the morning after, part 1
by Self Bound Jess

The First Night

Amy awoke in her bed with a throbbing headache. She winced as she looked at her nightstand, hoping to find some water. She had clearly overdone it on the alcohol the night before – her friend Suzy always managed to push her well past the limits of prudent drinking. Amy tried to avoid going out with Suzy for precisely that reason, but she seemed to run across her at the clubs at least once a week.

The last thing Amy remembered from the night before was running into Suzy at a club. The drink had been flowing freely, with new rounds arriving from besotted guys every few minutes. Suzy's outfit was to thank – she had been wearing a tight leather corset and matching leather hot pants, with 4" heels accentuating the curves of her legs. Her raven black hair matched the leather almost perfectly, and the contrast with her milky skin and green eyes always drew stares. Amy was jealous of Suzy's look – the boldest she felt safe wearing was a sequined, low-cut top and tight jeans.

Amy brushed aside a lock of her hazel hair, and sat up, intent on finding something to soothe her headache. She stretched and swiveled her legs out of bed, making it onto her feet on the second try. This put her facing her mirrored closet, and as her eyes adjusted, banished all thoughts of a hangover remedy.

Amy stared at herself in the mirror, confused. She was wearing a set of very tight, very shiny, black latex shorts. Amy has looked at clothing like that online before, but never worked up the courage to purchase anything. Where had these shorts come from? She slowly traced her fingers over the curve of her own butt, enjoying the sensation. She slowly turned around, watching herself, and grinned at what she saw in the mirror. Her fingers wandered towards the lips of her pussy, faintly visible when she spread her legs shoulder-width apart. Her questing fingers found home, and she moaned at the feeling of the latex rubbing against her clit. She felt like she would flood the shorts with her wetness. She continued stroking her pussy lips through the shorts with one hand, massaging her clit with the other, and within moments the strongest orgasm rolled though her that she had ever had.

Two Weeks Later – Saturday Evening

Amy had gone clubbing several more times, even running into Suzy twice, without any more strange discoveries the next morning. The shock of that first morning had worn off, and lately, her thoughts were turning increasingly to the latex shorts wadded up in her nightstand. Remembering how they had looked on her, Amy found herself browsing latex clothing online, daydreaming of how different outfits would look and feel.

Driven to distraction by the daydreams, Amy found herself taking out the shorts and toying with them. Feeling slightly dazed, Amy tried to pull the shorts on, quickly stopping when the latex started pulling uncomfortably against her skin. Momentarily puzzled, she remembered seeing mention of talc on the latex clothing sites. Amy pulled the shorts back off, and headed to the bathroom to find some talc. Feeling incredibly aroused, Amy returned to the bedroom, powdered the shorts, and succeeded in pulling them on.

She admired herself at length in the mirror, running her hands along the latex-clad curves of her upper legs and butt, feeling more and more excited. Amy's fingers finally crept down and traced the lips of her vagina through the shorts, nearly causing her to cum from the sensation. Biting her lip, Amy grabbed a vibrator from her stash in the nightstand, turned it on, and started tracing the lips of her pussy with its tip. Poised at the brink of orgasm, she slid the buzzing tip up the center of her slit and held it on her clit, her orgasm immediately tearing through her body. Feeling naughty and elated, she started to pull off the shorts, and then stopped herself. Why not wear them out tonight?

The Next Morning

Amy woke up with another headache. Her first thought, as she reached up to massage her forehead, was "I really need to be more careful drinking with Suzy". A second, more urgent thought shot to the forefront of her mind when she touched her face. Her eyes popped open, and she discovered she was wearing latex opera gloves. She sat bolt upright in bed, her nipples shooting pain as the covers fell away. She pushed the covers aside, and marveled at her new outfit.

Amy was still wearing the latex shorts she had worn under the clothes last night. But now, she found herself in a matching set of stockings and gloves. She absently reached for her nipples – both for the feel of the gloves, and because of the ache – when she realized she now sported a small barbell in each nipple. Her hands quickly quested south, rubbing her shorts. She tentatively wormed one of her gloved hands under the shorts, and her fingers came back only with her own juices.

