letters to my david
by Sherrie Rose

Dear David:

You asked me today, what it is that I need, want and crave, a tough question to ask this unsettled, yearning, sensual and intelligent woman. My needs change day to day, but I shall try to do so, as you require, answering with the honesty that a man of you caliber deserves. As the wonderful writer/journalist that you are, please don't be too critical of my flair of essay.

When I was just a sweet innocent girl, I spent hours dreaming of my Perfect Handsome Prince Charming on his magnificent white steed, carrying me off through cotton candy skies up to "Happily-Ever-After-Land", where a wondrous ice castle in the clouds, awaited my delighted pleasure; so priceless and precious, this dream. Purity, virtue, love at first sight, all are ethics of youth. My, how na¤ve and simple I was to dream like this.

Well into twenty years of sophistication and enlightenment, these schoolgirl fantasies fossilized. Innocence is no longer a luxury, but a tangibility, collecting mold in some second hand rose store. Today, my ripened erotic intellect craves succulent sensual equality. Prince Charming's dashing influence is now one dimensional compared to the whole essence of a totally captivating man, who is 3-D in vivid living color; a devilish find as rare as an enticing blue moon.

These carnal journeys he, my sensualist and I, his equal, will lavish together in perfect heavenly bliss, project a kaleidoscope of emotions and desires that my pig-tailed, peppermint candied, eyelet laced, puppy love fancies never accomplished or imagined, even in my wildest nave dreams. This type of romance or meeting of our erotic auras is what I am craving, what I need and what will make me happy.

I believe that you could qualify for the role of my spiritual, emotional and physical soul mate. You possess these talents that I mentioned above. I would like to embark upon a sensual pleasure-seeking voyage with you. Come, my David, do not be frightened. Let us begin, my Darling.

Love, Sherrie August 2, 1998


My Love, My David:

I yearn to wake up beside you one morn; all curled up tight like spoons, to kiss the nape of your neck, as our bodies melt together. I would love to shower your smooth shoulders and muscular back with light butterfly kisses until I reach those sculptured cheeks of your bottom with my expert tongue running wet warm trails all around them. My mouth would delicately race down the back of your thighs, teasing the crease of your knee, to nibble your calf and to finally tickle your feet.

Now I start my upward journey of pleasure over the front of your strong legs and thighs. As I breathe warm air on your cock, you'll feel the hair on your tender balls rustle. An arousing sensation will commence, especially when you feel me continue on my wet tongue-tickling voyage up your body, which I adore, I worship, and treasure, my love.

My tongue will dart in and out of your sweet belly button. I'll lavish moist deliberate kisses on your stomach and chest, paying homage to your pert and sensitive nipples. My demanding mouth will slide up your neck to suck on your chin, my darling David. When my sweet wet lips caress your firm ones, I'll feel your loving arms engulf in an embrace. My tongue will part your lips to greet your tongue with a delicate touch. Our lips, mouths and tongues will generate hot passion and sensual need. Your specific need will be pressed against my thigh, capturing my attention.

I'll hear your eager sigh, as my lips cascade down your trembling body. You'll feel my exquisite breasts with their taut dark nipples, trailing over your glorious hard cock. No, lover, my cock now! A forced blast of air will caress your throbbing balls. I wonder my David; will you arch your hips up to meet my eager mouth? It won't matter because, as eager as you'll become to feel a blessed climax; I will still take my own sweet, slow, deliberate and thorough time on your cock and balls.

First, my tongue will make small circles around the little opening at the head of your cock. I'll lightly suck in the fat cap, quickly releasing it to trail my sensual mouth down the backside of your hardness. I will bury my face in the hair of your balls, inhaling your essence. Your soft hair tickles my nose, causing me to smile up at you for an instant. Next, my gentle tongue will commence to lap at your balls and inner thighs.

I comprehend that it is your stiff erect cock that desires my loving attention. So I kiss your balls goodbye to lick my way up the shaft to that wonderfully tasty mushroom head. I inhale you inch by slow inch until you're firmly encased within my mouth. Slowly at first, I'll suck up lightly and down harder. My tongue dances all around your rod of steel with my hand following. As I increase speed and rhythm, you'll thrust your hips to meet my warm wet pleasuring mouth. The sensations that will travel up and down your hard throbbing cock, through your tight balls and firm thighs will overwhelm you. Oh, David, I long for that blessed moment of pure physical and emotional gratification when your cock erupts its steaming fountain of morning sweetness into my eager hungry loving mouth!

