janey's boast
by Philip Harris

Janey was at John's apartment at 6:30 precisely. She was terrified of the promise she'd made, but she'd offered this, begging him for it, and now, despite her fears, she wasn't about to be late and miss her one chance.

"Hi John," she said when he answered the doorbell, smiling to him as bravely as she could force herself to do. "I'm here, just as I promised you; to do what I promised you I'd do."

"What I wanted to . . ." she started to say as he let her inside . . .

"Take your clothes of first," he interrupted her. "We'll talk for as long as you want to, all night if you can, but not until you start doing it."

"Yes John," Janey answered, starting to unbutton her blouse even though she was still in the apartment entranceway.

"The pants first," John directed.

"Yes John," she said, taking off her sandals, and quickly removing her jeans. Then she took off her blouse. She knew that he meant for her to take off her panties before her blouse, but she'd bought this sexy black underwear just for this moment, and she wanted him to see it.

She spread her arms apart, and spun in a quick pirouette to show off her body for him. She'd practiced this spin in her underwear for an hour before a mirror this afternoon.

"Are you really going to do it?" John asked. Janey thought he was impatient.

Janey was a very small woman. She was 18 years old and had been very much in love with John ever since they were in the first grade together. But Janey's body was as tiny as a 14-year-old's. She had been small right from the start, and had developed very little as she grew up. Janey knew that she looked better in her underwear than she did naked, and she wanted to show herself to him like this some more. But she had made a boast--a promise--and doing it successfully was her only hope of ever winning John for herself.

So Janey took off her underwear, and showed herself naked for John.

This was the first time that any boy had ever seen Janey naked. Of course all the boys in town knew what she looked like naked, because in high school the other girls had seen her in the showers during gym class and had gossiped about her to the boys. There had even been caricature drawings of her naked in some of the high school bathrooms.

It became worse when she started modeling. The other high school girls had resented her for going to modeling school, but the modeling had only been because Janey had wanted to learn how to look her best with what little she had.

The only modeling job she'd gotten had been some underwear ads for a local department shore, modeling junior miss underwear. When those pictures appeared in the newspaper, clipped-out copies showed up all over school, with rude things drawn on her picture.

But Janey did know how to look pretty good in underwear, and so she was sorry that John made her strip quickly.

The ordeal of high school had ended a year ago, but Janey had never been a college-level student, and so she still lived with her parents in the same town where she'd grown up, the same town where everybody knew about her body and had seen her only in underwear.

John looked at Janey's naked body, but he didn't make any comment about her, or complement her, or touch her.

"Come into the kitchen, " John said, "where the light is good."

Janey's tits were small. There was barely enough of them to cup in small her hands. She had little mounds, just enough to give her a slight shape. Some fat boys had tits that were bigger. Her areolas puffed out strangely, as though they'd grown too fast and were waiting for the rest of her to catch up. And in a hideous joke, nature had given her nipples that poked up constantly.

"Rubber Nips," the mean girls at school had called her. Her nipples were always obvious. There was no way she could hide them beneath the tiny, girlish bras that where her size.

All of Janey's body was small. She stood two inches below five feet tall, and her waist was so narrow and her figure so devoid of curves that she had to wear clothes made for early-teen girls.

The only thing that looked adult about Janey was her straight, black hair. She had raven hair, as black as coal. She wore it beautifully on her child-like head, and she made up her face expertly, painting her lips crimson for contrast with her hair. Janey spent most of her paychecks on good hair and skin care, good clothes, and on quality cosmetics. She honestly tried to look as beautiful as she possibly could, and she sincerely felt that, in clothes that worked with her figure, she succeeded.

But here, naked for John, she knew that she looked like a little girl playing at being a grownup. She wished John had let her wear the underwear a while longer. It had been expensive--a special order--women's sexy lingerie, and in her small size.

"Sit on this chair," John said, pulling a chair out from under the kitchen table for her.

Janey sat down on the chair, her flat ass grateful for the vinyl-covered seat padding. She had thought that he'd want to have her in a bed, or on a rug on the floor.

"Hook your feet in back of the chair legs," John said.

