l.e.z. - the lesbian sorority
by Annie the Slick

L.E.Z. - The Lesbian Sorority.

An adventure in lesbian high-fantasy - any resemblance to the real world is purely coincidental, and would be cool and by cool I mean totally sweet.

Chapter 1 : Rush Week

Starring the Freshmen: Josie, Nina, Kirsten
and the Sisters: Isabelle, Terri, Stephanie, Monica, Gretchen and Charli

* * * * * * *

It was the first day of rush, the whole house was gathered in the doorway to sing their welcome song to the gathered incoming freshmen. The freshmen had probably heard some stories whispered about Lambda Epsilon Zeta, stories about the type of girls in the house, of how there were some that were into girls. But the stories weren't the whole truth, far from it.

The sisterhood smiled as the 15 freshmen girls walked into the foyer, they were paired with one or two of the sisters to talk to. To talk about what they wanted out of the college experience, and what they wanted out of a sorority. For a select few they would be chosen to join the best sorority on campus: L.E.Z.

Terri poked Isabelle in the ribs as a petite brunette freshmen came through the door, they walked up and introduced themselves.

"Hi I'm Terri," she said, giving her blond hair a flip, "and this is Isabelle," Isabelle smiled.

"Hi I'm Josie," Josie looked at the two sorority sisters, they were opposites. Terri the stunning blond, almost 6 feet tall with a slim modelesque body and Isabelle with her strong Italian features, was no less pretty in her own dark way.

"Welcome to Lambda Epsilon Zeta. I'm sure you're gonna fit right in." Said Isabelle as she put her arm around the younger girl and led her into the living room. They talked for awhile, found out that Josie was a local girl. She really wanted to be a Gamma Phi, but had heard some interesting things about L.E.Z. and wanted to find out more about it.

"Well," began Terri, "if you want to find out more about us, we could give you a house tour."

"k," said Josie as she smiled.

Terri led Josie upstairs with Isabelle right behind. They showed the girl the library, one of the Senior's rooms and then the sleeping porch.

"All the freshmen girls sleep in the sleeping porch," Isabelle told her "They get closet space and a dresser in one of the upperclassmen's rooms, but their beds are here." Josie could see a room full of beds with four small windows higher up in the room, that shed little light. It was dim even now, in the middle of the day. "I think you'll find that most houses have a similar arrangement."

Terri then led them to the upstairs bathroom, it was quite large being the main bathroom in the whole house. There was a communal shower and five toilet stalls. Terri led the girl and Isabelle into the shower itself. There were eight shower heads and Josie could see several chairs as well.

"It gets kinda crowded in here every morning, but we don't mind, do we Izzy?" Josie caught the look that flashed between the two other girls. She wondered if the stories she had heard were true? "If you make it into the house you'll find out how fun it is to live here." Josie felt Isabelle right behind her almost touching her. Terri started walking towards her.

"We might be able to give you a little taste right now." Josie's heart started beating in her chest as she felt Isabelle's body press against her back, she looked into Terri's eyes as the girl came closer until she was inches away. She was startled and couldn't move, she looked down, embarrassed. Terri lifted the teenager’s chin and leaned in for a kiss, a soft peck to start. Josie's eyes opened wide as she was kissed by another girl for the very first time. Isabelle encircled the girl's tiny waist and nuzzled into the girls neck, kissing the skin beneath her ear gently. Josie put her hands up against the Terri's chest and tried to feebly push away, but it felt so good she stopped and moaned briefly as Terri's kiss grew in intensity.

Terri Wrapped her arms gently behind the girls head, and continued to kiss her. Isabelle began to pull the girls shirt out of her jeans. Josie reached down with her hands and tried to stop Isabelle from untucking her shirt, but she was already lost in Terri's kisses, and her arms seemed to find their own way around Terri, pulling her into an embrace. It wasn't like kissing a guy, Terri smelled great, her lips tasted wonderful, and the kisses were much softer. Josie moaned again as she felt Isabelle's hands begin to roam her tummy. They worked their way up the the teen's chest as Isabelle's tongue found Josie's ear.