Amy flopped back onto the bed. She had been fantasizing about piecing her nipples for a while – and no doubt, Suzy had finally harangued her into it last night. She tenderly stroked her right nipple, thrilling in the sensation, while her left hand slowly massaged her clit through the shorts. Within moments, she was soaked, and slid her gloved hand back inside the shorts. Slipping a finger into her waiting pussy, she came almost instantly. Several rolling orgasms later, Amy finally pulled back out and dozed off.

Reawakening, Amy checked her purse to see if she had a receipt for her new latex accessories, but found no more evidence than she had with the shorts. Instead, there was just two bottles – one of latex lube, the other a shining agent. Looking down at herself, Amy grinned, and pulled her computer out to see about a few additional accessories.

The Next Month – Saturday Morning

Amy stirred slowly as she woke, running one latex-clad hand down her body, grinning. She had expanded her wardrobe considerably in the last month. She had several new latex garments, including the tight halter top she was wearing. Her hand reached back up and tweaked her nipple through the shirt. She found herself wearing latex under her normal clothes regularly. It made her feel electric, and erotic- she almost couldn't keep her hands off herself.

Her fashion sense – as seen by the rest of the world – had changed too. She had started wearing some of the more "conservative" latex tops openly at the clubs. Her heels were getting taller. Amy was broadcasting a more sexual, confident feel.

Amy had run across Suzy a few more times, the last time being the first time Suzy had seen her new look. Suzy had given her an appraising once-over, and complemented her on the new style. She had also invited Amy out tonight to a new club – something that was supposed to be cutting edge and exclusive. Amy had agreed, and they'd decided to meet at Amy's that evening to finish getting ready together.

That Evening

Using Suzy's invitation as an excuse, she had bought a very small, very tight, red latex dress. It covered just enough that she felt she could wear it out. The dress had black accents, and she had laid out matching black latex stockings, opera gloves, and choker, with a set of 5" wedges to "complete the look". She had gotten a manicure and pedicure, with glossy red polish – not that anyone would see it, she thought, but it made her tingle a little to think of matching her dress through-and-through.

At 3 o'clock, Amy started getting ready. She started by wiping down her arms, legs and torso with Nair, and then rinsing off in the shower. Once out and dry, she slowly covered herself with the latex lubricant, and pulled on the dress. It stopped just inches below her butt, leaving her vagina feeling exposed. She debating trying to slip on some latex underwear, but the dress was too tight, and she didn't want to ruin the look with panty lines. Amy looked at herself in the mirror, and her always-simmering arousal ratcheted up another notch. Her nipples with already poking stiffly against the dress, the piercings clearly visible as the latex stretched around the rings she had taken to wearing. Amy tweaked her nipples, and moaned at the sensation – her dripping pussy was going to require some serious action before the night was over.

Amy then took some time to focus on her makeup and hair. Her hair was naturally wavy, and she accentuated it slightly to give it a full, blown-in-the-wind look. She put on a glossy red lipstick she had chosen to match the dress, and then carefully did up her eye makeup. She had chosen a red eye shadow with black eye liner, to match her nails and dress.

Amy shivered with delight as she eyed the last of her accessories. Her fingers idly traced the lips of her pussy while she carried the stockings over to her bed to put them on. She squirted a little lubricant onto her hand – intending to put on the stockings – but instead used it to slip two fingers deep into her pussy. She shivered as she penetrated herself, and with her other hand, she began massaging her clit. Now panting slightly as she got more and more worked up, she felt herself rushing to orgasm, when the doorbell rang.

"Damn!," Amy swore, the moment ruined. "I'm coming", she called, grumbling under her breath that she really ought to be. Quickly rinsing her hand, Amy opened the door to admit Suzy into the apartment.