Janey complied. This felt weird, not entirely as sexy as she'd had hoped for. This was more like a doctor's examination. John was in control of her, and she didn't want that. She reminded herself that she'd come her to seduce him with an overt show of sexual willingness and a display of capability.

"Well that looks pretty good," John said, looking directly at her pussy, "Do you shave it?" Janey squirmed, and felt like turning away, although she'd dreamed of this a thousand times.

"I shaved it for tonight," she admitted. "Tonight was the first time I've ever shaved it. Did I do it okay?" she asked.

"I'll bet it looks good with your black hair," he said.

"I can grow it back," Janey quickly defended, feeling hurt.

"Oh, of course," John said, as if that hadn't occurred to him. He was looking between her legs, not up at Janey's face at all. After a pause he said, "well okay, you know what you boasted!" He said that as if he were just talking about a bar bet.

"Uh, I left it in my pants pocket," Janey said.

"Go ahead and start without it," John said. Janey put her fingers between her legs, and started stroking between her pussy lips. She'd wanted to start with baby oil, since she'd promised so much, but now she discovered a surprising readiness in herself.

Janey and John worked together at a convenience story. Karen worked there too. Karen, with her jumbo melon breasts. Karen had no right to John, Janey thought, she'd only been after him since middle school. Janey had wanted him before she'd even known what sexual desire felt like.

But since middle school, Karen had been there. Through the years, Karen's boobs had risen like loaves of bread, while Janey's tits had been slow to appear, and had quit trying early on. Only her pea-sized "Eveready's"--that was the other nickname that girls like Karen had for Janey' nipples--seemed to be putting in effort.

"You are pretty good, so far," John said suddenly, interrupting Janey's thoughts. "It's seven o'clock now," he said, indicating the kitchen clock. "If you can last until 11 o'clock then you get what you want."

"Eleven?" Janey said, alarmed!

"You said all evening. Can't you do it?"

"I can do it," Janey said defensively, secretly doubting herself. She really was very experienced at this, but she'd never done four hours straight!

Janey was masturbating for John is his new apartment, the cause of this crisis. John had moved out of his parent's house earlier this month, into this apartment, and he wanted a roommate to help pay the rent.

Janey had asked first, to be John's roommate. Karen had asked after her. "You'll split her tiny cunt in half," Janey had overheard Karen tell him at work. That's had led to an outburst by Janey in defense of her sexual readiness. There had been more catty remarks by Karen, and the accusation that Janey was still a virgin because she was too small to fuck.

John looked at Janey strangely when he heard that, as if he believed it, and that made Janey really angry.

"I've been dildoing myself nightly since I was twelve," Janey had foolishly admitted to them. "I can take anything John has, and I can take it for hours!"

Some laughing last words from Karen, about Janey "wearing out in five minute with a pencil" had really upset Janey. She went to John privately and offered him demonstration of her endurance. She made up the bet herself: she would dildo for a whole evening for him, if he would take her as his roommate.

And so here she was, to prove she could do it!

Within three minutes, Janey came. She opened her mouth and let out a string of "ah, ah, ah's," worried at having climaxed so soon, but thrilled that she'd finally cum with John watching, a fantasy that she had climaxed to in private a thousand times in the past.

This had been Janey's fantasy since young girlhood--that John would make her do this--judging her fitness for womanhood based upon her solo sexual endurance. To this fantasy, Janey had practiced, practiced, practiced.

"Wow! Can you really keep cumming like that?" John asked, "As many times as you want?"

"I . . . I think so," Janey gasped, "I . . . I've done it before. Lots!" But she had to admit that this was different, with John watching her closely, not giving her a moment's rest. But she had done it for him lots of times solo. She had trained herself to do this for him.

Janey switched to penetrating herself with her fingers, to give her clitoris a rest. That got his closer attention. John pulled up a chair and sat in front of her.

"Can you cum that way too?" he asked.

"Yes," Janey said, with a sexy gasp. "I will for you."

She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, throwing her head back and plunging her fingers faster. Her mouth opened again, and sounds of "oh, oh, oh," came from her for several minutes. Her tiny chest heaved quickly as she gasped for breath. She could do herself much faster than this, but she deliberately exaggerated her show for him, just as she'd always practiced and fantasized doing.