My love, my Darling! My David! What a blissful and wonderful way to start the morn.

All my love for you forever, Sherrie September 30,1998


David, my treasure:

This letter represents all the birthdays that I could not celebrate with you during all those years of not knowing you. Maybe in some small way it will make up for any disappointments that you have experienced on those special days. I know that I would have given you on those birthdays, my sweet birthday boy. Mmmmmmsomething quite tasty!

Let's imagine that it is your birthday. You've work extra hard and are very bone tired, feeling your age to the tenth degree. All you desire is home, a cold drink, good food, a hot shower and your welcoming bed. When you arrive home, a delicious aroma assaults your nose, generating your taste buds into warm up mode. With your favorite cold drink in hand, I greet you at the door with hugs and kisses for my Darling man. You relax while I finish the final preparations of your birthday fiesta.

I disappear, as you polish off your toothsome dinner. I reappear, as you finish your last forkful with grateful and saturated gusto. Taking your hand, I urge you to come with me. I lead you to the bath where a hot one is drawn, all bubbly and inviting. I remove your clothing, kissing you lightly. Touching my soft hair with a loving caress, your wonderful loving eyes tell me of your gratefulness. I smile, as you settle into the tub. I scrub your tired body, massaging your aching muscles. I try not to arouse you, but I can see that my touch subconsciously causes you to slightly harden. I encourage you to relax and enjoy my soothing touch. My gentle hands work their magic over your big beautiful cock. Softly teasing, then firmly stroking, my forefinger runs little circles over the big purple head and around its sculptured rim, while my other hand squeezes your balls. You moan, as your body jerks upwards, trying to grind against my torturing hand.

No, love, don't come yet. We haven't had any of your delicious birthday cake. I know that you are probably not hungry after eating that succulent dinner that I prepared. But, my dear, I am. I enforce my sternness until you hurriedly climb out of the tub. I briskly towel dry your body, noticing the lesser degree of torridness. I urge you towards the bedroom. You are probably wondering if I still want dessert. I give you one of my devilish smiles, saying to you that I want something sweet to eat. Your heart sings as you recognize the sensual, lazy and wicked tone of my voice. You are instantly rock hard.

You survey the room in pleasure. Candles are lit. The bedcovers are drawn back. I encourage you to lie down amongst the soft and plentiful pillows. Whipped cream and a jar of cherries stand like sentinels on the bedside table. I reach over for the can. You watch mesmerized; as I shake the can, then squirt quarter sized drops on both of your nipples. I lick then; suckle them, enjoying the feel of them as they grow to such hardness in my mouth that your cock twitches in response. You groan loudly, as my mouth pulls away. I touch your cheek, distracted for a moment by your cry of arousal and need. Your hard cock twitches again. With can in hand, I pose over your ponderous groin, capturing your undivided attention.

I impart upon you the sabotaged plan that I had of me being your birthday cake. Since you are not hungry and I am, you shall be the cake for me to devour and ravage. I cover your cock with a massive mountain of whipped cream. I survey my work of art with a touch of pride and a very critical eye. No lover, it isn't finished. I grab four cherries by their stem from the jar, placing them in strategic places on the mountain of whipped cream. I remove my shirt, bra and jeans, leaving on only my pretty panties, because my intent is to get sloppy while eating dessert. I aim for this White Mountain to erupt, spewing a hot wet load sweeter than any whipped cream.

With style and grace of the most refined southern belle, I delicately lap up the whipped cream until just a thin layer is left on your rigid cock. Ever so often, I embrace by its stem between my teeth, a ripe juicy cherry that I feed to you. We kiss hotly with it between our tongues. After our mouths molest all but one cherry, I return to my crawl space between your firm thighs to finish licking the rest of the whipped cream of your cock. Ditto to your balls, sucking them into my mouth to hum amusingly the "Happy Birthday Song". You laugh and moan at the same time while grinding your hips against my face.

It is time for me to get busy; I lick the crease where your leg meets your trunk. I nibble on the twain't area between your balls and ass. I flatten my tongue to add pressure on that small island of flesh. I flick my tongue across your ass, darting my tongue inside. Your body jerks involuntarily. You know, whipped cream can make anything taste good. My expert hand teases your rock hard cock as I lick, then fuck your snug ass with my tongue. I eventually wet a finger to replace my tongue's teasing on your ass. Something hard, rigid, torrid and steaming snares my attention.