* * * * * * *

Down in the living room most of the visiting girls had left, nobody seemed to notice that Josie never made it back from her house tour. On the couch in the living room two sorority sisters, Monica and Stephanie, were still talking to Nina and across the room young Kirsten was still talking with Gretchen and Charli.

The sophomores, Monica and Stephanie, were sitting on either side of the young freshman Nina. Nina was a cute girl, her tits were still a bit small. She was talking about her high school and how cool it was to be a cheerleader and how she hoped she could make it on to the squad for the University.

"You know that most of the squad is made up from girls in our house." Said Monica softly, leaning in a little towards the girls ear.

Nina smiled a little uncomfortably as she felt the older girl’s breath on her neck.

Stephanie placed her hand gently on Nina's skirt clad leg, and leaned from the other side, "We could really help you get on the team, if you know what we mean."

Nina swallowed and looked across the room at the other three girls. Kirsten, the other rushee, was looking back at her. She had her mouth open and was was watching as Stephanie's hand slid under Nina's skirt, slowly sliding up the girl’s thigh. Kirsten couldn't believe what she was seeing, the two older girls were making a pass at the other freshman. She swallowed hard, but her eyes stayed glued to the three girls on the opposite couch.

"I really have to be going..." began Nina, her statement fading away as she closed her eyes. Monica had brought her hand up and gently took one of the girl’s pert breasts in her palm and began to slowly massage the soft mound through her blouse. Nina felt both pairs of lips kiss her neck. "I really...ohh." Stephanie's hand found the girl’s young quim, the fingers just tickling the skin through the girls white cotton panties. Nina didn't know what to think, her mind was focused on the ministrations on her body by the two sorority sisters.

Kirsten shifted in her seat, she was getting a bit aroused as she watched the two sorority sisters molest the freshmen girl across the room. She couldn't take her eyes off of the display as she saw one of the girls move her hand up the freshmen's skirt. She heard someone talking to her.

"Does that get you hot," It was Gretchen, the brunette junior sitting next to her. Kirsten couldn't answer, she was fixated on Nina getting felt up on the other couch, she didn't notice Charli's hand until it turned her cheek to face her. Charli planted a passionate kiss on the freshman before she could react. Gretchen slid off the couch and kneeled between the girl’s legs and gently spread them as Kirsten started to moan into Charli's mouth. Kirsten put her hand down and tried to keep the girls head away from her sex, but Charli grabbed them firmly as she brought the girl into a tight embrace.

Gretchen lifted Kirsten's cute pleated skirt, revealing her simple black panties. She reached under the girls tight ass and shifted Kirsten's butt forward. Kirsten moaned as she felt Gretchen's hand press against her young wet pussy.

Charli finally let her come up for air, leaning out of the passionate kiss. "Just enjoy it girl, we know you want it."

"No...I...please...ohhmphhhh." her protests were smothered by Charli's mouth as the older girl kissed her again.

On the other couch, Stephanie was between Nina's legs as well. She hooked her hands under Nina's panties and pulled them down to the girl's knees. Stephanie put her hands under Nina's legs and push them up and apart, the girls cute feet in their penny loafers and knee socks were splayed apart. Nina's pussy was now exposed for her to play with. Nina moaned deeply as Stephanie brought her experienced tongue in contact with her virgin pussy, and started licking.

Monica had Nina's shirt open and the girls bra pulled up off of her pert little tits. She had her mouth planted on the teens nipple, sucking on it and nibbling it. Nina started to moan, "Oh, Oh, oh ohh ooooh!". Monica left lipstick kisses all over the girl’s little tits.

Kirsten felt Gretchen's mouth on her panties kissing her quim through the black fabric. Gretchen hooked the leg of her panties and pulled them aside freeing the young coed's pussy for her waiting tongue and dived in as Kirsten moaned out loud and grabbed the back of Gretchen's head and pulled it tight against her sex.

"Ohh God!!" Screamed Kirsten and Nina simultaneously as they came. Screaming in unison to the sexual assault from the four sorority sisters.

* * * * * * *

Josie stumbled out of the bathroom between the two other girls, she was naked. They led the dazed freshman down the hallway and into Terri's room, Isabelle threw the girl’s clothes on the floor and then pushed the teen onto the bed. She spread Josie's legs and dove on her pussy licking and sucking it roughly. The girl gasped as she was taken.