"Oh, oh, oh, ohohohohohohhoh ...." She bounced up and down on the chair seat while she came, but she kept her feet hooked behind the chair legs, as he'd told her too.

Masturbation was the only real sexual experience Janey had, like what she was doing for him now. Other girls her age could promise John more repertoire, but Janey knew she could promise him total willingness.

"I can do that much better with my dildo," she told him, after catching her breath.

"I'll get it for you," John said eagerly, his eyes lighting up. "It's okay if you want to take a break for a minute."

"Oh thank you!" Janey said, stopping her hand immediately, and feeling tremendous relief. But he was back with her clothes in just seconds, and Janey was stroking between her pussy lips again when he entered the room. She felt renewed vigor. She was winning him! She was going to do this thing and win John for herself. She was going to keep it up all night!

He stood before her and reached into the pockets of her tiny blue jeans. Oh god, that aroused her, seeing John's hands inside her clothes like that!

He took out two dildos: one a slender, metallic, blue vibrator, and the other a plastic, flesh-colored woman- sized machine. He placed them on the table next to Janey. Reaching into her pants' other pocket he found a plastic bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil, which he also placed on the table.

"Would you oil the little one for me please," Janey asked. "For a starter?"

"What . . . uh . . . do I do, just pour oil on it?" he asked, picking the blue dildo up and looking at it. But he was looking past it; his eyes fixed in fascination directly between Janey's legs.

"Oh no, you put the oil on your hands, and then you kind of, we'll, you know, you stroke it like a cock."

"Why don't you do that," he said, handing the dildo toward her.

Janey took the dildo with her left hand, and then paused for a moment, wondering what to do about her pussy stroking. She was reluctant to stop; feeling that stopping even for a moment would somehow make her lose her boast on a technicality.

"Would you turn the other one on and lay it down on my chair for me?" she asked him.

He picked up the big dildo and turned it on, setting it down between her legs on the chair, but he kept it held upright. That wasn't what Janey had wanted, but she accepted it. She unhooked her legs from the chair, half stood, and then half lowered herself directly down onto the big dildo. For several minutes she slid up and down on the big dildo, while oiling and stroking the smaller one.

Oh this was good; it felt like she was doing two of John at once! And she was so close to him, naked! His hand was holding the dildo she was riding! This was such a fantastic fantasy come true for her.

"Does that do any good, after you've had the big one in you?" John asked, after Janey had reseated herself again and started working with the slender dildo.

"I close up on it right away," she said, inserting the dildo inside her inside her pussy to show him, although she'd intended to use it around her clitoris first.

John looked very closely.

"Are you really still a virgin Janey," John asked, "I mean, aside from the dildos?" His eyes were as wide as saucers, as the blue dildo's shininess changed, exchanging the baby oil on its surface for the natural juice Janey made.

She loved that he couldn't seem to keep his eyes off of her pussy. He was fascinated with watching her play with herself. Yes this was so perfect!

"Uh . . . , huh," Janey admitted, forced by sexual pleasure to pause between her words. She was very embarrassed confessing to John that dildos were all she'd ever known, but she could never bring herself to lie to him.

"Then if I fuck you tonight, I mean if you can last, then I'll be your first?" he asked.

"Yes, John," she said, looking him in the eyes, "tonight you're going to be my first."

This led to a quickening of Janey's action. This time she tried giggling girlishly as she climaxed, but a moan tore out of her in the final moment, embarrassing her by turning her womanly sound into a crude, barnyard whinny.

"Sorry," she gasped, thinking that she should somehow apologies to John for her crudeness.

"It was good!" he said. "How did it feel like?"

"Good," was all she could think to say, as she continued masturbating. "I was thinking about that, about you fucking my virginity later tonight, when I came just then John," she said.

After a pause, he said a quiet, drawn out "good," but she couldn't tell if he was answering her, or just commenting on what she was then doing.

