlier and the anonymity of the chat room had given her the freedom to express her needs. The man she had met there and was about to meet in person seemed to share her interests along with having the attitude towards love and companionship she found compelling in a male.

The sounds of the inner locks being unfastened almost unnerved her but she stood her ground and felt the heat from her embarrassment and excitement rise to her face. The door swung open and she looked into the face of the man whose photograph she had just pored over in the ladies room downstairs. He smiled and she timidly smiled back.

"Do come in," he said, gesturing for her to enter. She stepped into the room and turned to him as he shut the door. She closed her eyes and let out a small nervous chuckle.

"Well, here I am, " she said, her throat dry and tickling.

"So I see," he replied and stepped forward and took her into his arms.

She inhaled, taking in his unfamiliar scent and feeling the heat of his nearness. She opened her eyes to see him moving to kiss her and lifted her lips. She closed her eyes again. As he kissed her, she felt his lips covering hers and his probing tongue pushing her lips apart to which she responded readily. They kissed for a few moments then she felt him move away.

She opened her eyes again and saw him assessing her from head to foot. He smiled slightly and reached toward her. She shivered inwardly, being very aware of the nature of the relationship they had over the chat lines and the type of chat that had led to this meeting. She knew that her actions, both mental and physical, would determine if this relationship went any further than this night. She knew that if she let herself move away before he touched her everything would end it before it even began.

She and the man had had a long term chat room dominant/submissive relationship. The man had supplied the mental control, strength, and sexually stimulating scenarios that had caught her completely up into that lifestyle. Their online fun had been mesmerizing from the start. She had been amazed at her propensity to get excited by his sexual demands and wishes. No less amazing had been the sexual and mental satisfaction she gained from executing his commands, coupled with a delicious tingling feeling of shame and humiliation.

The longer they chatted the more willing to do his bidding she became. His wishes intrigued her and she soon eagerly submitted to his desires because they echoed her own. His on screen commands and eventual phone calls had taken her to sexual heights she had not ever been able to realize in real life, thus the impetus for this meeting.

She glanced down as his fingers confidently latched on to her nipples through the thin material of her dress. She shivered inwardly because she had been quite frank with him about the sensitivity of her nipples and her susceptibility to it. He began to pull and pinch them lightly, watching her face for her reaction. She gasped at his bold touch but the sensations and excitement she immediately experienced caused her eyes to dilate as he calmly stimulated her nipples and he noted this.

When she did not pull away, or overtly flinch, from his intrusive handling a slow grin spread across his face and that sent more shivers up and down her spine. He leaned down and kissed her cheek and then resumed his perusal. She smiled slightly and hesitantly said, "Oh... that's wonderful..uh...Master!" He took a finger and pressed it to her mouth and said, "No words now, there will be plenty of time for that later." She nodded as his fingers returned to tease her nipples. She felt a familiar heat pulse strongly between her legs and she moaned quietly.

His smile widened and he stepped back and instructed her to unbutton her dress. She looked down and concentrated on making her fingers work properly as she began to unbutton her shift from the top. He stopped her when she begun fumbling with the button at the waistline and, lifting her face with his fingers, he gazed into her eyes as he unclasped the front hooking bra she had worn as he had requested in their last correspondence.

Her breasts fell free and he looked down at them as he caressed them gently with his fingers. He ran his hands and fingers lovingly along the lower curve caused by their unfettered weight, hefting them lightly as if weighing them. He took each nipple and pulled upwards, causing the mass of her breasts to depend from each pap. She stood quietly and let him do as he pleased. Looking back up, he dropped her breasts then began to roll her nipples almost idly as he looked over her face, concentrating mostly on her eyes.

After kissing her again, he was pleased to see the deep natural green of her eyes lessen as her pupils dilated with excitement. Working quickly he adeptly removed her dress, shoes, hose, and panties, stripping her completely. Then he took her nipples in his fingers again, pulling and tweaking them, and was delighted to hear her respond with a moan of pleasure. He could see the humiliation and embarrassment she felt at her nakedness and his state of being fully clothed.

Taking her nipples firmly in his fingers he used them to lead her over to the love seat in front of the window. She followed, mortified at being pulled by her teats but at the same time feeling her excitement and ecstasy growing. He continued to alternately pull at each nipple with his left hand while unzipping his pants and extracting his turgid cock with his right. He indolently jacked his cock while watching her look at it fervently. Awed, she eyed his full and throbbing member jutting out from the fly of his trousers as it bobbed under the lazy slow strokes of his right hand.

He reached up and pushed gently down on the top of her head as he stood in front of the loveseat. She sank to her knees before him and looked up at him while struggling to remain silent as he had instructed her. He sat down in front of her after pulling his trousers down past his hips and freeing his stiff cock and heavy balls. His fingers immediately resumed their pulling and rolling of her nipples. She began to pant lightly as he worked her breasts.

He took one breast in each of his hands and began to massage and squeeze it; his eyes fastened on her now swollen nipples. He then pressed his fingers on the outside of her breasts and pushed with his thumbs on the inner sides while pulling his hands toward her nipples. His brow furrowed in concentration as he focused on her nipples, his hands repeatedly pressuring the breast skin into a shiny tautness. His fingers slid closer to her nipples and he increased the repeated pressuring. His head lowered and he stared at each of the stiff teats dreamily as he squeezed and pulled her tits.

She involuntarily trembled with excitement and the knowledge that he was trying to milk her breasts. Having her as a milkmaid had been one of his foremost desires. His fondness for the concept had seemed strange to her but the clever lactation scenarios he created seemed so intimate, signifying a close and loving relationship, and she soon desired it as much for herself as him.

Goaded to almost uncontrollable excitement and desire by his confident command of her body she again moaned loudly, bringing him back from his reverie. A knowing, but gleeful, smile spread over his face and his fingers slid onto her aureoles and pulled at her nipples. He firmly took hold of her nipples in his fingers and began to skillfully manipulate them.

He looked down at her and said firmly, "Suck cock." She looked up at him, her breath coming fast and hot. He expertly pinched her nipples, using them, pulling her down to his stiff cock by them, seeing in her eyes and face the effect his ministrations were having. He literally saw her self control and restraint fall away and be replaced by a look of almost blind desire and pleading.

Her head dipped and with her eyes locked on his she took his pulsing cock into her mouth. Her tongue flicked over its surface, tasting him, feeling his heat. She looked up at his familiar but unfamiliar three-dimensional face and began to suckle him gently. His fingers at her teats urged her to suck harder and she closed her eyes and began to suck hungrily on his erect organ.

He smiled again and murmured, "Yes, suck like that." Her mouth worked feverishly on his penis, unable to stop, not wanting to. He groaned as the newness of her mouth and her submissiveness brought him to the brink of orgasm. He tugged gently at her nipples, pulling her back a bit. "Stop sucking," he commanded letting her nipples fall from his fingers.

She ceased immediately; wondering what she had done wrong. She knelt at his feet holding his cock in her mouth, absorbing its heat, feeling it throb against her tongue and teeth. He looked down at her noting the darkness of his stiff cock thrust into her mouth, the contrast against her pale skin. After he had regained his self-control he reached down and began to pull her nipples gently.

"Suck cock," he ordered.

She sucked at him readily. Greedy in her desire to please him, she sucked him hard and deep. He immediately dropped her nipples.

"No, not like that."

Again he took her nipples and pulled gently on them. She realized his unspoken subtle command and began to suckle him slowly. Another smile and he said, "Yes, yes, good." He began to pull and to pinch her teats with a bit more force and she increased her suction accordingly.

"Good girl, be my cocksucker," he said and pushed his hips forward so she could get to his swollen member with greater ease. She nursed at his cock and gazed at his face taking in every detail as she reveled in sliding his thick member in and out of her mouth.

He watched her suckle him and was impressed and pleased with her easy submission and obedience. She loved sucking cock it seemed. This would be easier than he expected. He decided that taking the edge off would be in his best interest and he began pulling harder at her teats, manipulating them, pinching and rolling them in his fingers. She moaned and he felt the vibrations of her moans as she sucked more avidly on his cock in response. He sat back and felt her mouth pulling at him, sucking him, sliding back and forth over his sensitive organ. Her lips and tongue bathed his penis, pulling it into an even greater state of excitement. His busy fingers urged her on and he soon felt the familiar throb and swell of his seed ready to spew forth.

As his hips began to pump his penis in and out of her sucking mouth, she sensed his urgency and quit trying to suck as hard, letting him control all movement. She felt his cock jerk and seem to swell and she began to suckle steadily on it, anticipating him. He thrust powerfully into her mouth, pulling her nipples simultaneously and groaned, "SUCK!"

His hot seed filled her mouth and she gulped and swallowed it, wanting to earn his favor. She sucked deeply on his dick, taking mouthful after mouthful of his hot semen from its spurting head and gulping it down. He grimaced and cried out with pleasure, again, again, and again. His cock was deep in her mouth now and his pleasure accelerated as he looked down and saw her eagerly swallowing his sperm. His penis was reaching a point of oversensitivity and he dropped her nipples before he could bear her wet mouth no longer. She stopped sucking obediently and held his deflating cock in her mouth, looking up at him in askance.


He watched her hold his now flaccid cock quietly in her mouth and his hands slid back to her breasts. He began to massage them, careful to leave her nipples untouched.

"Don't suck," he ordered.

