eating a peach
by Chew_69m

The first step when I eat a peach is running my hands over the silky skin. I like to feel every little bump and crevice. I really get into it, feeling the soft little hairs on the peach as I lightly rub my finger tips over the skin. Feeling how the flesh gives when I press on it. I allow my fingers to roam over the skin until I feel the hard nub at the very top, making sure to rub my fingers over the "stem" as I follow it downward into the crevice. I enjoying the smooth feel of the stem as it gets deeper into the slit. Exploring how the flesh presses against the stem. I notice how much pressure on the soft spongy flesh is required to release some of the nectar. I scoop up some of those juices on my finger and bring it to my mouth.

Touching the finger to my lips, I allow the juices to roll down over them and onto my tongue. I taste the tangy flavor of the nectar as it coats my tongue. Savoring the intoxicating taste and smell as I lick the finger clean, I watch the juices spill down the soft skin and my mouth waters for more. Watching the liquid pool into a drop at the base I quickly grab the fruit and bring it to my mouth and I moan as I taste the succulent flavor of the nectar. I slowly glide my tongue up the soft skin, licking up the juices that have been released from the moist inner depths. I lick my way up the crevice all the way to the nub on top. Flicking my tongue over the hard little nub I move back down into the crevice and let my tongue languish in the silky texture of the wet skin. Very slowly I use my tongue to pierce the skin getting to the soft moist flesh under it. As I do the juices squirt out onto my tongue and flow down the skin faster than I can control rolling down over my chin. I press my tongue in deeper, sucking the flowing liquids out as quickly as possible, using my tongue to squeeze the juices out of the moist flesh, licking as deep as I can go. Getting the juices all over my lips and chin in my desire to touch the very depths. Pressing my hardened tongue deeper into the flesh... curling it and lapping out the juices as the flow from the inner depths. Feeling the skin's fur rasping against my lips as I suck the never ending flow of juices, trying to find the very center of the delicacy in front of me.

Finally my tongue reaches as deep as it may go and yet there is still untouched depths. In frustrations I gently pry the skin apart with my teeth and fingers. Opening it up, my mouth starts to water as, more juices flow from its deepest depths. I attack it sliding my tongue into the deep untouched depths. Feeling how the soft moist flesh parts on my tongue I groan sucking the juices out of the pit of the fruit in front of me. I moan in ecstasy as I finally run my tongue over the very center. Sucking and nibbling I finish the feast.. making sure I eat every last piece and then pull away and looking in the mirror I smile noticing the juices from the delicate morsel have gotten all over my face and chin.

Copyright 2001 by Chew 69_m