Terri walked over to her dresser and opened the top drawer, reached in and pulled out a strap-on cock. She pulled her pants off and strapped the 8 inch cock on over her panties.

"Is she ready Izzy?"

"yeah." Mumbled Isabelle between licks.

Terri walked between Josie's legs as Isabelle moved out of the way. She placed the head of the cock against Josie's sopping pussy and sank in before the teen even knew what was happening. The little girl squealed as she was impaled on the other girls cock. Terri pulled back and sank in deeper. She sawed back and drove in to the freshmen rushee once more before hitting bottom.

"Oh God!!" Screamed Josie as she started to get fucked by Terri. She wrapped her legs around the other girls back and searched out Terri's lips with her own, hungrily kissing and sucking on the older girls tongue. Terri started a nice hard rhythm into the smaller girl. Pounding the girls tight hole, the leather harness slapping against Josie's pubic mound with each thrust.

Isabelle stood up and went to Terri's dresser and pulled out a second strap on. She turned and watched the teen getting fucked as she synched up the straps, with experienced hands she was quickly wearing a black 8 inch cock. She pulled out some lubricant from the same toy drawer and dribbled a stream of the liquid onto her fake cock.

"Roll her over Terri," she said. Terri lifted the girl in a hug, turned and sat on the bed, the cute freshmen girl now rode the junior's cock, she started to bounce on the older girls strap-on, threw her head back, "fuck, you feel so good inside me!"

Isabelle jacked her cock off a few times as she approached the unsuspecting freshman coed. The first indication the bouncing little brunette had of the second cock, was when she felt Isabelle behind her and the tip of her cock pressing against her sphincter. Isabelle timed it right so that Josie's own bouncing popped her black rubber cock head into the girls virgin anus. Josie had three inches of cock in her ass immediately.

"AAEEEEE!" The girl squealed as her nether hole was violated.

Josie was so aroused she kept bouncing, she quickly sank down on the dripping cock embedded in her asshole. She kept bouncing and soon was rising and falling the full length of both plastic shafts.

"Oh GOD!!!" She screamed as she took both girls cocks deep inside her.

She bounced faster, she could feel the two cocks rubbing through the walls of her pussy and anus. Josie started grunting with each down bounce.

"Ungh! Ungh! ungh! ungh! un!un!un!un!" Her eyes rolled back in her head as her orgasm exploded over her whole body, she screamed in ecstasy and passed out, collapsing on the other girl's big fake cocks.

Terri and Isabelle half rolled the girl onto the bed. Isabelle now lay behind the comatose girl spooning her, still keeping her strap-on embedded inside the rushee's anal passage. Terri was in front of the girl, she lifted the girl's limp leg over her hip and the two of them continued to gently double fuck the girl as she woke from her faint. Sawing into the smaller girl, relentlessly.

Josie came back to reality still filled in both holes. She felt Terri's lips on her own and the two of them started kissing as another orgasm built in the young coed. Gentler this time, as the two girls slowly thrust into her, Isabelle pulling back as Terri thrust in, a sensual, powerful rhythm. One cock in her young tight pussy and the other violating her no longer virgin asshole.

She moaned as the two girls continued to fuck her.

* * * * * * *

Down in the living room, the two freshmen had lost all their clothes as the four sorority sisters continued to explore their young tight bodies. Stephanie rolled back on her heels, pulling her head out from between Nina's bare thighs. She grabbed the girl’s hands and stood the unsteady teen up, and started kissing Her.

Gretchen stopped licking Kirsten's pussy and turned around to look at Stephanie, she smiled and pulled Kirsten to her feet as well. She started making out with the naked freshman, Kirsten was in such a sexual haze, she hungrily returned the kisses. Gretchen pulled her into the center of the room.

The four girls stood right next to each other as Stephanie kissed Nina and Gretchen kissed Kirsten. The two sorority sisters stood back to back and then in a smooth movement, stepped aside and let the two freshmen meet in the middle. Placing them together, moving them into an embrace. Nina and Kirsten clung to each other and continued their passionate mashing.