For several minutes neither of them said anything. John watched Janey intently as she used the small toy in dozens of ways that were intimately familiar to her, but which John was seeing for the first time ever, in real life and intimately close up.

She loved that he was enjoying this. Oh god this was so true to her fantasies!

At forty-five minutes past the hour, John said, "I thought you said that you could cum better with the dildo?"

Instantly Janey changed her stroke, moving faster, revealing before John her secret places for touching, but showing them too fast for him to learn. "Ah ah ah ah ah ahhhh," she screamed. She absolutely screamed! Her bare feet, no longer confined behind the chair legs, lifted and pounded on the floor repeatedly. Her whole, small body twisted and writhed in the chair.

"Oh, god, keep doing that!" John said, just as Janey was ready to bring herself down. With difficulty she redoubled her efforts, spontaneously crying, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" as she plunged the dildo in and out of her tiny pussy faster than John could see.

He stood up quickly and walked behind Janey's chair, reaching around her and clasping her small chest with his hands. Brushing her cheek with his, he looked over her shoulder and down between her legs, pulling her tiny body backward hard against him, squeezing her tiny tits so cruelly that it felt to her as if he was trying to tear them off.

"Come on, baby! Cum on! More. You can give more!" he urged.

Janey redoubled her efforts again. God yes this was a good cum! She loved doing this for him, doing this for John. And he liked her doing it!

She tried to kiss his cheek, but ended up biting it in a gush of passion. She pressed her body back against the chair, back against him. She pressed her cheek to his, only to feel him nudge her head out of his way to ensure himself a clear downward view. Janey's mouth opened wide, she bared her teeth like an animal on the attack. The high screams and bizarre sighs of her climax cries sounded savage, bestial and tortured.

Gradually her frenetic pace subsided. She still moaned sexually, genuinely, making little, repeated noises in the back of her throat, noises that until tonight had been secret, private sounds heard only by her. She was exhausted, and started to slowing herself toward a calm, maintenance dildoing.

"Just five more minutes will make it one hour Baby," John said to her. He was still gripping her tits with fierce possession. She'd had no idea that he was so strong. She quickened again, crying from the torture of the effort, and the splendor of knowing that she was giving sexually to his demands.

"One more minute," he coached. "Do it faster. Finish the hour with your best for me Janey!"

"Oh," she cried plaintively, but quickened, as he'd directed. She wanted to fall from the chair, but was pinned fast in her seat by his demanding arms, his grabbing hands. Her effort was desperate, but she was staring to slow.

"Don't disappoint me Baby," he said, and that was all the urging she needed to take her through the top of the hour in the most splendid sexual surrender she'd ever known. Her sex cries became sonic. She stopped dildoing, simply pressing the vibrating forcer against her clit, pressing it there while her hips quivered, while her body shook in his arms in gushing, continual climax.

"Tell me when," her voice cried faintly within her sex moans, and still her orgasms went on and on!

"That's one hour," John said, taking her cunt hand away from her pussy, saving her from collapse. "Just leave it inside you while you have a little break Darling."

Janey turned her head enough to see on the clock that the time now was really five minutes past the hour.

It turned into a long break. Janey drank two cool glasses of ice water while sitting at the table, sitting on the blue devil (John had gotten her to tell him her private name for it) as it purred inside her while she talked with John.

"And you can do that every night for me, if I let you live with me?" he asked.

"Yes," Janey said, and promising herself that would do it, too.

"So all through high school you used to masturbate like that every night?"

"Ever since I was twelve," she confessed. "But, you know, not always so much. Not always like I'm doing for you tonight."

"I used to love seeing your nipples poking through your tight turtlenecks in homeroom class," John told her. "I'd be walking to school, you know, not too happy about going, and I'd be thinking of how nice it was going to be to see Janey's nipples greeting me. That's cool, to know now that you'd always had wild orgasms on all the night's before. That's wicked!"

"Did you know that in high school all the boys used to talk about your nipples?" he asked. "They called them your Eveready's."

"How come you never said anything to me?" Janey asked.

"What was I going to say? Nice nips this morning, Janey? Besides, I kind of thought they were always like that because maybe you had a boyfriend you were always thinking about."