She looked up at him, her lips still clasped around his penis, until he said, "Don't worry, you will be taken care of. I just like the way you look with my cock in your mouth." He massaged her breasts for a few more minutes then he slowly pulled his now semi-erect penis from her lips.

"Kneel up, please."

She straightened up. "Lean forward and place your hands on either side of my legs," he commanded. She did so, her face close almost level with his and her breasts hanging in front of him. He began to expertly knead and massage her breasts as they dangled in front of him. His eyes no longer sought her face but remained focused on her tits as he worked at them.

Months before he had ordered her to begin milking herself. She had toiled, relentlessly milking her own breasts on a regular basis to foster milk in them for this. She sighed at the touch of this man's hands and fingers on her tits, feeling them urge her teats to produce milk. The sensation of his hands milking her breasts rather than her own was making her lightheaded. She concentrated on milk, gallons of flowing milk, building behind her swollen nipples. His steady massaging of her breasts went on and she continued to imagine her nipples dripping with fresh sweet milk for him.

He began to pull on her nipples and aureoles and she moaned again in pleasure and anticipatory agony. His slight gasp caused her to look down at his busy fingers. "Yes!" he exclaimed as tiny pale droplets appeared at the ends of her teats. He daubed his fingers in the tiny wetness and he began rubbing them together to ascertain the consistency. She watched as he raised a wet finger to his lips and tasted it, in deep concentration as he worked the tiny bit of fluid in his mouth much like a wine connoisseur.

His fingers returned to her breasts and continued to milk her teats, causing the thin new milk to slowly form small droplets on her now elongated nipples. The man smiled as the warm fluid finally dripped off and made a tiny splatter on his stomach.

She moaned helplessly, her clitoris swelling and throbbing as the man took his pleasure with her breasts and nipples. He chuckled at her discomfort but did not stop his handling of her breasts.

The abruptly he ceased milking her and pushed her from him to the floor. She looked anxiously up at his face, her sexual arousal throbbing in her body and mind, hoping to see a clue as to his next desire. He sat up and gazed at her kneeling in front of him, her nipples capped with tiny droplets of milk, her eyes wild with lust he had commanded and caused.

" like being milked?" he asked her. She nodded tentatively, not wanting to speak until he gave her permission.

"Does it make you horny? Make you want to suck and fuck for me?"

She nodded again, flushing.

"How would you like to be milked all the time? Every day? Regularly, say, about every two to three hours?" he queried.

Her excited state prompted her response and she nodded vigorously. He smiled and said, "I can arrange it."

She looked at him curiously, knowing that he had a full-time job and could not be available to use her as he was describing. He grinned at her and said, "I can handle it and all you have to do is to surrender to me do want to do that don't you?"

She nodded again. The months they had spent talking on line and the phone had convinced her that this man was the man for her. He would accept no foolishness nor did he present himself as a man who believed in equality. She herself was intrigued by the old fashioned concepts of men's relationships with women and thought the idea of women being in service to and cared for by men luxurious and appealing. She imagined that if women were to be taken care of by men, in return it should be easy enough for them to happily be subservient in all matters, and this was very exciting and suited her submissiveness. She was tired of the corporate rat race and the necessity of long hours and social pressures to perform in a world that she truly felt she had no real place in. This man's offer to care for her in return for her obeying him and making herself available to him in all fashions was what she had envisioned as the perfect relationship.

His face became serious as he asked again if she would completely submit to him. She again nodded and felt the excitement grow as she fantasized him coming in from work and peeling back her peignoir and then lovingly suckling and milking her breasts, eventually lying her down to mount her and make love to her.

The third repetition of his query puzzled her but she again nodded. He grinned and rose, proceeding to a nearby bureau and extracting some papers and a small cassette recorder. He came back and re-seated himself, arranging the papers on the seat next to him so she could see them. This would be the deciding point for him; he had to see if she would place her self in his command with no objection.

"You may speak now as we complete this transaction," he said giving her teats a quick tug and tweak.

" do not know quite what to are wonderful!" she managed to get out. He nodded and offered her the pen and gestured toward the papers.

"What are these?" she asked, taking the pen from him.

"Just an agreement. A contract, if you will. A legal contract that commits you and your body to my disposal and command for two years. If you sign it there is no turning back! It is a commitment to be mine and to obey my wishes, to become my property for that amount of time, literally and figuratively so to speak. At the end of two years if we both find the relationship satisfactory we will execute a longer contract," he told her while tugging and pinching her nipples in the most delightful way. She began to pant lightly again, his fingers urging her to new heights of arousal. She leaned forward to sign the paper, but also, perhaps, to give him better access to her breasts and nipples.

She imagined the papers were a type of prenuptial agreement. They had shared many hours discussing many things besides sex. They seemed to be very compatible and to have a sincere liking for each other. She thought the talk of a long term contract a bit premature but she did not want this man to think she was a gold digging wench so she quickly signed in the space he indicated. As she signed he made a very soft sound of pleasure. He stopped his manipulation of her nipples and flipped the cassette player on to record.

"Do you consider yourself my property?" he asked her forcefully, indicating that she answer him aloud.

"Yes, I do. I want to be your property, I am your property!" she answered joyfully seeing the satisfaction in his eyes at her reply.

"Are you willing to do whatever I command regarding my pleasure in sexual matters, my dear, regardless of the nature of the request?"

"Yes, I want to please you."

"Do you realize you have committed yourself in writing to just that, to do as I ask with no argument?"

"Yes, I do."

"Do you realize that you are now my slave to do with as I see fit?"

"Yes, I do."

"Don't forget that. You shall speak from now on only when given permission to do so, understand? I will tell you what my plans are for you and you will acquiesce to them. I am very pleased, you will make a fine slave. Your actions have been most pleasing and I hope they remain so."

He reached down and began to milk her breasts again and while doing so thrust his leg up between her thighs. As he worked her teats he ground his leg against her cunt and she pushed right back onto him, eagerly. He managed to extract a few more droplets of milk. "Yessssss, you're gonna be a good milker, "he murmured. As she heard him commenting on what a good milker she would be she began to cum heavily, rubbing her cunt mercilessly on his leg though the sensation was not extremely satisfying.

He continued to pull her nipples as she ground her cunt onto his leg, seeking the apex of her orgasm. She panted loudly as wave after wave of pleasure engulfed her. His nimble fingers urged her on and her face flushed as he crooned, "Good girl, cum for me, show your Master how well you can cum, wet my leg with your juice."

The orgasmic spasms began to subside and she moaned slightly still thrusting gently against his leg. His hands continued to milk her teats relentlessly. She whimpered and he pulled her nipples with even more vigor as he continued to work her breasts.

"This will help get your milk supply started dear. You will always be milked until you are completely dry. I know it's tedious, but necessary at this point. You're going to be my milk cow you know."

She grimaced inwardly and nodded, wondering at the term "milk cow" as his fingers pulled her orgasm sensitive teats. He smiled at her obvious discomfort and dropped her nipples. She sighed with relief. He bent and reached under the loveseat and extracted a small pump with milking attachments. He quickly fastened these to her nipples and flicked the pump on.

"Oh!" she yelped as the pump began to steadily apply strong suction to her teats. This was no warm hands rhythmically pulling but a steady pulsing suction, strong and hard, applied via black rubber cups attached to her nipples. Surprisingly the man took her nose firmly in his fingers and twisted it a bit, hurting her. "No speech!" he barked.

He then pulled hard on her nose guiding her to an all fours position and sat back to watch her be milked by his cruel machine. She looked at him, frightened at his rough handling, and he smiled smugly at her, his eyes gleaming. This was no way for a male to treat his new lover and property! She felt humiliated and terribly exposed as he sat and watched her being machine milked. He reached over and began to stroke her back gently, intending to clam her.

"You are my property?"

She nodded as his touch succeeded at reassuring her. "Good girl. You are my property. You are going to be my cow. You know what a man does when he has a cow?" She nodded shakily as the insistent cups pulled her nipples.

"Milks her, right?" the man prompted. She nodded vigorously. "Yes, milks her regularly. Cows give lots of milk don't they?" the man said. She nodded again.

"You don't have much milk though do you?"

She shook her head slowly, ashamed of her lack of milk. She knew her ability to produce milk was very important to this man.

"I am going to fix that you know. There will be no objections to my methods either," he said.

She shook her head violently. She greatly wanted to please this man, to be his subject.

"You may not like how I remedy the situation, but then you are a cow, only a cow, and my cow on top of that. As your Master and owner I will get you with milk any way I please."

She nodded and quivered at his emphasis on the word 'owner' as the suction began to re-arouse her. He took her by the nose again and led her out as far as the hoses on the suction cups would allow. She was exposed on all sides now, no longer afforded the slight security of the loveseat. He squatted next to her.

"Let's check out my cow now."

He pulled her head up her nose and leaned down to examine her mouth. He pulled it open and was pleased to see that her teeth were in good condition and well maintained. As he examined them she blushed furiously, unable to turn her head from his firm grip on her nose. The man chuckled and proceeded to closely examine her features. He liked the way she looked with her mouth wide open and ready to take a cock.

"My cow won't need food all the time, sometimes she will eat nothing but cum, if she's good," he mused as his free hand felt her neck and shoulders. Still holding her head up with her nose, he moved around her body. He bent to see her cunt gaping, opening and closing due to the arousal of the continuous suction at her teats. He fingered it, feeling it clasp onto his digit. He grinned, thinking of what he had in mind for his 'cow'. "You have a good cunt," he commented.