My mouth umbrellas your long thick cock, closing around its base. You are so deep in my throat. My mouth milks you. I pause briefly to imprison that last virginal cherry between my lips. I look into your eyes, David, holding your attention; I pull the stem off the cherry. Eyes locked I go down on your stiff cock with the cherry in my mouth. As I slide up and down you with the cherry rolling around, I increase the pressure of my mouth and of my hand that has your cock clenched tight as a vice. The harder I suck, the juicier your cock gets from the succulent cherry.

You can't stand it any longer. You cry out that you're coming, saying my name over and over. I engulf your cock deeply, holding it in place while massaging the base of your shaft at the pubic bone. Your come soaks the roof of my mouth with its first stinging squirt. My gentle finger in your ass, massaging your g-spot, intensifies your orgasm. I watch your hands grip the sheets on each side of your body, pulling crooked wrinkles into the crisp cotton fabric. Your hips gyrate and grind. A fine thin coat of sweat gleams of your firm body.

As you continue to rain your shower of hot come into the shelter of my mouth, our eyes meet. You are hypnotized as I slide up your quivering body. I firmly grip the sides of your head in my hands. I feverishly kiss you with the come-soaked cherry in my mouth. We play with it, sucking it back and forth until I zealfully claim it. You watch delighted, as I hungrily chew it up and swallow its come filled essence.

You tenderly gather me close, kissing and hugging me. Such comfort your arms give. I smile and whisper "Happy Birthday" into your ear. David, my Darling Lover that was the best birthday cake ever, may I have seconds?

Loving you, Sherrie Nov. 18, 1998


David, my Love:

How I miss you, as you are off to some remote location, investigating and reporting. What a dismal and gloomy day! The slate gray sky is torrid and angry, yearning to weep. The strong deep-rooted magnolia with her waxy viridian leaves, sways in a timely sensual dance to the whimsical wind. Mr. Robin red breast, so fat and plump from feeding all winter on my abundant bird feeder, can barely hop around to scout for the elusive wiggly worm.

I observe all this as one on the inside looking out, rose colored ramblings on the shoulder of the chilly March wind. It is no wonder that my thoughts flood with the memory of your voice, such a ray of sunshine in all this gloom and despair. I lean back amongst the familiar comfort of my couch cushions to let my overactive imagination take me to faraway fantastic and exotic places, where you, my David await with open arms.

Unconsciously caressing myself, I close my blue eyes to drift away, floating as if on eagle wings, soaring along the tail of March winds. I soar and glide until warm moist air tickles my soft skin, and salt air titillates my pert nose. I open my eyes to visions of cerulean, carmine and gold. My feet are encased with alabaster sand. My eyes close once more but this time in bliss, as my ears heavenly listen to the mingling of modern man's silence and tropical paradise's rapture.

The breezy warm wind carries my name to me from a voice so sweet, so wonderful and so loving. Hearing it desire sweeps my body from head to toe. Ah, David, my love, you are here with me in paradise. I stand rooted as the strongest of pine trees in the cascading sand, the wind pulling my fine thin white dress taut against my body, its succulent outline you can see.

You call to me again. My rosy nipples answer you in a taut salute, straining at the flimsy bodice. The surge of wetness between my legs traps the translucent fabric, causing it to cling and out line my pouting pussy lips. My eyes sweep the area around me, searching for the cause of this sudden arousal. There you are, my love, not far away, standing under tropical foliage, over a blanket bearing culinary delights. Arms open, your smile dazzles me. I am no longer rooted; my legs run to you, as if on air.

Your arms enfold me for the briefest of moments. I am in heaven, surrounded by your vitality. Your lips dance briefly upon my temple before you release your tender hold, to pull me down unto the blanket to enjoy the finest of any feasts available. It is not food that I am hungry for, my love. It is you that I long to nibble on and taste. You have outdone yourself with this banquet of fruits, wine and other delectable delicacies. I don't know where to begin with this feast fit for a queen.