"I . . I better get started for you again," Janey said, noticing that it was now quarter past 8.

"Oh, I want to do something to you," John said, "Stand up on the chair."

"What? What are you going to do?" she asked, holding the blue devil inside her as she stood up. It was still buzzing insistently, thanks to another kind of Eveready's.

John led her wrist away from her pussy once she was standing, and of course the blue devil came out in her hand. It felt very good to have her pussy untouched for a moment, but then John took the bigger dildo and pressed it, still turned off, between her pussy lips.

"Spread your legs a little bit," he said, "farther apart than that."

Janey spread her legs as far apart as she could, but the chair that she was standing on was narrow. He slowly eased the big dildo up and down, in and out of her. His other hand felt excellent on her ass! As tired as her pussy was, Janey gushed at this fantasy come true, of having John sexualize her himself.

"You sure make a lot of juice for such a tiny puss," he said, looking at her as if he were speaking directly to her pussy. "It's all over my hand, and I like seeing it on your thighs. Can you go on like this all night?"

"I'm going to, for you," Janey said.

He kept doing her like that, with her standing on the chair, while he leisurely examined her body. He looked at her nipples for a long time, and she giggled when he reached up and felt them, which he took plenty of time doing. He kept dildoing her easily all the while. He had ignored her when he first saw her naked, but Janey could tell that she was winning his desire. She voiced deliberate little sex moans to hold his interest, and was bouncing herself slightly up and down on her toes in rhythm with his dildoing.

"You are very pretty," he said at last.

"I love . . . " she started to say, but cut herself off quickly; no, she mustn't confess that she loved him. She giggled sexily, and hip-fucked downward to meet his dildoing. She cherished each time his hand brushed her clit.

"I love it when you do that," she said earnestly.

"God, I've always wanted to do this," he said, in a low, sexy way that she'd never heard in his voice before. She wondered if he meant, ". . . with her?"

"I call that big dildo, John," she said teasingly, "And I like being fucked by that one the best." That last statement was a lie, she preferred the blue devil, but she'd had hundreds of things she'll called "John" in her pussy.

"Oh," he said, maybe not making the connection with his own name.

He stopped dildoing her. "Can you tighten your pussy?" he asked. "Can you clinch it really hard?"

Tighten on the fuck toy!" he coached, as she responded non-verbally to his request. He pressed the dildo as deeply into her as it could go. Janey's pussy wasn't very deep, but could take most of the dildo. He pressed too hard, but she cooed to him in sexual appreciation anyway.

"Hold it tightly now," he said, "Hold it!"

Janey clinched her pussy as tightly as she could. John took his hand away.

"Oh, you're holding it in! Nice!" He was looking between her legs as if looking at a beautiful painting.

"Okay, ease up," he said, after a minute. The dildo slid out of her readily as she relaxed, but John caught it in his hand.

"Okay, now I want you very tight," John said, although she had inside her. Janey clinched her pussy as tightly as she could, and kept herself that way as John now forced the dildo up into by slow inches.

"Ah, ah, ah," she said, this time in a painful way. But she took it, because that's what he wanted. Finally he got it into her all the way.

He stepped back and looked at her dildo-filled pussy as if he admiring something quite clever that he'd done.

"You look like you want to take a picture," Janey said, her voice a little strained.

Suddenly he stepped forward again, and reaching around Janey, he grabbed her ass cheeks in his hands and pulled her hips to his face, kissing with his mouth on her puss, EXACTLY where her clitoris was.

"Oh, oh, oh," Janey began to voice, as he sucked on her clitoris. Oh this was too much! She felt very gushy, but she managed to keep the dildo inside her until he quit. She couldn't have done that if he'd taken her all the way to a cum.

"Do I taste alright?" she asked, a question that she'd wanted to ask John for all of her life.

"You taste fine Janey!" he said. He looked up from her pussy for the first time in a long while, but only to look at her nipples. He looked down at her pussy again, and Janey knew that he was comparing her nipples and clitoris. Yes that was always erect too.

As John stood viewing her womanwood, Janey felt the dildo trying to slide out of her. She tightened herself so much that she quietly grunted. John touched the dildo, which all this time had been inanimate, and now he turned it on.

