unorthodox therapy
by Rajah Dodger

Marci had been seeing a therapist for a few months, but it didn't seem to be working out so she asked the woman for a referral.

The doctor gave her the name of a therapist on the outskirts of town, commenting that "he might be better suited to delve into your proclivities".

When she arrived at the new therapist's office, she was put at ease by the comfortable decor - even the couch was done in earth tones instead of the horrid blue leather her first doctor had used. The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Calvert, and they talked briefly about the problems she was having with assertiveness and the direction her therapy had been taking with her previous therapist. With her permission, Dr. Calvert suggested that she work under a light hypnotic trance to sidestep the blocks she was obviously having discussing her feelings.

While under hypnosis, the doctor's skilled questioning brought out that Marci had been having detailed fantasies about being subservient to both women and men. The doctor made a few telephone calls, then gave Marci some suggestions while she was in her trance. When he was finished, he brought her out of her trance. She felt very relaxed, and although the doctor would not tell her what she had said under hypnosis he did talk with her extensively about some of the problems she had been having at work and how she might resolve them.

That night, while Marci was eating dinner in her apartment, she suddenly felt hot flashes all over her body. She got up as if dazed, rubbing her arms, legs, buttocks, wherever the sudden flashes were popping up. She went into her bedroom and took off all of her clothes except her pantyhose, then found her instant camera and set it on her dressing table. Setting it up for remote trigger, she sat on her bed and pinched her nipples until they stood out, feeling the pressure of her nails run down her belly to make the insides of her thighs tingle. She bent her knees, pushing them outward, and started stroking herself through the hose as the camera clicked, rubbing faster and directly on her clit as her crotch got wetter from her arousal. After she came, gasping and shuddering, she went over to her dressing table and tossed all of the pictures into an envelope, took off her pantyhose, put the hose in the envelope as well then sealed the envelope. Then she put on her nightgown and went to bed.

For the next few days, Marci went through her normal schedule - get up, eat breakfast, go to work, get hassled by the boss, go home, eat dinner and go to bed. When her next session with Dr. Calvert came around, he quizzed her about her dreams and asked if anything out of the ordinary had happened in her life. Marci didn't have anything interesting that she knew of to tell him. Finally he told her "Doctor's orders, Marci." At the sound of those words, her eyes suddenly glazed over. "You have been carrying an envelope without being aware of it," the therapist informed her. "Take it out now." Marci fumbled with her purse and found the sealed envelope. "You are to give this envelope to anyone who asks you for 'special information', he continued. "Furthermore, you will feel a warm aroused feeling throughout your body whenever you obey the orders of someone in authority to you - such as your doctor or your boss."

While he still had Marci under hypnosis, Dr. Calvert tested the instructions. "Marci, I think you should show me your breasts, and massage my foot with them." At this command, Marci leaned forward and started removing her blouse and bra. When her breasts hung free, the doctor extended his foot toward her. She took it and unlaced his shoe, squirming in her seat as she did so. After rolling his sock down and off, she leaned forward and kissed the sole of his foot, then placed it between her breasts.

The doctor watched, his own breathing becoming ragged, as Marci closed her eyes and rubbed her breasts against his foot. He could see her areolae darken and get puffy, evidence that she was becoming aroused. Although his cock was demanding the same treatment his foot was getting, the doctor ordered Marci to release his foot and get dressed. She did so, unconsciously rubbing her breasts as she put her bra back on. He released her from her trance with a final comment that she would feel very relaxed, and she went back to her office.

Later, at the office, Marci's boss called her into her office. Ms. Hawthorne was unhappy with the work Marci had done on a report and wanted Marci to rewrite it. Marci started to argue, but something in her kept the words from coming out. Instead, she found herself saying "Of course I'll do the report over, if that's what you want." Marci's eyes lidded for a second as another hot flash went through her, centering in her lower belly. Her boss looked at Marci quizzically. After a few moments, Marci said "was there anything else you needed?" The woman behind the desk bit her lip, and told Marci "I believe you have some 'special information' for me."

Marci's body stiffened, then she relaxed and reached into her purse to pull out the sealed envelope. She gave it to her boss without saying anything. Ms. Hawthorne opened the envelope, looked at the contents, then crossed the room to lock the door before taking a seat in a chair by her desk. "These are very pretty pictures, Marci," she said. "I have a pretty pussy that I like to play with also - I'd like you to take a good look at it." Marci bent her head, and responded "Well, if you want me to do that...", then cocked her head quizzically. Her boss rucked her skirt up to her waist, showing a red garter belt holding up her hose and nothing else on. With that prompting, Marci got down on her knees and moved between the woman's legs, close enough to smell the musky scent of her cunt. When Ms. Hawthorne said "Kiss it, Marci - treat it like you'd play with your own" Marci extended her tongue and teased the labia apart, sucking each puffy flap into her mouth, then wriggling two fingers into the woman's cunt while she sucked on her fat clit. At length, her boss stifled a low moan and came, rubbing herself all over Marci's face.

"Thank you, Marci," Ms. Hawthorne said as she regained her composure. "That will be all for now. Remember that I need that report on my desk by Monday morning." Marci wiped her face absent-mindedly, took the report folder, and went back to her desk.

The next time she saw Dr. Calvert, Marci was feeling much better about her job and the way things were going in life. She was a little concerned, though, that she felt a little tired in the morning and couldn't remember her dreams. The doctor put her into trance, and told her to unwrap the package he was giving her. Marci reached out her hand and the doctor placed a small wrapped box in it. She unwrapped it to find a moderate size flesh-colored vibrator. At Dr. Calvert's direction, Marci turned the device on and started rubbing it over her breasts through her dress. "See how good that feels, Marci?," he told her, "it makes you feel all warm all over, doesn't it? You really do feel too warm with all those clothes on, and the vibrator would feel so much better without the cloth getting in the way. With his gentle suggestion, Marci readily removed her dress, ran the vibrator over her bra-clad breasts until her nipples were prominent, then took off her bra to continue massaging her sensitized breasts. Her eyes were closed as she gave out a low moan.