He reached over and flicked the pump off and dropped her nose commanding her to remain where she was. He fetched a collar with a small bell and fastened it about her neck. He attached a thin rope to it and tied her to the leg of the loveseat, leaving plenty of slack. She obediently remained still, quivering from sexual tension and the humiliation of being collared and belled like an animal. She watched as he strode across the room and picked up the phone. He quickly dialed a number.


"Yeah, got her. Bring him up, I want to do this now before she starts thinking about what she's done. Let's make it a done deal."

He hung the phone up and went into the bathroom and fetched a bowl of water and placed it before her.

"Drink if you wish, I would if I were you, things may get hot and thirsty before too long," he said, patting her head and fingering her cunt.

She eyed him, curious about the phone call. She recalled, as she obediently dipped her head to drink, that they had discussed his sharing her with others and her sexual arousal increased in pitch at the thought of servicing another in his presence. She had not expected him to share her so soon. His finger frigging her cunt distracted her as she felt him spread its lips and push a digit deep inside. The sensation heightened the arousal she had been subject to by the milking machine.

A knock on the door brought her head up from lapping water from the bowl. He pulled his finger from her cunt, flicked the milking machine back on and walked to the door and admitted two men, a man and a youth in his late teens. She felt the new occupants of the room eye her greedily. She flushed as she imagined how she must look; naked and tethered like an animal, her cunt now wet and gaping, her breasts hanging, being milked by a machine like a cow.

The new man stepped away from the youth and revealed a light rope going to the youth's neck. The rope fastened to a collar like her own but with no bell. The youth had a gold ring through the center of his nose, new wave fashion for a young male she imagined. The man stripped the trench coat the youth was wearing off to reveal that the youth was naked also.

Her eyes widened as the man hurriedly fastened a leather hood over the youth's head covering his eyes. Her new master fastened the boy's hands behind his back and attached a light length of jeweler's chain to the nose ring in the interim. It dawned on her that the nose ring had a familiar connotation but her humiliation and arousal would not let her recall what the familiarity was. She had seen the boy looking avidly at her, before he was hooded, and she was intrigued by what was happening.

Her eyes took in the fact that the youth's exceptionally large cock and balls were trussed up to the point they jutted obscenely outward. The hardness of the youth's penis was evident, his almost applesized cockhead was shiny with tension and his bulging balls glistened due to the tautly pulled scrotum. The man jerked the lead rope and the chain on the nose ring and pulled the boy toward her. He came with a soft grunt, his huge cock bobbing with each step, mesmerizing her.

Her master came and took her by the nose again, humiliating her greatly. He pulled her up and on to the coffee table and positioned her on her back after turning off the milking machine and unfastening the suction cups from her teats.

"Nice looking cow," the other man offered. "Yeah," her master returned. "Just got her. Check her out, she's gonna be great." The other man replied, "Good deal. She gonna go for your weird ideas?"

"Doesn't matter, she signed the contract."

The other man came forward leading the boy. The man felt her teats, examined her now milking elongated nipples, and fingered her sopping cunt. She was surprised to feel him expertly fingering her, examining her vagina.

"Get her feet up. I want to see how things look," he said to her new master. Her master hurriedly positioned her as if she was going to have a pelvic exam. The other man removed a speculum from his pocket and handed the youth's lead rope and nose chain to her master. He then knelt between her legs and inserted the speculum and expanded it leaving her cunt a gaping tunnel he peered into. A flashlight appeared and the man examined her vagina and uterus.

"You bring her to orgasm recently?"

"Yeah, about 20 minutes ago."

"Good. That will help. Let me get her temp. Looks like we may have chosen an optimum time. She looks to be ovulating."

The man removed the speculum and shoved a rectal thermometer up her anus as she squirmed on the table. He stroked her belly as he timed the thermometer.

"Easy, girl. Just a minute.. then we'll get you what you need."

She eyed him warily. How could he know what she needed? What could he have to do with her dream to be loved and milked by her new master?

He extracted the thermometer and looked at. A grin broke out. "Yep, looks like she may be ready! Damn, I just don't know how you get all the breaks," the man said to her new master.

"Just lucky I guess," her master replied. He handed the rope and chain back to the man and changed her position to all fours, spreading her knees so her cunt was exposed even more. He moved to her head and took her nose again and held her head high.

"Okay, bring him on."

The other man led the stiff cocked youth behind her and positioned him. Her eyes rolled from side to side trying to see what was going on. Her new master noticed and began to talk to her.

"You are my property. You are my cow. I am having you bred by a 'bull' so you will 'calve' and make lots of milk for me."

With horror she realized the familiarity of the youth's nose ring placement. It was the same as the ring in the nose of an actual bull used for breeding, the ring in the nose that gave the breeder complete control of the bull while he rutted a cow! She quickly tried to rise but her master's firm grip on her nose held her in place.

"No!" she screamed, struggling but held immobile by the man's tight grip on her nose. She had not bargained on this. She had not even considered getting pregnant as part of the relationship she believed they were involved in. Plus, if she were to become pregnant, perhaps in the future, she wanted it to be with her master's seed. Being bred by a stranger like an animal was not the loving alliance she had envisioned. She felt the huge head of the boy's big cock begin to prod her vagina and she tried to move her cunt away.

"Hold up a sec," her master ordered. "Back the bull off."

" What's the deal? I thought you said she was sub enough to do this?" the other man said as he tugged the rope and nose chain and worked hard to pull the strong young bull away from the woman's vagina. He pulled a small strap from his pocket and began to flog the youth's cock as he pulled. The bull, now mad with desire to breed her, reluctantly and awkwardly moved back, helplessly pumping his hips and thrusting his cock, grunting and moaning in his throat.

Her master let go of her nose and she turned and saw the youth spasmodically pumping his hips and humping his swollen cock blindly into the air, his lips parted and his tongue slightly protruding as he panted and thrust uselessly. She imagined his huge cock pumping in and out of her vagina, spewing hot semen deep inside her, impregnating her, and she shuddered.

"I can't do that. I won't,' she muttered, "No matter how much I want to belong to you, I just can't."

"Silence!" her master roared, jerking her nose," My friend here is a gynecologist. I had him bring his 'bull' here specifically to impregnate you. You WILL be bred! He will see to your needs during the pregnancy and deliver you. I WILL have a milk cow afterwards! You signed the contract and are my property now. No speech or arguments!"

She quailed at her new master's fury and whimpered as she realized her new position. She was helpless and knew she would literally be a milk cow for him, not the loving companion she had envisioned.

Then silently her angry master reached beneath her and began to roughly pull at her dangling teats. He knelt and lifted a breast then began to pinch and pull at her nipple; his other hand went back to play with her pussy. The feel of his fingers on her tender teats and in her pussy coupled with the eyes of the strange doctor watching caused her to tremble. Helplessly she felt herself becoming more aroused and her resolve not to be impregnated began to weaken, drowning in the lust her master's tantalizing fingers instilled in her. He gestured to the other man to do the same. Soon the two men pulling and pinching her stiff nipples and playing with her pussy were sending her senses into sexual overload.

The doctor began to tickle and massage her clit using his vast knowledge. She bucked on the table.

"Good, don't stop, but keep playing with her tits too. She's coming around. We'll make her want to fuck," her master said confidently to the doctor.

The treatment the two men gave her soon caused her to forget her desire to be loved and kept by a man for sexual pleasure and companionship. The idea of being impregnated like an animal began to lose its repulsive intonations. She just wanted sexual fulfillment, needed it, and was willing to take it in any form it presented itself. The men laughed as she began to squirm and present her wet cunt for use.

"See, I told you we could make her want it," her new master commented.

Now their fingers concentrated on pulling and teasing her teats. Her pants filled the room, echoing the panting of the still excited 'bull' standing at the end of the rope lead still held by the doctor. She furtively looked towards the 'bull' and saw his heavy cock, stiff and still jerking. She moaned at the sight of the huge penis obviously ready to service her. The boy's nostrils were flared and she knew he was inhaling the aroma of her wet cunt.

"See, I told you she'd get with the program, she's wanting that cock now. Bring the bull in," said her master, chuckling. He continued to tweak her nipples as the doctor led the bull to her presented cunt.

She couldn't believe it. She was about to be bred like an animal in front of two men she hardly knew but she wanted it, needed it! Humiliation and excitement burned within her as the insistent fingers at her nipples kept goading her far past her inhibitions. She fleetingly thought about pictures she had seen on the Internet. She imagined this was how the women she had seen in pictures sucking dog cocks must have felt, driven mad by lust and willing to take whatever was available.

The doctor took the jerking head of the youth's big cock and guided it to her cunt. The 'bull' thrust excitedly into her as her new master nodded approvingly. She felt her cunt stretch and fill with the youth's hot penis. Her master's fingers urged her to arch her back to give the 'bull' better access to her cunt. She felt the 'bull' begin to pump powerfully in and out of her and hear his soft grunts as he made each thrust.

"Hope he gets her knocked up first try. I want to get her in full milk production ASAP. Check out her udders..think what they'll be like heavy and sagging, full of hot milk, mmmmm."

"Yeah, they'll look great, big long milk tits, long nipples. It'll be fun to milk her like a cow and she's going to need lots of milking. What good is a cow if you aren't going to milk her? You got the adoption plans checked out?"

"Yeah, no sweat. Plenty of folks willing to adopt and pay for costs."

