thank you for riding the mta
by Douglas Felicia, Esquire

Rush hour on the E train is always insane, especially on Friday evenings in August. I had finished work at my firm and was on my way home for an important appointment. It was my fiancÚ Rachel's birthday, and we had reservations at her favorite restaurant, "Charlene's."

As I waited on the bustling platform at Times Square Station, I could not help but notice a young girl, about fourteen years old, standing with her mother, also waiting for the train. The girl was adorably cute, with long dirty blonde hair and green eyes; she had the flawless face of an angel and a gorgeously innocent little body. She was wearing a white tank top that showed off her perky little tits, and a short thin blue skirt that barely covered her creamy white thighs and almost revealed her tight sweet ass. Her mother was carrying a couple of packages from a few expensive shoe and clothing stores, and the young girl herself carried a fashionable black pocketbook and a Victoria's Secret shopping bag. I admired the girl's youthful exuberance, but I could not stare too long, lest someone catch me, a thirty-eight year old lawyer, ogling a little girl almost one-third his age.

When the E train pulled up to Times Square and the doors opened, it was a mad rush to get a spot in the train before the doors closed. Several people shoved inside, and then the girl's mother pushed in, followed by her daughter. Then some fat Mexican slob barreled in, and I followed after him. Then some old African-American woman pushed in from behind, and a few more people pushed in behind her. The fat man moved to the left, and I shoved in next to him on the right. When the doors to the train closed, I rotated to my right and reached over some people to grab the railing for support. As fortune would have it, I found myself jammed up right behind the cute little fourteen year-old girl, who was herself jammed up between her mother and the old African-American woman. The train began to move and I tried to jockey into a comfortable position. Someone behind me dug their elbow into my back and I gave a shove backwards. Someone cried "hey!" and someone cursed someone out, and after what felt like a full minute of jostling and shouting, the crowd settled into some sort of sardine-like resignation. The train picked up speed as it penetrated the dark tunnel.

It was then that I noticed that my crotch was buried immediately into the buttocks of the young girl in front of me. She was holding onto the railing above her, facing the seated passengers, and staring out of the window. The fat Mexican behind me was facing the other direction, and he had his fat butt backed right up against mine. I was stuck where I was - with my package leaning into the butt of this cute little thing, and, against my own best interests, I started getting an erection. I looked to my left at the girl's mother, who was sweating from the heat and the intensity of the rush-hour crowd. She was casually talking to her daughter about the girl's "daddy." Apparently "daddy's" birthday was coming up and they needed to buy him a present. Meanwhile, my penis was growing inch by inch. I could see the young girl's reflection in the window ahead of us as the subway crawled through the dark tunnel, and I was concerned that she might be offended by what was unavoidably going on. There was nothing I could do however, and as the subway bumped along, I approached my full length. With my suit pants tightening around my growing prick, it was starting to get uncomfortable. Just then the train suddenly slowed and came to a screeching halt.

"Jesus Christ!" muttered the girl's mother.

After a couple of seconds of painful silence, the conductor's voice came over the intercom.

"We have a red light ahead... We are trying to find out what is going on... please stand by."

The crowd let out a simultaneous groan. The young girl moved her butt to the left a bit, no doubt in order to shake off the prodding feeling of my cock in the crack of her ass, but it was to no avail. There was nowhere to move. My lips were about an inch from her ear, so I whispered to her "I'm sorry...there's no room." She cocked her back and leaned toward me to her right, and she whispered "It's ok." And as I stood there gripping my briefcase tightly in my left hand, and with what was quickly becoming a raging hard-on, she winked at me. My cock immediately grew to its full length and I felt a little weak in the knees. It appeared to be ok with her, so I allowed my thick rod to settle comfortably into her sweet crack. Then the train lurched forward - and stopped just as suddenly. The lights inside the train flickered and died. It was pitch black. The intercom sputtered...

"We apologize for the delay ladies and gentlemen, but due to an electrical fire in the train up ahead, power has been temporarily shut off on the rails. We have been instructed to remain here for a few minutes. Hopefully we'll be moving shortly. Thank you for your patience."