The four sisters went to one of the couches and sat down next to each other to enjoy the show. Nina began to kiss her way down the other teen’s body. She nuzzled Kirsten's pert breasts as she tenderly sucked on the other girls nipple, she trailed her tongue down the other girls tummy and licked her belly button.

Gretchen snaked her hand into Charli's pants and the two girls started masturbating each other as they watched the two naked coeds making love in the living room of the sorority house. Stephanie and Monica started to play with each other as well.

Quickly the two freshmen were in a 69 on the floor, their tongues licking the others pussy.

Just then Josie stumbled out from door for the stairs, Terri and Isabelle followed. She was disheveled and missing her underwear. The two older girls chuckled a bit and led the younger girl to the couch where they sat down to watch the show.

Kirsten and Nina continued licking, entwined in a 69 as the seven other girls watched and played with each other.

* * * * * * *

The three Freshmen girls stood on the doorstep as the door closed behind them. Josie, Kirsten and Nina looked at each other sheepishly. They would never forget the day they were introduced to Lambda Epsilon Zeta Sorority.

They walked back to the dorms in silence, each girl with her own thoughts, each reminded of their experiences by the wind drying the juices on their bare pussies, none had made it out with their panties. Once back at the dorms, Nina looked at Kirsten and Josie and smiled, "you guys wanna come up and see my room?"

Josie nodded and Kirsten smiled back and said, "Sure."



Chapter 2: The new pledges arrive

They each get a big sister assigned to them. Sarah takes Tawnee to her room and initiates her into lesbian sex immediately. Carrie is Anne's big sister and shows her the whole house ending up in the sleeping porch where they discover Ashley kneeling on the floor with her head between her Gretchen's legs. They watch from behind the cracked door, Carrie starts feeling the girls ass and soon she has her hand up the girl’s shirt...

Starring almost everybody.

* * * * * * *

"Welcome to Lambda Epsilon Zeta, girls. You are the lucky few to be admitted to the best Sorority on Campus." Gaylen, the president of the house, was addressing the pledge class on the first day of the quarter. "You will each be assigned a big sister in the house. She will be your guide in all the ins and outs of L.E.Z." This got a chuckle out of the collected sisterhood.

"Tawnee, your big sister is Sarah." Sarah clapped, the sisters were allowed to choose their little sisters, but sometimes there are too many upperclassmen wanting one particularly cute girl. Tawnee was a walking wet dream. Tawnee had dark red hair and a sweet southern accent, hailing from Georgia. Sarah just wanted to get the girl naked and between her legs.

Sarah had been hoping she would get to initiate the girl into the ways of L.E.Z. Sarah walked to the middle of the room to greet her new little sister and as Tawnee approached she wrapped her arms around the freshmen in a warm hug. And before the young coed could react, the brunette Junior planted a firm kiss right on the girl's lips.

Tawnee blushed but didn't try to pull away as the crowd of sorority sisters cheered their approval.

After they were done mashing and had left the center of the room Gaylen coninued, "Anne, your big sister is Carrie." Carrie smiled and walked over to the shy blond. Anne was unsure about her decision of joining L.E.Z. sorority, her first choice had been Pi Phi, but she hadn't made preference with them. L.E.Z. was one of her second choices.

Carrie and Anne hugged, but didn't kiss until the sisterhood chanted for them to do it.

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!"

Finally, hesitantly, they kissed each other with a brief peck. The gathered girls cheered.

"Brittney, your big sista'," Gaylen inflected her voice with a bit of soul, "is Krista." The beautiful black skinned Krista walked over to blond Brittney and the two girls hugged and kissed casually. The white skin of Brittney and the Krista's dark almost black skin was dramatic. They held hands as they walked to the side and stood watching the rest of the pairings.

"Josie, your big sister is Terri." Josie was shocked a bit, and her tummy did some flip flops. She was a little scared by Terri. A little excited as well. Terri smiled and walked over to Josie, took her hand and led her from the room immediately. The pledge followed along obediently. The other upperclassmen chuckled and made a couple of sexy comments about Terri and her new pet pledge.

"Kirsten," continued Gaylen after the chuckling had died down, "your big sister is Jill." Jill pushed her glasses up higher on her nose as she met the young blond girl. They hugged and kissed briefly to a scattering of applause.