"Don't let it fall!" he said, stepping back to watch.

Oh god this was hard! Janey's grunts were audible now, repeated, as she tightened herself is spasmic effort. Her pussy was getting the workout of a lifetime! She was gushing again. She clinched, keeping the dildo inside her.

Oh man, oh man, oh man!

"Not with the legs," John said, "Don't use your legs. Tighten with your pussy"

Janey felt the dildo slipping from her. She squeezed her pussy as tightly as she possibly could, spreading her legs just a tiny bit to show that she wasn't cheating. John touched between her legs again, turning the dildo's vibrator up to full throttle

Oh god! The full setting was for really big women, not for a toy body like Janey's. She knew that she couldn't take it this way.

Oh no, here it comes! Her knees shook as she orgasmed. The dildo kept trying to slide out. She started cumming, and clenching and moaning and grunting and crying all at the same time. She tried so desperately to keep the dildo in her. She reached out and took John's shoulder now, to keep herself upright. He held her hips with his hands, just steadying her as he watched between her legs.

Oh god was she cumming! She simply couldn't hold on any tighter. The dildo felt like a wild animal trapped inside her, trying to orgasm its way out of her. It felt like it weighed a thousand pounds. Janey felt the dildo slipping. Oh god it was slipping. She tried desperately with all the strength in her womanhood to keep it inside her. The dildo was slipping out of her and it felt like she was giving birth.

Janey had to give in. John caught the dildo as if fell from her. Janey started crying. She had failed. She had tried as hard as she possibly could, and she had failed the test he'd set for her. Tears burst in a torrent from her eyes as he helped her down from the chair. She flayed at him, beating his chest with her tiny fists.

"Wow, that was twelve minutes!" John said. "That was twelve minutes. I swear you came like eight times, didn't you?"

Janey nodded her head yes, agreeing with him in the hope of pleasing him, but she didn't really know if she'd cum many times, or just one big long one.

"Wow, you came eight times in twelve minutes!" John said.

It wasn't fair, she thought. What he'd made her do was too hard. She was sobbing so hard that she couldn't breathe. It wasn't fair! She could have masturbated the whole four hours for him if he'd only let her pace herself. It wasn't fair. Janey was crying from deep personal heartbreak. She knew that she was all spent. She hadn't even made it two hours, and couldn't do any more. She needed a rest. She had failed him at the one thing she was best at, and because of that she was going to lose him, and Karen was going to have him.

John held her to him, closing his arms about her, holding her body tightly.

"Why are you crying?" he asked.

"I'm sorry," Janey said, tears bursting from her eyes, ruining her fine makeup. Sobs interrupted her speaking. "I can do more for you tonight, I promise I can do more. Please? Please, please? But I need to rest, for just a little bit. Will you please let me rest, and then please let me do more?"

A long moment of quiet followed. Janey held her sobs in, afraid of missing his answer.

"Do you know what I've always wanted to do Janey?" John asked. His voice was calm and quiet; the voice of a boy speaking to a girl who he realizes he can make any demand of.

"What?" she sniffled, "I'll do it for you."

"Ever since way back when we were kids in school," he said, kissing her tear-streaked cheek, "since back when your nipples first started to show, I always wanted to be the one to take your virginity Janey. I used to look at you in the sixth grade, when you were just sprouting, and I wanted to do that to you so much! But you were so pretty, with your modeling and everything, that by high school I thought I was already too late. Today at work was the first time I learned that I still had a chance."

Janey, her face now alight with joy, leapt on him suddenly, wrapping her naked body around him, lifting herself off the floor in happiness. "Oh god it's yours John! Take it! Please take it," she begged. "Now! Now! Now!" she urged, as she humped her naked loins against the front of his trousers. "I've always wanted to you to take it from me John."

"I am going to take it from you Janey," he said, cradling her body to his. "Tonight I am going to take your virginity. You are going to rest for a while, and then me and you are going to go into our bedroom and get into our bed together and make my sweet little virgin Janey become a real woman."

© 2003 by Philip Harris