Suzy whistled at the sight of Amy's outfit, saying "Finally, you pick something suitable!". Amy blushed, and pulled Suzy in before the neighbors could all see Amy's outfit. Suzy was wearing a track suit, and in response to Amy's stare, responded with "just covering up, love, don't want to cause too much comment.. not here, anyways".

Amy blushed deeper, and said "I'm not quite ready – need to slip on some accessories, then we can head out". Suzy nodded, and said she had a few last things to take care of herself.

Blushing and sexually frustrated, Amy quickly slipped on the last accessories, then returned out to find Suzy with two glasses and a flask out. "A quick nip before we head out", said Suzy, handing a glass to Amy. Reaching out to take the glass, Amy felt suddenly self-conscious. Her secret kink was going to be out on display, for all the world to see. A sudden strong urge for a drink overtook her, and she quickly gunned the glass, holding it out for a refill. Suzy grinned and obliged. Amy suddenly felt the apartment whirl, and felt like it was falling away. Her eyes focused one last time on Suzy's growing smile, and then blackness overtook her.


Amy woke up on a small, strange bed. Her head ached, her body was sore, and her pussy felt as though it has been torn apart. She opened her eyes, and saw the bars of a cage surrounding her. She quickly surveyed herself – her outfit remained as it had, the last she remembered from last night. Hesitantly, she gingerly reached for her pussy, her fingers finding metal and driving a shooting pain in her snatch. She slowly hiked up her dress, and was dismayed by what she found. A slotted, black enameled plate covered her whole vagina, with small bolts pierced through her pussy lips holding it in place. The tops of the bolts sat flush with the plate, with only a very small groove – like those on an eyeglass screw – allowing them to be installed or removed. The front of the plate curved upwards, ensuring her clit remained beyond reach. Panicking, Amy pulled the dress off over her head, to be met with a further surprise. Small cones, also enameled black, had been similarly attached over each nipple. Amy gently tugged on one, and discovered it was tightly attached, her nipple beyond any reach or hope of stimulation.

Amy ran her finger around the plate over her vagina, finding it fitted tight to her skin. She pulled off a glove, and tried to turn one of the small screws on the nipple cap with her fingernail. The groove was too small, and Amy only managed to chip the polish on her nail trying. Fighting tears, Amy heard the click of a door and looked up.

In front of Amy's cage, a door swung open, to reveal Suzy wearing a black latex cat suit, with a tightly laced corset and high boots. She was idly swinging a crop in one hand as she gazed at Amy's obvious distress, and appeared to be holding something in the other. "You, slave, are now mine", said Suzy, "I hope you enjoy your little modifications – but I can't trust you not to misbehave, not yet. I hope you earn that trust in the next few months, before the birth control shots wear off. Do you understand?". Amy opened her mouth to speak, but Suzy quickly interjected. "Nod. You haven’t yet earned the right to speak. Speaking without permission, or any other loud noises, will be lead to discipline". A sharp electric shock hit Amy's push as Suzy said this. "Understand, we're out in the countryside. No one will hear you. It's not out of any concern on my part – just the manners I expect from my slave".

Tears welling in her eyes, Amy nodded, and was rewarded with a momentary buzz deep in her pussy.

"Good", said Suzy, "now, put that glove back on." Amy complied, slowly pulling the glove back up her arm, receiving another buzz in reward. "Dress", said Suzy, holding out her hand. Amy reached through the bars of her cage, and handed Suzy the dress. Suzy took it, revealing the small remote in the hand not holding the crop.

"This is your new wardrobe", said Suzy. "I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I do. Now, I have one or two small matters to attend to. Then we will start your training."

Turning on her heel, Suzy walked back through the door, closing it behind her. Amy was left looking at herself in a mirror hung on the back of the door. Her tears had not yet smeared her makeup, and, even as distraught as she was, she had to admire her appearance. The black enamel on the chastity devices matched her latex-clad arms, legs and neck, turning her on more than she cared to admit. Horny, scared, and confused, she sank to her knees as the buzzing in her pussy surged back, and orgasm after orgasm rolled through her body.

© 2012 by Self Bound Jess