The men chatted idly about her future role as a cow as the 'bull' thrust relentlessly into her cunt. She helplessly arched her back and moved her hips, urging the 'bull' to fuck her deeper. Her master's fingers pushed her along making her powerless not to eagerly fuck the 'bull' that was trying hard to impregnate her. The men watched as the 'bull's cock plunged powerfully in and out of her wet cunt. Minutes ticked by, the time marked by the grunts and thrusts of the bull.

"I am getting bored watching this, fucking is fucking. Want him to go on and cum so you can have a bit of time with your new cow?"

"Bored, huh? Well, I'm in no hurry, I'm gonna have this cow for a couple of years at least so I'm in no rush. Say, is your dick hard?"

"Well, yeah, but what did you expect? I was planning on having the bull suck me when we were through here."

"Aha! There's your motive. Why not have the cow suck you now while she's being bred? She's a cum eater."

"Hmmmm, sounds good. She a good suck?"

Her master dropped a nipple and pulled her head up by her nose, forcing her to open her mouth.

"Look, she's ready for you! She'll give you a good suck."

"Damn, looks good. Man, you and your luck again!"

The doctor unzipped his fly and pulled his stiff cock out. It stood hugely erect and the throbbing reddened head made his desire evident.

The doctor moved around in front of her and rubbed his cockhead around her lips.

"Suck cock." her master commanded as his fingers held her nose closed forcing her to hold her mouth open for the doctor's cock. His free hand continued pulling at her teats.

She began to lick the heavy cock as the 'bull' reamed her cunt causing her vagina to relax to receive his semen. She was again powerless as her master's busy fingers urged her to suck. She took the fat cock and began to suck it hungrily as the doctor pumped his hips. Her mind reeled at the sight she saw in her mind's eye, herself sucking a strange man's cock while another stranger tried eagerly to get her pregnant, and herself obediently allowing it, avidly taking both cocks for her new master.

The doctor's hands came down and grabbed handfuls of her hair and he began to fuck her mouth forcefully. He was enjoying the feel of her lips sliding over his cock as he humped her obedient mouth. She mouthed frantically at his cock, trying to get suction, feeling the warm rubbery flesh tease her mouth. Her new master relinquished his hold on her nose and let her try and suck the doctor. She wanted to suck cock! The man kept fucking her mouth and pushing his stiff meat into her soft palate and throat. She desperately licked at his plunging cock as he fucked it forcefully in and out of her mouth. He finally came, filling her throat with hot cum. She gulped it eagerly as she felt the 'bull' begin to thrust even more powerfully.

The doctor withdrew and wiped his cock off on her hair and face. As she licked at it as her master laughed.

"Look at that, she loves the stuff. I tell you, my time invested in those blue balled nights in front of the computer was well spent."

"Yeah, she is a good suck. I did get a little carried away though. You'll let me have her suck my cock again some other time."

"Sure, no problem. Wait until she has been with me a few weeks. She'll know the rules then, be broken in...You can bet that will be a good suck. I will have her totally trained by then."

The doctor looked at his watch and at the frantically pumping bull. He moved to her rear and viewed the bull's cock pushing and pulling her cunt lips in and out as its hugeness made each stroke. He appreciatively admired his 'bull's performance as a stud for the human cow. The boy's thick reddened cock plunged in and out, shiny with her lubricating juices. He watched, pleased, but decided he still wanted some time with the 'bull' and pretty soon. It was getting late and he had a dinner date.

"Hey, I really do have to get going. You mind?" he asked her new master.

"Well, the bull isn't spent yet. I want her fully cum bred tonight if possible."

"No problem, watch this." The doctor reached between the bull's legs and grabbed the trussed scrotum and gave a gentle squeeze. The bull moaned and began pumping furiously as his cock began to uncontrollably pump gobs of rich creamy semen into her ready cunt. She felt the hot seed flood her cunt, filling her uterus and fallopian tubes.

The doctor grabbed the base of the 'bull's cock on an outstroke and began to squeeze it, milking cum from it. He pulled the small strap from his pocket and began strapping the youth's ass, causing the 'bull' to lunge violently forwards grinding his spewing cock deeper into the woman's vagina. The 'bull' continued to powerfully fuck her as his owner whipped his ass while milking his cock into her. She felt the doctor's fist, milking the 'bull's cock, jam into her cunt lips as the 'bull' thrust deep into her goaded by the strap in his ass.

Her new master looked with admiration at the doctor's expert handling of the bull's forced ejaculation and delivery of semen into his new cow.

"No shit. You can make him cum just like that? Hmmm...look at him pump her full of jizz, bet she gets knocked up right away." Her new master sounded impressed with the doctor and his bull's accomplishments. She felt the 'bull' stroking his spewing cock in and out of her, creating a suction that pulled the hot seed deep into her vagina. The doctor's hand bruised her cunt lips. She knew she would get pregnant, her last period had been about twelve days before and the doctor had been right, she was probably ovulating now.

The doctor finally worked the 'bull' free before his shrinking cock would allow any of the fresh semen to drip out of the cow's cunt. The two men laughed as they eyed his deflating wet cock. Even after ejaculating it was still obviously a sizable penis.

"Man, that is some bull. Wow, what a cock!" her master declared.

"Have her clean him with her mouth," suggested the doctor. Her master grunted his approval and took her nose again and turned her on her back so as not to loose the precious semen from her cunt. The doctor led his 'bull' around. Her master ordered her, "Clean it!" and she obediently began to lick the huge dripping cock with her tongue.

"Okay," said the doctor," Now we need to make sure she orgasms. That seems to help with getting a female pregnant."

"Sure, no sweat. Help me out... pull her nipples while I rub her clitty."

The doctor's fingers took her nipples and began to pull and tweak them as her new owner rubbed her clitoris while she sucked the bull's cock clean.

"That's a fine 'bull' there, doc. You say he's got lots of offspring?"

"Yeah, eleven at last count. He's a mother fucker for sure. He's got a great sperm count and good motility. There's good money in human breeding, specially in a situation like yours where I get part of the adoption fee."

"Well, if she gets pregnant and the pregnancy goes off with no problem, I may want to breed her again. What do you think?"

"Ha ha, I think your cow is cumming," the doctor laughed as the newly bred slave began to writhe helplessly on the table, her orgasm forced by the humiliating stimulation and callous but confident treatment she was receiving. The bull groaned as her mouth began to work frantically at his cum sensitive cock.

"Go, girl, get that cum deep in you!" Her master grinned as she squirmed under his fingers on her clit.

"How old is she? Looks about 25."asked the doctor.

"Good guess, she's actually 29 and she takes care of herself. At least she will now that I own her. I want a healthy cow," her master answered. The doctor nodded, "Well, she isn't too old if you plan on rebreeding her. Hell, you may get three or four kids out of her if you are careful. But I though you wanted a milk cow."

"That is my main objective but seeing her bred is pretty hot. I'll have to see how the pregnancy goes, like I said. I might enjoy it enough to do it again."

She quivered on the table as she licked the last vestiges of her own juice and the semen from the bull's cock. The men's conversation scared and thrilled her. She wondered what her life with her master would be like on a daily basis, because this was just the beginning.


The steady ticking of the timer lulled her as it marked off the seconds and minutes until her next milking. She pulled idly against the straps the held her captive on her hands and knees in the makeshift stall in her master's bedroom. Being a human cow was not so bad, in fact she was beginning to adjust to being kept stationary all day and regularly humiliated while being used for sex and amusement. She was becoming conditioned, feeling increasingly alienated from the rest of the world. This increased her desire to please her master at all costs.

She looked down at the cold mixture of soft food and cum that sat in the plastic trough in front of her. She was acquiring a taste for the 'mash' her master fed her during the day and she lowered her head to feed, tasting and savoring the tangy cum mixed in with the foodstuff. A water bottle hung suspended and she could suck the attached realistic dildo with the water tube in it for a drink when she pleased.

She had just finished swallowing a mouthful of 'mash' when a loud click startled her as the automatic milking pump came on. She felt the suction cups fastened to her newly swollen and aching breasts begin to pull powerfully at her nipples. She knew the milking would last for at least fifteen minutes before the pump shut off.

Her master had taken her home and placed her in the stall after spending the evening at the hotel. At the hotel, after her breeding, he had amused himself by having her perform humiliating poses offering her breasts and spreading her cunt while he took photographs. He had taken his pleasure the rest of the evening by alternately milking her and having her suckle him. He had heated a small branding iron with his lighter and branded her on the rump. The area still was a little tender but it had healed nicely leaving the words "MILK COW" crudely branded across her left ass cheek. She shuddered at the permanence of her designation, knowing that even if she did leave her master's ownership any man she was intimate with would see what she was.

The padded stall her master had devised for her was three feet by five feet. He had set an automatically timed milk pump up to ensure she was milked every four hours. He had also installed other compliments in the stall to enhance his pleasure in his new cow, such as a camcorder for taping her milkings and movements during his absences.

The pump pulled insistently at her sore teats, drawing her small supply of thin milk through a little tube to a beaker positioned to the right of the stall. After a few minutes of fighting the sensation she began to get aroused and moved backwards to impale herself on the 9" dildo her master had mounted at the back of the stall. She looked up at the camcorder taping her take self-satisfaction as she began uncontrollably hunching the dildo, driven on by the suction at her nipples.