Nibbling on a piece of cheese while sipping my wine, my artist eyes sweep our exotic surroundings, soaking in the spectrum of hues, filing them for future reference. Bemused, you watch, waiting for my attention to return to you. When my eyes rest upon you in all your masculine glory, my previous hunger returns. I want you, my David. Watching you enjoy a slice of sweet juicy melon, I drain my wine glass. Then I boldly reach over for your glass. In the blink of an eye, I consume your wine. Quickly I spring to my feet, lean down, kiss the top of your head and say, "you're it!" Then I am off, as fast as my short legs will go. I pause a very short distance away to see if you are following. Stunned you watch me blatantly stick my tongue out at you in a mocking gesture. Lithe as a panther you are on your feet, chasing me.

I gather my bouncing skirt, flashing you with a view of creamy white thighs as I run away down the beach. You quickly shorten the distance between us. You catch me with unchallenged ease. We frolic and stumble into the crashing surf. Kissing and laughing, we ride the warm Caribbean waves until we tire of the water and desire takes over. You lead me over to the shady comfort of tropical trees. Our hunger overpowering us, we stand there kissing each other. My dress is clinging to my voluptuous breasts, nipples taut and pointing. You push the wet fabric of the low cut bodice away from my abundant cleavage to taste the salt water, beading on my soft skin. I moan a welcome to your carnal attentiveness. Your soft touch is almost too much to bear, I tremble but not from cold.

I push you away to unbutton my dress. To test your patience and will power, I purposefully fumble with the buttons. Your desire takes charge at the third button. My eyes widen in surprise, as you rip the dress apart, making buttons fly everywhere. You pull me to your lean body. Hands gripping my breasts, you suckle my hard as bullet nipples like a hungry baby.

I wiggle out of the dress to spread it open for us to lie upon. White sand collects on it like the strongest of magnets, to my utter disappointment. You watch my attempt to keep sand out of every nook and cranny in silent amusement. Purposefully, you walk over to the shortest of tropical trees, breaking full lush green fronds, and layering them to make a soft green palette for us to play upon. You sit upon the David-made blanket, patting it in a welcoming gesture for me to follow. Standing before you in the shade of the tree, you notice how creamy and fair that I am, yet pink in some special places. You cannot bear it any longer; you pull me down unto your body.

Kissing my lush and smiling lips, you pull away to remove your clothing. I watch, suddenly shy. Your vitality and manliness has never been stronger. How can I a mere plain average woman keep you totally satisfied and interested? When your hard cock plunges into me, I forget that silly thought, as we ride the wave of heated passion, all animalistic in its unrestrained lust. I bite your shoulder as I violently come all over your throbbing cock. In that intense point of no return moment, you lock your lips with mine, our tongues dancing wildly. Coming hard, you pump your sticky load into my shimmering pussy. Satiated, we embrace to relax, basking in the glow of our love.

How I miss you, my David, my lover! Sherrie March 28,1999


David Darling:

It is your birthday. How I wish that I were there to wake you with sweet morning kisses, tickling your nose as I watch you chase the sleep from your dreamy eyes. My light loving kisses dance down your firm six-foot frame until I reach your stirring beautiful cock, which I adore. My mouth would rain wet kisses on your purple head until a hardness that only morning can accomplish develops. You would feel me licking up and down the shaft, teasing you into grinding your hips subconsciously until you feel your nine inches slide into my warm wet welcoming mouth.

Yes, love, I would devour you as one does when famished, enjoying the breakfast of champions, concentrating on those pleasure hot spots that you have on your cock. Your hands would try to pull me up to you, but I won't let you. This is one of your birthday presentsmy expert mouth giving you morning delight. So I would increase the tantalizing actions of my mouth until I felt that hot release of your morning glory in my mouth. I wouldn't miss a drop, my David. With kisses on your body, I would lie beside you, to gather you into my arms. In your ear I whisper, "Happy Birthday, David! I love you!"

That would be the beginning of your special day, my sweet. As you doze off for an early morning power nap, I would slip into the kitchen to whip up a mouth-watering breakfast. The aroma would awaken you, when I entered the bedroom with a tray of delicious goodies for you to feast upon.

As you devour your scrumptious meal, like I did earlier with your cock, I would ask you to give me your mother's phone number. Noticing your unspoken question, I would explain that I wanted to call her to tell her "thank you". Or even better get me her address so that I can send her a thank you card, expressing how much I appreciate her for bearing such a fine son. I want to explain to her how special that you are to me, how you have become an influential force in my life, and how much I love you, wanting to have the most wonderful loving future together. I want to write to her of my admiration of your intellect and good heartedness, and how you have made me believe that strong deep devoted love between a man and a woman is possible. All these lovely things, I would tell to her.