Someone had their walkman on very loud - "Eminem" was floating over cacophonously from the other end of the subway car. I was sitting in the dark and starting to sweat, listening to the increasing frustrations of invisible passengers and random conversations all around me. Thirty seconds passed... then a minute. And then I began to feel an odd sensation as the young girls butt cheeks squeezed ceremoniously around my prick. Were my senses deceiving me? I waited ten seconds, and then it happened again. I could not believe what I was feeling, but the squeezing was certain, and it was beginning to take on some sort of rhythm. Every five seconds or so, the young girls butt cheeks would squeeze along the edge of my rock-like cock. Being a bit excited, and it being Friday and all, I figured what the fuck - I carefully and very softly ground my pelvis towards her ass, and I waited for a reaction. There was none at first...but then she squeezed again. And then, to my sheer amazement, she reared slightly backwards and her cheeks gripped my cock like a vice.

I could hear her mother mumbling some bullshit about the new car her husband recently bought her. I ground my hips forward again, this time a bit harder. In the darkness, I heard a small sigh escape from the young girl's lips. I moved my head over her right shoulder and I inhaled her perfumed hair deeply. I could make out shadows of strangers in the darkness around us. And certain that no one could see me, I breathed softly into her ear. Then I flicked my tongue along the edge of her ear, and bit gently on her earlobe. My cock was absolutely straining to escape my tight suit pants.

The young girl's mother started loudly complaining about how she was going to miss her manicure appointment if this train didn't start moving soon. It was then that I decided to reach down and slowly unzip my pants. The sound of my zipper was lost in the din of the mother's rancid bitching. My cock leaped free, and as I pulled my hand back up, I accidentally pulled the back of the young girl's skirt upward. Before I could lower the girl's skirt, she leaned back into me, and my cock came to a standstill up the crack of her ass. Just a tiny strip of her thong's soft fabric separated my rod from her glory. I felt slightly faint. The intercom buzzed...

"We have just been informed that emergency personnel are working to rectify the problem. We will keep you abreast of the situation. We hope to be moving shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you again for your patience."

A loud groan again emerged from the strangers in the darkness, and many of the passengers started swearing and arguing and bitching about "We're gonna be stuck here all night!" and "What kind of service is this?" and "Fuck Mayor Giuliani," and "Let's break the goddamned door down and evacuate this sum bitch piece of shit" and "Move your foot you stupid motherfucker!" and exchanging other pleasantries and such. And as the noise level grew in the pitch black of that hot dark tunnel, my little darling did me one better. She reached back behind her with her free hand and slid her thong to the side. Her precious hand then grabbed my tense rod and guided it directly and ergonomically into her slippery little pussy. Then and there in the dark, I felt my entire cock slide up and into the wetness of that fourteen year-old babe while she talked to her mother about her upcoming school year, and how she hoped to make the cheerleading squad. Her ass slowly rose and fell on my greasy pole, her pussy so tight, and so hot, and so extremely wet. Listening to her casually speak with her mother, I began to get more forceful, and I started to push my cock deeper and deeper inside her. With each thrust I could hear slight pitch changes in the young girl's voice, but still she maintained her conversation in the dark. Then I let go of my briefcase, and I maneuvered my arms around the young girl - no easy task with her mother only inches away. And in the blackness of the unlit subway car, in a hot tunnel far below midtown Manhattan, I took those perky little fourteen year-old breasts into my hands. The young girl arched her back and ground her pussy onto my dick as I squeezed my newfound handfuls tightly. She moaned softly.

"Emily, honey, are you ok?" her mother asked.

"Yes, mom," she moaned in response.

I pulled Emily's nipples roughly, and I pinched them tightly with my fingertips; and I plunged my rock-hard cock urgently inside her tight little pussy. Then her mother launched into a long tirade about the Transit Authority, and I took that opportunity to bend at the knees and free my throbbing cock from the fourteen year-old's vice-like pussy. Then, positioning myself in the darkness, I lunged upward and sent my cock deep inside the young girl's ass with one fantastic thrust.

"OOOOOOOoooooh." she moaned, and suddenly the train grew quiet. We froze where we were, my cock pulsating inside its new cramped quarters. After what felt like an eternity, Emily's mother's voice floated out of the darkness, breaking the silence.