Her master liked to review the tapes when he came home, chuckling at the sight of her eagerly fucking the rubber cock when she was milked. He was also very pleased when she sucked the water dildo, gorging herself with water as she sucked it for sexual pleasure.

The machine clicked off and she panted as she ground out an unsatisfying orgasm on the rubber cock mounted behind her. The camera recorded her orgasm anyway.

A few minutes later she heard her master enter the house after a day at work. She waited expectantly for him to come in and retrieve the tape for the day. He always watched them in the room with her, humiliating her enormously as he positioned the television where she could see herself acting so sluttishly on film.

Tonight he plugged the tape into the VCR and as he viewed it he stroked his cock. She watched the screen as her taped image began to flush when the insistent suction cups visibly aroused her during her milking. She cringed as she saw herself eagerly hunching back on the rubber dildo, helplessly and obscenely fucking it. She looked at her master watching the tape, hoping her filmed performance was good enough for him to decide to satisfy her growing desire for hot cum.

Her master's form of training/conditioning her was to allow her to suckle him as a reward for good cow-like behavior. His goal was to have her crave cum. He used his sperm as a positive re-enforcer and as incentive for her compliance to his control of her. He was pleased with his progress. She was quickly becoming conditioned to want to suck cock and to crave cum to eat because it meant she had done well. He glanced over at her and saw that she was now beginning to salivate and make sucking movements with her mouth at the sight of his cock.

He watched the tape and jacked himself to orgasm without letting her suck him. She watched, disappointed, as he shot big spurts of creamy cum into his hand. He looked at her mournful countenance and grinned.

"Want to eat this, cow?" he asked teasingly, holding the warm spunk out toward her. She found herself straining against the stall wall and stretching her neck to reach it, lolling her tongue out trying to taste it.

"Moo for me, cow." he commanded.

"Moooooo", she lowed plaintively.

"More, cow."

She lowed repeatedly for a few minutes and he finally extended his hand within reach of her mouth. She gobbled his cum eagerly, licking his hand clean, slurping as she fed. He smiled approvingly as she ate his jizz from his palm.

After she had been fed he washed his hands and came back and unfastened her straps and the milking apparatus. He fixed a lead rope to her collar and backed her out of the stall, her cowbell tinkling softly. She obediently moved as he directed and then trailed behind him, mooing, hoping to please him, as he headed towards the living room.

He glanced out the rear windows and pulled her to the backdoor. He opened the door and pulled her down the steps to the yard and out to its center where she was to be tethered for an hour, naked. She knew he expected her to relieve herself here in the open and her shame was overridden by the need to urinate and void. He always hosed her down with cold water before returning her to the house.

He enjoyed exposing her in her 'pasture'. The high privacy fences around his yard were lined with tall dense shrubbery and he had no uneasiness about her being spotted by nosy neighbors. He sometimes invited guests to watch her 'at pasture' through the picture window in his den.

For those guest exhibitions he would take a curved rod with a dildo at the end and walk her by inserting the dildo in her vagina and prodding her around the pasture with it to the delight of the watchers. He would have them observe her voiding her bladder and bowels and his hose bathing of her also. He often used the rod and dildo to exercise her for his own pleasure, but this evening he had merely tied her and went back to the house.

When Master returned for her he had the doctor with him. He sprayed her down with the hose and used the pressure attachment to dissolve her feces and urine, washing it into the ground. He then untethered her and moved her to a dry patch of grass. There the doctor knelt and felt her teats and probed her cunt with his fingers.

"Notice any swelling of her udders?" the doctor asked her master, while observing and fingering her swollen cunt lips.

"Yeah, but I didn't know if that was from the regular milking or what." her master answered.

"Well, we'll have to check. Look at her cunt, the lips are swollen and dark, that's a good sign," the doctor commented.

The men led her back into the house and took her to the den. Her master took her by the nose and pulled her up to lie on her back on the coffee table. The doctor knelt between her legs and pulled at her protruding cunt lips, spreading them and chuckling. Her master then pulled her feet up as the doctor pulled out his speculum to examine her. She felt the cold tool enter her and spread her open. The doctor peered into her cunt.

After a few minutes he said, "Yep, she's knocked up...told you that bull was a good mother fucker."

"All right!" her master exclaimed.

She felt faint as she heard the doctor validify her suspicions. She was pregnant! She did not even know the name of the 'bull' that had bred her. She would have a baby that would be given away and then her master would milk her daily like a cow. She flushed at the shame of being used so basely for these mens' sexual pleasure, but a new pride and pleasure welled within her as she acknowledged she was fulfilling her proper role as a woman in her master's eyes.

Master then went on to ask the doctor if he could continue to have her fucked without fear of terminating the pregnancy. The doctor explained that if fucking terminated the pregnancy it probably would have terminated anyway.

The doctor retrieved a syringe from his kit and injected her in the rump with something. "That's the hormone to bring her milk production up. I'll drop by and inject her once a week for you. Maybe get serviced while I am here too," he chuckled.

"Hey, have at it now...I really appreciate you doing this, " Master offered and quickly asked, " Hey, do you mind if I get some film of her sucking your cock while I fuck her? I want to make a tape to advertise her to some other bull owners and prospective milk customers."

"Well, I don't know... I can't afford to be recognized."

"No way. We will set the camera up where only the cow and our bodies from the waist down show in the film. Angle in from the left so her brand shows."

"Yes, that has healed up well. Okay, lets do it, my cock could be a film star and it always wants to be sucked! Ha ha!"

The men became busy arranging the camera and lighting while the human cow obediently waited to be used. They positioned her as in the hotel, on all fours on the coffee table, leaving her mouth and cunt at crotch height. After agreeing not to use extensive speech aloud the camera was turned on.

"Watch this," her master said to the doctor right before he stepped into the line of filming and began jacking his cock in front of her face.

The doctor watched as the cow slave eyed her owner's dick being stroked so close to her mouth. He gasped softly as she began to obviously salivate, licking her lips and making sucking movements with her mouth, her desire to suck cock plain to see. The doctor felt his penis quickly becoming erect and he unzipped his slacks and pulled it free and stepped in next to his friend and began to masturbate too. The cow began to compulsively lick at the bobbing cocks eagerly, thrilled to be allowed to lick them. She lapped avidly at the mens' penises, helplessly excited by the possibility she would be allowed to suck.

Her master moved behind her and introduced his cock to her cunt. He began to pump as the camera whirred recording his thrusts. "What - -do-- cows- - say?" he queried pointedly as he pumped her cunt with his cock. She mooed as she licked the doctor's cock. The doctor stepped closer and allowed her to lick his cock a bit more.

"Suck cock" her master ordered and she gratefully took the doctor's dark pulsing member into her mouth and began to suck. The doctor groaned as her mouth eagerly pulled at him and her tongue laved his cockshaft. This time he let her suck him rather than fucking her mouth. She hungrily suckled him wanting to eat his cum as her master fucked her cunt.

The sound of her wet cunt being fucked filled the room as her master pistoned his cock in and out of her vagina. The fact that she was pregnant excited him and gave a thrilling boost to his desire.

Her mouth slurped and gobbled at the doctor's cock and she took it deep into her throat to lick at his cum heavy cods as they pressed up to her chin. The doctor moaned and began to rut at her mouth, exciting her because she knew he was about to feed her hot semen. The stiff cock in her mouth began to swell slightly and she sucked diligently at it and was rewarded with hot cum spewing into her hungry mouth. She sucked and gulped the hot cream down as the doctor moaned in ecstasy at her expert sucking.

Her master plowed her cunt, getting off watching his slave suck the cock and eat the cum of a stranger on his orders. His cock rejoiced too, pumping in the hot cunt clasped around it, the slickness urging him to fuck deeper into his slave. His slave...the words thrilled him. The knowledge that he had had her bred like an animal and it had taken was very pleasing to him. He thrust hard wanting to abuse her pussy and make her grunt. The camera recorded it all as the sexual cow slave serviced the men.

The doctor finished pumping his spunk into the greedy mouth of the cow and withdrew to sit, panting, out of the line of filming. She licked her lips clean of cum and began to moo hoping to please her master as he fucked her. She knew her master wanted her to do so for the tape.

Her master felt his cum begin to rise as he heard his human cow mooing as he liked and he pumped her cunt furiously until he felt himself begin to erupt. He quickly removed his cock and jacked its hot load into a bowl. Laughing he placed the bowl on the floor just out of her reach and made her beg for it by mooing as he focused the camera on her actions. Finally he allowed the woman to lap his cum up. When she had finished feeding on the bowl of cum her master turned the camera off and returned her to her stall as the doctor watched.

"You keep her stalled all the time?"

"Only when I am busy elsewhere or at work".

"Nice set up. She fuck that dildo?"

"Oh yeah, just about every time she's milked. Sucks the water cock too. I have it all on tape, I keep a camera on her to make sure she is complying. I plan on splicing some film of her being milked with some of the film we just made. I want to generate some use for her, maybe make some bucks. I have her to the point where she knows that getting to suck cock is an honor and a reward. She wants to suck cock so bad these days that she is afraid not to do what I ask."

"No kidding. Boy, she was easy to train."

"Yeah, she's a cum slut for sure. Loves it, craves cum and cock, and now that she's pregnant I am gonna keep her fucked good. I 'm gonna film the delivery and her regular milkings too. After she delivers I plan to get all the milk I please, and then some too."

"You still thinking of breeding her again after she births?"