"Kari, your big sister is Laurie." Laurie smiled she had thought the little asian girl Kari was cute from the moment she came into the house during rush. She towered over the little Asian girl. Kari had no breasts to speak of and stood barely five feet tall, she looked like a little girl. Laurie looked like a complete woman, she even dressed mature wearing a pair of nice slacks and a blouse, Kari only had on shorts a tank top and Keds, enhancing the young schoolgirl look she had.

Laurie embraced the younger girl and brought their lips together. She held the girl tight as they kissed for long seconds as the sisterhood cheered.

"Welcome Kari." said Laurie as she broke the passionate kiss.

"Whoa, get a room!" yelled Charli.

"Nina, your big sister is Gretchen." Gretchen and Nina looked like sisters. They could almost be twins, as luck would have it as they went to the center of the room to hug and kiss, the whole sisterhood noticed they were even dressed the same. Wearing a nice pink sweater, pleated navy skirts and tights with black shoes. They laughed as they both turned to face the audience. Then hugged and kissed briefly.

"Ashley, your big sister is Kris."

Kris was dressed in a tight fitting navy blue sweat suit, fitting her athletic form like a glove. She walked up and hugged Ashley in her cute dress, kissing her and then walking back to the side of the room together.

"Welcome to the new Lambda Epsilon Zeta pledge class." Said Gaylen as all the girls in the room cheered.

"Your big sisters will help you learn the ways of Lambda Ep Zee. Thanks everybody for coming, remember we have the exchange with Sigma Chi on Wednesday, I want everyone to attend."

The gathering broke up as the big sister/little sister pairs headed off together.

* * * * * * *

Sarah - brunette junior
Tawnee - blond from Georgia, big sister Sarah (junior)

"And this is my room, Tawnee." The young freshman entered and looked around. It was smaller than she expected, with a single bed, desk and dresser. She turned as she heard the door close. Sarah walked over to her stereo and turned on some quiet music, then she went and sat on the bed.

"Come over here Tawnee, I want to talk to you about life here in the house." She said as she sat on her bed.

Tawnee walked over and sat down next to her big sister.

"Tawnee, Lambda Epsilon Zeta is a very special place. The sisterhood here is the closest of any in the greek system. We encourage closeness between sisters and especially between big sisters and their little sisters." She smiled and put a hand on the younger girls thigh.

"The bonds forged within these walls will last a lifetime. As your big sister it is my duty to introduce you to the ways of the house." She leaned in closer to the young coed. Tawnee swallowed nervously as Sarah's mouth moved in close to her ear.

"We try to learn as much about each other as possible, emotionally," she whispered, her hand on the freshman's thigh slowly began to slide up under the girls skirt.

"Mentally," Sarah mouth was bushing softly against Tawnee's ear now.

"And physically," her hand pressed against the girl’s cotton panties. Tawnee closed her eyes and sighed as the other girl kissed her ear and started to gently rub her pussy through her panties.

Sarah moved her mouth around to Tawnee's lips and kissed her again on the lips. Tawnee returned her kiss and spread her legs slightly to give the older girl easy access to her pussy. She quickly got wet under Sarah's expert fingers.

Sarah pushed the girl back on her bed and continued to play with her through her white cotton panties. Tawnee gasped as Sarah pulled the moist cloth of her panties aside and slipped a finger easily into her pussy and began a gentle rhythm into the girls quim.

"Oh Sarah...Oh...oh...oh."

* * * * * * *

Laurie slowly opened the door to the sleeping porch and the two girls stopped in their tracks.

On the other side of the room they saw Ashley with her legs spread, naked from the waist down. Gretchen had her back to them as she had her tongue buried in her little sister’s pussy.

Laurie and Kari didn't say a word but just stood quietly and took in the show. They watched as Ashley moaned and brought her hand to her mouth to stifle her screams. She put a hand behind Gretchen's head and pulled the older girls face tight against her pussy. Kari started to breath heavy, she had never seen anything like this. She jumped as she felt Laurie's hand gently touch her butt through her shorts.

"Keep watching Kari." whispered Laurie into her ear as she bent down to the shorter girl. Kari watched, entranced at the two girls making love on the edge of the bed. Laurie started to slowly massage Kari's ass through her lightweight shorts. She moved more behind the other girl as they watched the two coed's make love in the dim light of the sleeping porch.