"Every year they raise the price of the subway and this is what we get in exchange? This is fucking bullshit. Don't worry honey, I'm sure we'll be moving soon."

Emily's ass was incredibly tight and hot. Her nipples were standing straight out between my fingertips. I jerked my pelvis four or five times in rapid succession and wedged my cock all the way up her poop chute. Her mother was still bitching about fare hikes and some other miserable soul was agreeing with her. I dropped my right hand down and under the front of the young girl's skirt. My hand found her pussy and I shoved two fingers inside. My cock slid in and out of her asshole. My fingers fucked her little pussy. My other hand pinched her nipple and pulled it upward. We rocked together. We swayed mightily to and fro. Then I pulled the length of my cock almost all the way out of her hot ass into the warm re-circulated air of the crowded train, and then I plunged the full length all the way back up Emily's butt. She wiggled her ass around my rod and leaned her head back on to my left shoulder as I thrusted. My mouth found hers, and we engaged in a long hot kiss. Then she pulled her lips away and whispered softly right into my ear..."Oh my god." She started to shake in my arms. Her asshole shimmied around my pole. I felt the cum rising up within me. She came wildly for ten seconds, fifteen seconds...twenty seconds... Suddenly, the lights kicked on.. I was momentarily blinded as the brightness struck my eyes. I ripped my fingers from Emily's young pussy and dropped my hands down to my side. The intercom spewed...

"Thank you again for your patience. We should have a green light momentarily and we should have y'all home in no time. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for riding the MTA."

The passengers around us breathed a sigh of relief. Still, I remained rock solid and deep inside Emily's ass. I looked into the window, and the young girl's reflection was looking back at me. Her face bore an expression of pure innocence. She turned to her left.

"Mom?" she asked, "Can I sleep over at Jenny's tonight?"

"Sure honey," her mother responded.

The train started moving forward. And even then, under the bright fluorescent lights it was impossible for anyone to tell that my cock was buried to the hilt inside the anus of this gorgeous fourteen year-old girl. The train accelerated and bumped along the tracks. With every bump Emily's hot tight asshole slid up and down my shaft. I smiled at the old African-American woman to my right who resumed reading her bible. The train took a corner and we leaned to the left, and Emily's rectum gripped the left side of my cock. Then the train swerved right, and her sweet ass gripped me to the right. I looked over to Emily's mother, and her mother looked into my eyes, oblivious that I was fucking her daughter at that very moment. I gave mom a small smile and a wink, and she rolled her eyes and looked away. The train hit a bump and the fat Mexican guy behind me backed into me causing my cock to lurch forcefully into Emily's bladder. The young girl cried out softly.

"Are you sure you're ok, sweetie?" her mom asked her.

"Yeah... it's just hot is all," the little vixen answered, and then she wiped the sweat from her brow and jiggled her ass around my prick some more.

And then the cum gushed forth from me, spurting once, twice...three times up and inside...and over and over again as I groaned softly and ground harder and more faithfully up deep into that steaming wild ass. When she felt my hot cum shooting inside her, my baby leaned backward and rested her entire weight in my lap. She wiggled her ass for me as I finished unloading a week's worth of stress inside her. Then the train pulled into the 72nd street station and came to a stop. The doors opened and people began to spill out on to the platform. As the fat man behind me moved out of the way, I pulled my cock out of the young girl's anus and quickly shoved it back into my pants before anyone could see. I zipped my trousers and grabbed my briefcase from the floor as the girl's skirt fell down into place; and no one was the wiser.

"Come on honey!" her mother said as she pushed between the two of us, lunging forward through the crowd and towards the open door. The young girl turned to face me, and she looked up into my eyes. She squinted her lovely green eyes, and smiled like a whore. Then she bit her lower lip and spun on her heels. She hiked the strap of her designer pocketbook up on to her right shoulder and made for the door. Stupid with lust, I slipped my business card into her pocketbook before she was out of reach. I watched my semen trickle down her left thigh as she exited the train, and my life.

Copyright September 2000 by Douglas Felicia, Esquire