"Yeah, but I want to do it differently next time. The more I humiliate her the better I like it. I have an idea that maybe you will be interested in."

"What's the idea?"

"Having a breeding party about four months or so after she has delivered. I want to milk her out for at least four months, maybe six. Then I plan on getting lots of bull and male sub owners to bring their subs and bulls to breed her publicly. At a party, you know, and take bets on which bull will last longest, which will knock her up, stuff like that."

"Great idea. I'll bring my bull for sure. I bet he is the one to get her knocked up. Got a line on any other bulls in the area yet?"

"Not yet but I am working on it. Gotta be discreet you know."

"Got that right."

She listened, still half in shock at the news that she was pregnant. The men's plan for breeding her again was stunning her. She foresaw her breasts long and pendulous with milk from long term milking and multiple pregnancies. She was on her way to becoming a permanent human cow, used for breeding and milking, leaving her life as a human behind her forever.

Time and her master's plans would tell.


The chiming clock signaled the half hour. She glanced up and saw that her owner would be home within a few minutes and she crawled on her hands and knees, her pregnant belly swaying, to the door to meet him. She heard the sound of his car in the driveway and she positioned herself by the door.

He whistled as he headed up the walk to his door. His day had been long and he was tired, it would be good to sit back and relax. He smiled to himself recalling the sight he had seen downtown as he headed to the garage to get his car and his related plans for the evening.

There had been two mongrel dogs at the head of an alley. They stood tail to tail, both looking forlorn and a bit scared, the bitch was held fast to the dog by his swollen cock and knot in her vagina after they had mated. He grinned as he looked at them. He knew the bitch would be held fast for at least 5 to 10 minutes before the dog's cock and knot deflated enough for her to escape him.

Their predicament gave him an idea and he nodded his head as he moved on to get his car. His cow slave had bored him lately and he wanted a new amusement. He had had her suck and fuck many men for him but he wanted a new slant on uses for her. The idea he had just concocted was great. He was pleased with himself and looked forwards to getting home now.

Master made a few calls on his cellular as he headed home through traffic. He spoke animatedly into the phone, his loud laughs turned the heads of the drivers and passengers of neighboring cars. He winked lewdly at an older woman who chanced to look at him. She sniffed and turned her head and he sped away as the light turned green....

He reached his door and heard a soft scuffling inside as his key turned in the lock. He swung the door open and gazed at his pregnant woman/cow who met him at the door, naked and on all fours. She was totally his now and he used her mercilessly, having her suck and fuck his friends when the whim hit him. She was submissive almost to a point of failing and he had lately begun to think of her more as an animal than a human.

He reached down and absently tousled her hair as she nosed eagerly at his crotch.

"Okay, okay, girl...let me put my briefcase down."

He threw the briefcase on the side table in the foyer and again tousled her short reddish brown hair as she nuzzled at his groin. He opened the drawer of the table and took out a short light chain. She arched her neck offering the collar for him to snap the lead to but instead he bent and sought her milk heavy dangling breasts.

He passed the chain around the base of her long swollen left teat and clasped it forming a breast binding loop with the chain's end in his hand. He gave a light jerk and pulled her away from his crotch, she winced but remained silent. He tugged the chain, pulling her breast and drew her after him to the back door. He looked out to make sure no landscapers or maintenance men were in the yard. After he was sure of his privacy he pulled the cow by her newly fashioned tit leash in the yard. She scrambled after him smartly, her cow bell tinkling.

In the center of the yard she hurried, pulling as far ahead of him as possible, her big belly and breasts swaying obscenely beneath her. She headed to the small grove of trees at the back of the large enclosed lot. Her master followed, musing about his plans for the evening. She reached the trees and looked up at him in askance. He smiled again and said, "Go on, girl, get finished. I'm tired and I want to rest...don't take all day about it."

He jerked the chain and tethered her to a stake planted firmly in the ground. He went back inside. She obediently squatted and began to urinate, knowing he was watching her from the window. After she finished she turned and began to move slightly away from the urine. She squatted again and defecated on the ground. She then moved towards an area behind the trees where she waited patiently for her master to return.

When he came back out she crawled to him and kissed his shoes.

"Good girl, good cow, moo for me now."

The woman mooed loudly, flushing in shame and he grinned and tugged her leash as he headed back to the house. She wanted to please him and tried valiantly to match his stride as she scrambled beside him on her hands and knees, her breasts and belly swinging heavily as she hurried along.

They reached the back door and he reached down and turned the hose on and sprayed the dregs of her voidings from her cunt and asshole. He then used a rough towel to dry her and unclasped the lead and allowed his cow to crawl on ahead of him into the house. He entered after her and went into the den and mixed himself a drink.

He flopped into an easy chair and unzipped his pants, extracting his flaccid cock. The woman was there in an instant. She buried her head in his lap and inhaled loudly as he pulled his pants down and gave her access to his cock and sweaty balls. He patted her head and said, "Go on get your supper...if you're good I have a treat for you later..."

She eagerly fumbled at his cock with her mouth till she managed to insert it and began to suck him hungrily. His cock quickly began to stiffen under her greedy sucking. He leaned back as she nursed and pulled at his thick cock.

He enjoyed the fact that she loved to eat cum for him and that he had trained her to depend on sucking his cock for her evening meal. He felt his balls tighten as he contemplated the evening ahead. She made a surprised sound as his thick creamy cum began to spurt into her hungry mouth sooner than usual. She slurped and gobbled at his cock, gulping the thick creamy fluid down, swallowing his cum with relish.

He pushed her off of him and pulled his pants back up and zipped them. She looked frustrated but quietly finished swallowing the cum in her mouth. A few droplets glistened on her lips and she eagerly lapped them off.

"Good girl."

He walked out of the den with her following him. She trailed him into the kitchen where he made a thick roast beef sandwich and sat down at the table to eat it. She crept closer and began brazenly nuzzling his crotch again. He slapped at her sharply and said, "No!" she backed away chastened and shamed.

He gazed at her critically. Her swollen udders hung, the left one heavy and red from his tugging on her leash. She sat back before him, perched on her heels with her hands planted on the floor beside her feet. Her distended belly hung between her thighs, her navel beginning to protrude outwards. She looked at him anxiously. He eyed her cunt, it looked swollen and damp, the lips parted slightly. Her cunthole gaped a bit and her clit was visible, a small pinkish nugget at the top of her slit.

He reached out with his foot and prodded her cunt with the toe of his shoe. She thrust her hips forwards as best she could, taking the toe of his shoe into her vagina and pumping it slowly and awkwardly.

He smiled but then wrinkled his forehead and looked closer at her teats after removing his shoe from her cunt. Just as he suspected, she had been at them again. The pregnancy darkened nipples were too swollen and elongated to indicate mere excitement. He called her over and began rolling her nipples between his fingers.

"Been sucking your tits again, huh, girl?"

He jerked her swollen nipples sharply, reveling in her pained whine. She looked stolidly at the floor and nodded slowly. He continued to pull and twist her teats till she squirmed under his fingers.

"Moo" she moaned in her throat, " Moooooooo..."

He knew she wanted, no, she needed to be milked or suckled. He had taken her off the timed milking machine as suggested by the doctor. The doc said that at this point extended milking three or four times a day would get him more milk. Frequent short intense milkings would stimulate milk production better after the birth. But she had problems adjusting to the reduced milking, her udders became swollen and tender and she had been caught sucking her own nipples more than once. He had punished her for that by using nipple guards to keep her from doing it. That had worked. He had since removed the guards wanting to see her dark swollen "udders" at all times but apparently he would have to replace them.

He kept pulling her nips as he glanced at the clock on the kitchen wall, almost 6pm, good. He smiled at her and massaged her teats roughly, stimulating her to the point of madness he knew.

"I might have a treat for you, girl...don't worry"

She whined, her breasts throbbing in pain with the need to be milked but she obediently allowed him to continue to torture her nipples. He owned her.

VII - Master's Amusement

The doorbell caused her to start and he dropped her throbbing nipples and hurried to answer it. She waited for his command to hide or come out as she heard him greet someone and compliment them on what they had brought.

Her nipples stung and burned from his tugging and the throb in her teats was too much so she disobediently lifted one and began to milk and suck it quietly for relief as she tried to discern what he was doing. She tasted her warm sweet milk as she cocked her head, listening for clues as to who this visitor was. She heard a strange male voice in conversation with her master. Her mouth stopped sucking her nipple, perhaps it was someone for her to suck. Her master had provided friends' cocks for her to suck before. Maybe that was his surprise!

Master called her in. She hurriedly scrambled into the room on her hands and knees. She stopped short looking at the huge great Dane standing at attention on a lead held by a stranger. The stranger looked at her, inspecting her with his eyes. The stranger turned to Master and said, "May I?"

Master nodded and took the dog's lead from the man. The man approached her and she cowered away from him slightly but when she felt his firm authoritative hand on her back stroking her she settled. He stroked for a bit then began to examine her while talking to Master.

"I am pretty careful about what I breed Jumbo with you know, he's a champion."

She looked anxiously from the Great Dane to her grinning master while the stranger felt along her back as if searching for abnormalities. He then began examining her breasts, hefting them and massaging them gently. She quivered under his expert fingers and hands. He stripped her nipples, "Milky already? That's good. You'll have a fine milk cow here."