But there are things that I can't express to her, personal private thoughts and emotions that I speak only in your loving ear. Shall I tell you now as you enjoy your birthday breakfast, David? Your voice makes my heart pound. Your touch sends shivers through my body. Our lovemaking sends me to the heights that I have only dreamed of, but never experienced. You make me feel like a desired loved woman who is up in the clouds, looking down at earth. When I go days and God forbid weeks, without you, I am dormant, barely alive. Loving you gives me pleasure and purpose. Getting to know you and love you as you are is a gift in itself for me, because a year ago, I didn't think we would still feel this all consuming passion and love that we have today.

I would share all these wonderful secrets with you on your special day, David. Happy Birthday! I love you!

With devoted love, Sherrie July 9, 1999



I have been sitting in front of this computer for hours. I remove my glasses to rub my tired eyes. They are dry due to the fact that I haven't blinked for what seems like forever. I reach over for my cool drink, condensation clinging to my fingers. I sit tall, rubbing the small of my back, tiredness seeping into my whole body. My thoughts are tangled with flashes, images and thoughts of you and all that we have shared. My passionate David! I should sleep, as it is very late in the evening. But I most likely will not. My mind is pondering the silence from you, this rejection, which has no reason behind it. I turn off this machine, to head for bed. The pillows are calling to me, telling me to sleep and forget.

I wander into the hallway, standing there dazed and mindless. The bathroom captures my attention. A hot shower would be lovely and refreshing. I light a candle so the harshness of the overhead light won't strain my overly tired eyes. I turn the water as hot as I can stand. I disrobe, looking into the mirror, wondering what you would think if you could see me now. I tentatively stick a toe under the steaming water, finding it to my liking. Stepping over the rim of the tub, the water is heaven to my body. I stand with head bowed, letting it massage my tight neck. I cross my arms over my chest, while the water drums against me.

My heart aches and won't forget. I grab the ivory white soap, working the lather over my body. I close my eyes, as I scrub the play area between my legs. Arousal is inevitable. I have a flash back of your hands, teasing my clit as we kiss under the shower's hard raining water. I continue to soap my pussy, trembling with the memories. I feel your mouth, licking my clit and pussy lips. Finding the special spot, your tongue drums out a tune that makes my pussy sing. I come making your face wetter than wet, if that is possible. You turn me around, pushing my body forward with the entry of your cock into my pussy.

Hurriedly, hard and fast you pound into me. I come again. My pussy is like a tight fitting glove, squeezing your cock. You withdraw and I fall to my knees, to take you into my mouth. I taste my own juices. You fuck into my mouth, stuffing your nine inches into it. Deep in my throat you stroke. I want to taste your come. You have other ideas. You push me once again forward, but this time your cock is pressed against my ass. I tremble, because we have never tried this before. You work the head in and to my surprise it is comfortable. I push back into you, impaling myself onto your cock inch by inch. We slow grind into each other. I feel your body tense. You tell me how good and tight it feels. You start pounding into me, reaching around to torture my clit with your fingers. I start to come as you do, pumping your hot seed deep into my virgin tight ass. We collapse in a heap, the water washing away our passion.

I continue to wash my body, slowly stroking my pussy lips, as memories flood through me. I get lost in images of me laying on the grass, with flowers in my hair as you remove my shoe to kiss my foot; flashes of you driving us to a romantic hideaway, smiling at me, when I tease you with glimpses of my thighs and the V of hair exposed, due to my lack of panties; memories of your salty skin under my lips as I kiss you in the aftermath of lust and desire. I come under the pressure of my fingers with the soap as lubricant. I come with loss and regret, knowing that from this moment on I will come alone with just my memories for company.

I stand with my hands against the shower wall, letting the cooling water beat against my back. When my energy returns, I turn off the water, grab a towel and dry my face and body, erasing the water and tears that mingle there. I wrap the towel around me, blow out the candle and go to the bedroom. In the darkness, I fumble with the covers, my mind now numb. I crawl underneath the downy comforter, hoping for a dreamless sleep.

Take care, my love.

Sherrie Oct. 11, 1999

Copyright 1999 Sherrie Rose