"Do you see the pleasure Gretchen is giving Ashley." Laurie whispered as she slowly snaked her hand inside the shorts of the smaller girl in front of her. She worked her right hand inside her panties and started to massage the smooth skin of Kari's ass. Kari stood still, in shock as she watched the lesbian lovemaking going on inside the room.

Laurie bent down and kissed the girl's neck as Kari moaned a cute little sound. The little freshman felt the older girls left hand make it's way up under her tank top. She moaned again and leaned back against the taller girl, letting her know she liked the advances Laurie was making on her tight little Asian body.

They watched as Ashley came in a shuddering climax. Laurie brought her right hand around the front of the girl and shoved it down inside the girls shorts.

"Spread your legs for me little one." she whispered to Kari as she nibbled on the coed's earlobe.

Kari spread them, giving the sophomore access to her peach fuzz covered quim. Laurie found the girls little clit and started to play with Kari as they watched Gretchen kiss her way up her little sister’s body and the two of them embrace.

Kari squealed as she was brought to an abrupt climax herself. The two girls on the bed looked up from their embrace and smiled at the smaller Kari being molested from behind by Laurie.

Laurie pulled her hand out of Kari's shorts and licked it dry.

"Come along Kari, there is much more to show you."

They closed the door as Gretchen and Ashley started to kiss passionately again.

* * * * * * *

Terri closed the door to her room behind her and said, "Take your clothes off Josie, you won't need to wear them whenever you're in my room."

Josie stood still for a moment in the middle of Terri's room and then slowly took her clothes off. Her panties were the last to join the pile of clothes on the floor. She didn't know why she followed Terri's direction, it just felt right to do what the older girl asked.

"Come sit next to me on the bed."

Josie made her way over and sat down next to the senior girl.

Terri leaned over, pulled the naked teen roughly into an embrace and started to kiss the girl, holding her naked body against her own clothed one. Josie returned the kisses. They made out for a bit and then Terri pulled back and held the girl as she talked gently to her.

"Josie, I want us to have a special relationship. I will help you make your way through L.E.Z. and through the University, I want my little sister to succeed in all things. I just have some rules I want you to follow. Do you understand?"

"Yes Terri." said Josie, it just felt right to surrender herself to the stronger woman.

"First rule girl, you will address me as Miss Terri in public. In private it shall be Mistress. Is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress." Terri brought her hand down between the girls naked thighs and slid her middle finger into the slit of Josie's pussy. Josie gasped at the molestation.

"Good now, rule two you shall do what I tell you. Do you understand? Everything."

"Yeeessss Mistressssss." Josie spread her legs to allow easy access to her wet pussy. She felt so aroused by this, relinquishing her free will to Terri felt so right.

"I knew from the moment I saw you that you would be mine." Said Terri as she masturbated the girl's cunt. Rubbing her clit. "You will be my little pussy slave."

The freshman girl came on Terri's fingers. "Yess Mistress!"

"Now stand up girl and let me have a look at you."

Josie stood on unsteady legs. She felt a bit uncomfortable being naked in and on display for another girl like this, but she did what Terri asked her to.

"Turn around, girl, and show me your ass." Josie spun around and let Terri see her naked butt. Terri spanked it.

Josie jumped and squealed.

"Come back here!" said Terri. Josie came back closer again.

"Just for that you get five spanks!"

"What?" Said Josie.

"Wanna make it ten? Pledge?"

"No please don't."

"Then don't flinch, and remember to call me by the correct name!"

"Yes...Mistress." Josie said quietly.

Terri slapped Josie's ass. Swack!

"Oowwweee." Said Josie.

"Quiet, or I WILL make it ten!"

Josie bit her lower lip as the second slap came down, SWACK!

"Now count them!" Swack!

"Threeeeow!" She almost squealed.


"Four!" She was able to hold her voice in check.



"Good now thank your Mistress for your punishment." Said Terri with a wicked smile.

"Thank you Mistress!"

Terri stood up and turned the naked girl in her arms and kissed her, "Good girl," she said, "we have a long way to go, but it is a nice start."

© 2014 by Annie the Slick