Master proudly nodded his head, "I was quite careful when I selected her. She was lactating from self milking alone but not enough, that's why I had her bred. She'll give milk now. I've had her on hormones to facilitate her milk production. That's why she's agitated, it's milking time and she needs to be milked." The stranger nodded, pleased, "Good, we can take care of that later or maybe sooner." He moved his strong hands back to her flanks, probing her vagina, feeling for tightness and elasticity.

"Good tight cunt, you must not use it too much."

Master shook his head, "No, she has been trained to eat cum mostly. She is a good cock sucker." The man smiled, very pleased. "Excellent, then Jumbo will have a better time"

The stranger got up and led the Dane over to her. She quivered with fear as the huge dog approached her. The stranger stopped the dog with his flank by her head and glanced conspiratorially towards Master.

"A well trained cocksucker, eh? Let's see how she does with this then."

He glanced up and grinned at Master as he knelt and began to gently jack the Dane's furry cock sheath. The red tip of the dog's cock soon emerged. Master stepped forward and began to pull her nipples while the stranger held the back of her head and guided her mouth to the dog's stiff red cock. He rubbed her lips on the sticky head of the dog dick.

She felt sickened having the dog's cock on her lips but her Master's training was deeply ingrained and as her nipples were pulled she felt herself helplessly begin to salivate and making sucking movements with her mouth. She felt the hunger and lust to suck cock overtake her and she quickly began to suck the big dog's dick.

The Dane moaned and his penis grew, stretching out of his sheath as her hungry mouth suckled and pulled on his thick red cock. The men watched the human cow suckle the dog's cock deeper into her mouth. Master dropped her teats as she became immersed in sucking dog cock.

"Hey...look at her suck that dog cock! I knew I had her trained to suck any cock I gave her but I hadn't had her suck a dog before. I'm glad she's going for it, now that's cool to see," Master said excitedly. He grabbed his cock and balls and exaggeratedly adjusted them.

"This will give me a break, ha ha."

"Well, if she likes cum, she'll like this."

The stranger explained to Master, " Dogs start cumming as soon as they get hard. They cum all along till they finally ejaculate fully."

The slave felt the huge dog's cock grow and fill her hungry mouth. The fact that it was a dog she was sucking no longer mattered, she just wanted to suck cock and eat cum. She was still hungry. She tasted the salty fluid that leaked constantly from the Dane's cock as she sucked him and she gulped it greedily, sucking harder, wanting more.

The two men watched the pregnant cow avidly suckle and slurp at the huge red dog cock. The crotch of the stranger's pants began to bulge as he eyed her pulsing wet cunt with its big protruding dark lips between her legs.

"Well, we may as well get to it" he said gently pulling her hungry mouth from the dog's big dick. She strained after the hanging red dog cock as the stranger pulled it from her lips. She mooed in frustration as the man led the Dane behind her, she felt him guide the dog's hot cock to her cunt. She spread her legs and arched her back presenting her cunt for fucking as she had been trained to do. Her belly protruded even more by her action and she shyly looked to Master, who nodded his approval. The stranger guided the dog's stiff cock into her cunt and the Dane whined and began to hump her slowly. The man stood back and watched as his Great Dane gained momentum, fucking the woman, breeding her cunt for all he was worth. The dog's lips flapped and drool fell to her back below him.

Master looked on at the huge red dog cock plunging in and out of his slave's cunt. He was pleased to see the swell of the dog's cock knot become apparent. He watched happily as she strained to have it enter her cunt. She pushed backwards onto it to, her cunt lips flaring with her effort to her Master's delight.

"Hey, look at that pregnant cow go for that dog cock," Master said as the knot finally slipped into her cunt.

The Dane hunched furiously, making huffing sounds with each thrust. The stranger moved in front of her and pulled his cock out as he knelt before her. He jacked it in front of her face, waving it invitingly. She grunted and took his cock eagerly, suckling it hungrily. He pumped and thrust himself into her greedy mouth as the Dane humped her cunt. Her head bobbed in rhythm with the Dane's thrusts in her cunt as she suckled the stranger's stiff cock.

"Unnnhhhhh...she's a good cocksucker" the stranger moaned as she gobbled his cock avidly.

She was mewling pleadingly as she suckled him. He moaned again and hunched his hips towards her greedy mouth. He looked down as he began to cum and pulled his cock from her mouth. he laughed as she whined loudly as she watched him shoot his cum into his palm. He held it out and she began to feed from his hand on the hot cum. He intentionally dribbled a bit on the floor and laughed again as she bent her elbows and began to lick it up greedily.

The man turned and smiled at Master, "She's definitely a cum eater...good work, Lex, you've trained her well." The man pulled away and stood, zipping his trousers. He and Lex watched the Dane finish up on the slave, eyeing the huge red dog cock piston in and out of her cunt. She arched her back and tipped her cunt up to give him better access.

Their amusement was made complete by her movements to accommodate the big dog's thrusting cock. Afterwards they chuckled and pointed as she realized she could not get the huge dog cock out of her cunt.

"Get a load of that," Master laughed to his friend, "She's hung up on the knot, no getting that cock out of her snatch!"

She struggled against the huge dog's cock and knot locked in her cunt, mooing plaintively, but she could not free herself. She was humiliated, stuck with the male dog, his cock and knot bent back and lodged irretrievably in her vagina. She was ashamed and scared but she couldn't help herself. The Dane stood calmly behind her, often turning to lick at his captive cock. She tried again to pull away from the spent Dane but to no avail. The dog moved with her. She was caught and held fast by his swollen knot.

The stranger turned to Master, "You considered breeding her again? I mean getting her knocked up right away for more milk in her tits?"

Master nodded, thinking of his plan for the breeding party, "Yes, that's my plan, but I want to use an amusing concept, something fun. I thought about letting my yard boy breed her. He's black and I've heard they have huge cocks and are pretty fertile. I also thought about having a certified 'bull' or a good sub male to breed her".

The stranger nodded, "Well, if you do I have a line on quite a few 'bulls' for you. I know quite a few "bull' owners and I also know plenty who will pay for her milk, as long as they can milk her themselves, or suck her in some cases."

Master rubbed his hands together, pleased, " Good deal." He described his breeding party idea to the stranger who happily endorsed the plan and agreed help distribute the completed video tape to prospects.

"Now about the milking," he asked Master," You want her hand milked and sucked regularly, right? You'll get better milk production like that. I may be able to help with that too."

Master asked "Enough to milk or suck her every 3 to 4 hours? I want to see how much milk I can make her produce. I want to get her bags as big and her nipples as long as possible. Than I want to keep her in full milk after she's reached peak production, that will take a lot of sucking and milking"

"No problem...we'll get her milked and suckled good. I have a stall in my barn where we can hold her for daily milking sessions. Pretty discreet, no one will know unless we tell them."

"Way cool. Say, you got other animals we can breed her with for fun?"

"As a matter of fact I took the liberty to have my stable man make some available for us tonight. You'll also see why we don't have to worry about her being milked regularly and her producing as much as she can, as much as you want."

Master nodded and grinned, looking expectantly at the man who was making a call on his cellular phone.

Within two minutes the doorbell rang again causing the woman to look about wildly and try to scramble behind a chair. Master started and looked at the stranger who said, "It's okay, should be the stable man. I had him park down the street to wait for my call if you were interested." Master nodded and caught his slave by the hair and held her in the open. He wanted the hired man to see her like this, the Dane's cock still lodged in her cunt.

The stranger went to the door and opened it. A dirty seedy looking man came in leading two baby pigs on ropes. "This the place?" he asked. He looked at the woman and dog hooked together and chuckled "Yep, guess it is." He came towards the woman and she shied wildly but could not avoid him. The Dane stood solidly, patiently waiting for his cock's release from her cunt.

"Say, she's pretty good and knocked up. How far along is she?"

"About 6 months," said Master.

The seedy man came closer and began crooning, "It's okay little lady. I got something for you. Looks like you need milking. Yeah, them big titties is full of hot milk. Come're to Daddy, let your Daddy milk your titties for you, baby. Come on an' give your Daddy some milk. Daddy's gonna pull your nipples an' get him some milk. Yeah, there ya go, give your Daddy some milk."

He knelt beside her and began pulling at her teats with experienced hands. She mooed helplessly with pleasure. Her breasts were full of the day's milk generated by Master's hormones and her pregnancy. They hung, full and heavy, swollen.

The feeling of the man's coarse hands pulling her darkened nipples was soothing but rough as he rhythmically pumped her breasts. Master watched getting more excited as the man expertly stripped her tits and nipples, milking her like the cow Master intended her to be. Soon the milking caused her milk to drip slowly from the ends of her nipples.

The stable man reached around and brought a piglet up and rubbed a milky nipple on its pink mouth. The piglet took the nipple and began to root and suckle at her breast. She mooed gratefully and he quickly fed her other teat to the other piglet. She felt the hungry animals suckling her long sensitive nipples and she began to hunch herself back towards the Dane as if urging him to mount her again.

The seedy man watched her try to entice the Dane for a moment and grinned. "Hell she can't get enough cock can she?" he remarked. He adjusted her position so the pigs could suckle her nipples better and said, "Be right back" and he looked over his shoulder at the scene as he went back out the door.

Master grinned at the dog's owner, the stranger, pointing to the woman as she writhed in pleasure of being suckled. Master and the stranger smiled at each other as the Dane's cock finally slid free of her vagina. She mewled pitifully arching her back and presented her dog cum dripping cunt unashamedly for more use.

The stranger led the Dane to her head and took her by the hair and had her lick the dog cock clean as the Dane whimpered due to the sensitivity in his still swollen organ. She licked the long red cock eagerly. Then the seedy man came back in leading a small pony stallion.

She noticed the animal's entrance out of the corner of her eye and shoved her buttocks in front of the stallion, jamming his nose into her cunt. Master stepped forwards gently moving the Dane away from her hungry mouth and easily pulled the horse away from her cunt. He led the horse up to her head and jacked its big cock, feeling it begin to stiffen and protrude from the animal's sheath. He held it out for her to suckle.

She eyed the huge flared pony cock but quickly fitted her mouth around the head. She stuffed her mouth with it to suck as the piglets nursed and rooted at her aching teats. Master arranged two strong hassocks on either side of the woman, trapping the teat sucking pigs beneath. The pigs ignored the hassocks and continued to suck hungrily on her milky nipples.

The three men watched as she sucked the pony stallion as greedily as she had the dog and the stranger. The stranger removed a camera and began taking pictures of the woman with her lips locked on the pony's cock.

"This is for advertising purposes. This will get some guys interested in what we will have to offer later, believe me!"

She continued sucking hungrily. The pony cock filled her mouth and her cheeks bulged as she pulled and sucked on the horse cock. The seedy man moved behind her.

"Kin I fuck her too?" he asked Master and his boss.

"Go ahead, feel free" Master answered.

The seedy man unzipped his pants and pulled his thick dick out and introduced the head into her gaping cunt. She pushed her cunt back onto his cock and he began to fuck her eager cunt deeply, moaning, "Yeah, baby, fuck your Daddy, fuck your Daddy's cock."

Master pulled his cock from his shorts and began to slowly jack its thick length, positioning himself where the woman could see him easily. He stroked his hard cock and its veins stood out powerfully. He saw her eyes focus and remain on his cock as she sucked awkwardly to the pony cock. He looked at the camera wielding stranger, who was also jacking his own rejuvenated hard cock as he clicked away with the camera.

The two men stood jacking their cocks idly as they watched the woman being fucked hard by the seedy man and being used by the animals he had supplied.

The pigs grunted and squealed as they nursed and pulled on the cow's breasts and nipples. She mooed in her throat as she sucked the pony cock. The seedy man came in her cunt and quickly led the pony around to fuck her cunt hole.

The Dane now looked on again with interest. He approached her face and she pushed her head under his flank. The men grunted with approval as she began to suck the dog's cock again, this time without any prompting.

"Got to get me a couple of male dogs I guess. Looks like she's going to be a kennel slut," Master chortled as he jacked himself watching his cow avidly suck the dog's cock.

The seedy man looked on in awe at the pregnant human cow sucking the dog's red dick freely. He had never seen a woman suck dog cock without being coerced in some way, either by money or threat of pain. The dog soon began hunching her mouth like a bitch cunt as she sucked him hungrily. The pony stallion was plunging his huge cock in and out of the froth in her cunt the best he could, grunting and making small whinnying noises, his front hooves braced on the two solid hassocks on either side of her. The 2 pigs, rooted and sucked at her teats, milk dribbling from their suckling mouths, spotting the carpet.

The seedy man's cock stirred again and he quickly began jacking it along side Master, and the stranger. The Dane fucked wildly at the woman's face trying to force his knot past her lips as he ejaculated filling her mouth with gouts of dog cum that she swallowed hungrily. The pony whinnied and also came in huge gouts, flooding her cunt as she bucked under him trying to get all of his gigantic cock inside her. The pony's cock finally fell from her cunt and hung limp and dripping.

The slave sucked the Dane till he whined and refused to be suckled any more and then she turned and began to frantically mouth the pony stallion's cock after licking up the horse cum that had dripped to the floor. The pigs scrambled, squealing, after her hanging udders, eager for more milk.

One by one the men took turns and fed the cum starved woman's mouth their cocks as the pigs drained her heavy breasts. She sucked them all as one by one they ejaculated into her needy mouth. Her belly was distended with the child she carried and cum she'd eaten. The pigs, having finally emptied her udders of milk, let them go and snuffled around the room.

The slave collapsed to the floor and immediately passed out, satiated and content. She was secure in her master's knowing and fulfilling her needs so well. He was a good master, she only hoped she had pleased him. She thought, as she fell asleep, of the how she could continue to please him in the future.


She was very nervous and awkward walking in high heels as her owner guided her to the car. She had been confused and scared when her owner had laid out a new long wool coat and her old shoes from the hotel room long ago. He forced her upright, onto her feet, and began dressing her. He reassured her and promised that she would return, that she was too valuable a milk cow to get rid of. She had relaxed and placidly stood still while he dressed her. He placed the coat over her naked body and gave her milk-swollen nipples a few sharp tweaks. As he attended to his own toilette she mused on what had happened to her.

The birth had gone easily, the camera filming her loud moos of pain and the contractions that racked her body. The child had been delivered and quickly whisked away to an adoptive family who eagerly had awaited the result of her labor.

Using his friendship with the farmer her master had supplied two newborn piglets to immediately begin suckling her swollen teats on film after delivery. He later had placed four piglets with her as she was tied in her stall, lying on her side recuperating. They had taken turns at her teats. Sucking her almost constantly, voraciously, causing her milk supply to grow rapidly.

After a month she looked as she had imagined she would, her breasts long and pendulous with long dark nipples from the constant sucking. Her master enioyed her appearance and often commented favorably to his weekend guests about her "long milk tits" and graciously offering them the opportunity to suckle or milk her during their stay. Most took him up on his offer and she was subjected to inexperienced hands awkwardly milking her or strange mouths sucking her teats as her master and his friends watched and laughed at her as she mooed and complied with his wishes.

Monday through Friday, while her master worked, she was kept stalled at J--'s barn as he had promised her Master. There J-- allowed her to be milked and sucked by paying customers he had solicited through specialty magazines and discreet advertising.

Often J--'s customers paid extra to see her allow piglets and other animals suck her milky nipples. For a few dollars more, J would have one of his assorted studs breed her for the customer's amusement. She had been publicly bred by ponies, dogs, goats, and, on one memorable occasion, a boar hog.

But the main reason for her to be there was for her to be suckled into producing a large and ready milk supply in her long heavy breasts. When business was slow he permitted any of the farm animals in the suckling stage to suck on her dugs. She had ended up being nursed by many animals and as a result her milk supply had grown and was firmly established. She could not go a few hours or more without milking. Her master was thrilled with the cow-like volume of the milk he expressed from her tits. If she had been allowed or had the need to wear a bra she would have worn a 36 DDD.

On this day, Saturday, Master buttoned up the long coat over her naked body and stashed the lead to her collar and bell inside the coat, leaving only the end protruding for him to hold as he walked her out of the house to the car.

Her nervousness was very evident. She had no idea of where he was taking her or what he intended to with her when he got her there. She quivered thinking of the breeding party she had heard him speak of so often. She imagined being publicly fucked/bred by men who did not care anything for her or their surroundings. Men much like the Great Dane that her master had first had her service when she was pregnant, there for nothing but mindless fucking of her cunt.

She had come to enjoy the amazement and awe her owner's friends expressed as she obediently sucked their cocks or took them vaginally while her owner watched. She enjoyed pleasing those men because they had seemed pleased by her. But the idea of being fucked by men who could have cared less about her and were just performing to please their own master's shamed and humiliated her.

The car headed downtown as she gazed dazedly out the window. Master's right hand slipped into her coat and pulled at her nipples, taking her immediately into a state of sexual need. The passing cars heightened her humiliation and when they pulled up to a red light Master brazenly bared her breasts so that all could see him tease the long dark nipples.

The man in the car next to them stared, his mouth hanging open with wonder and shock as he watched her master's fingers easily coax milk from her teats. She hung her head in shame as her master's laughter echoed in the car. The man made a jacking off motion and grinned. Her master jerked his head toward a parking lot ahead and the other driver nodded and pulled in behind them.

Master wheeled the car into the lot and parked towards the back. The other driver followed and quickly got out of his car and approached.

"What's the deal here, huh?" the man asked.

"Well, for one, my cow here needs milking. You want to give it a shot?"

"Cow, huh? Don't look like no cow I ever saw."

She looked anxiously at her master as the man reached out and gave a tentative squeeze to her long milk heavy breast. Master quickly slid the seat back and commanded her to assume her usual all fours position.

"Yeah, she's a cow all right. I own her," her master said, pointing to the crude brand on her ass. The man looked and read the words "Milk cow" imbedded in the flesh.

"Well, I'll be damned, and you want me to milk her for you?"

"You bet I do. I like to see other guys pull her tits."

"Okay, bud, I'll give it a try. I ain't never milked a cow before though"

The man knelt on one knee on the floorboard and began to pull awkwardly at her breasts. Her master placed a metal bowl under her hanging teats and her milk soon began to squirt and dribble into the bowl as the man began to get the hang of milking her.

"Wow, lady, you are full of milk aren't ya?"

She mooed and the man looked quizzically at her master.

"She moos?"

"Yeah, she's a cow. I only allow her to moo."

The man's hands tugged at her nipples and he watched her milk squirt out as he pulled and squeezed them.

"Too cool. You own her huh? How'd ya manage that?"

"Well, you know all that stuff you hear about the Internet? It could be true. That's where I got her."

"No shit?! Man, I gotta get me a computer!"

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