"Come, Marci," said the doctor, "your mouth feels empty, and you want to thank me properly for helping you make your breasts feel good." Obediently, the hypnotized girl opened her mouth, and her therapist unzipped his pants to feed her his rapidly growing cock. Marci licked the head, then began a reflexive sucking action. Dr. Calvert reached down and began rolling one of her nipples in his fingers, making her moan louder around his rod. "Your breasts are so sensitive," he suggested, "you could come just from playing with them if you only had something hot and wet in your mouth." Marci stepped up her suction on his cock, and reached out with her free hand to cradle his balls, feeling them throb at her touch.

The doctor started flipping his thumb rapidly against her stiff nipple, saying "Now, Marci, Now!" As he started cumming in her sucking mouth, she began shaking all over, dropping the vibrator as she reacted to her own orgasm. Several drops of the doctor's cum dribbled out of her mouth and down onto her breasts, where she rubbed it in to extend her orgasmic high. When the doctor finished cumming, he suggested she lick his cock clean, and after she did so Marci quietly got dressed again. The doctor brought her out of the trance, but left her with the reminder that her breasts were particularly sensitive.

That night after dinner, Marci got into her car and drove to an adult novelty store. In a voice she barely recognized as her own, she haggled with the clerk over a pair of crotchless panties and also purchased a lesbian video. When she got home, she tossed the video on top of a stack of magazines, took off her skirt and panties, and put on the new pair. Then she called out for a pizza. While she waited for the pizza to arrive, she pulled the vibrator out of her purse and turned it on, rubbing her breasts and moaning quietly at the sensation, then hesitantly placing the device between her thighs. The buzzing got her juices flowing, and she leaned back heavily in her chair as she moved the device slowly down to the opening of her pussy. She was wet enough not to need any lubricant as she pushed it in bit by bit, opening her legs to make the progress easier. Just as she pushed the last inch into her and started rocking in the chair around the pleasurable intruder, the doorbell rang. Dazed by the sensations rolling through her, Marci got up unsteadily and walked bowlegged to the door. She opened the door on a very surprised pizza delivery boy, who gaped at her open-mouthed while she fumbled in her purse for some money.

The pizza boy brought the pizza in and laid it on the coffee table, then moved deliberately over to where Marci was swaying by her purse. He took her hands off the purse and placed them deliberately over the end of the vibrator, then flipped through her purse until he found the cash for the pizza. He stuffed that into his pocket, made sure the door was closed and locked, then approached Marci, saying "This is going to be the best delivery tip I've ever had - you are really hot!"

Marci stood in the middle of the room, holding the buzzing vibrator, as the pizza boy came up to her and felt her breasts through her loose t-shirt. Her eyes lidded over when he did that as she felt waves of pleasure shoot from his hands through her nipples and down to her pussy. The boy took off his pants, revealing an above-average sized cock, and took one of Marci's hands off the vibrator to wrap it around him. She started moving her hand reflexively in a slow jacking motion, and the boy licked his lips as he pulled her t-shirt up to suck on her nipples. The woman's legs staggered, and the boy helped her sit on the floor, leaning against a chair. He sat next to her, sucking on one breast while she moved her hand over his cock. When he reached over and prodded her protruding clit with a fingernail, it was like shooting her with pure lightning! She sat bolt upright, screamed once, and passed out flat on the floor.

"Hey lady?," asked the delivery boy. "Lady? You all right?" It was soon obvious that Marci was out of action, lying on the floor with a blissful look on her face while the vibrator buzzed away in her pussy. The boy pulled the vibrator out and shut it off, then poked an inquisitive finger into her swampy pussy, moving it around and pulling it out with a "sluck!" sound. "Well, I guess she's in no mood to say no," he thought. With that settled, he bent her knees and aimed his cock at her well-used pussy, replacing the vibrator with something more substantial.

He sucked in air noisily when he found out how tight she was, and settled on top of her, playing with her nipples as he moved in and out. He liked the way her nipples got long and hard when he tugged on them. After a few minutes, as he was slowly coming to a boiling point, Marci's eyes and mouth both opened and she focused on him briefly. "OOhhhhh," she moaned, and the surprise of it combined with Marci's sudden attempt to close her legs made him cum hard and fast in her as Marci's eyes rolled back up and she started quivering under him. When he was finished, he took the dildo and put it back into her sloppy pussy to keep his cum from staining the carpet under her. "Call me anytime," he said - but he didn't really think she was listening.

Late that night Marci came to, her muscles sore and her mind foggy with a half-remembered dream. She reached down to pull out the motionless vibrator and wondered at how sloshy she was, but her fogged brain discarded that line of thought as she went in to shower and get to bed.

At the office Monday morning, Marci finished up the report her boss needed despite having to go to the coffee bar every half hour or so. She didn't understand why she was so tired, since she'd gotten a good six hours of sleep. Just before lunch Ms. Hawthorne asked her to bring the report back to her office. When Marci got there Ms. Hawthorne was standing with another woman Marci didn't recognize. "This is Jan Carlton, Marci," her boss told her. "Jan is from our Western division and is very interested in the report you've brought." As Marci handed the report over, her boss added "And she's also very interested in what you carry in your purse, Marci. It would make me very happy if you would show your special items to Jan."

Marci looked at her boss oddly, then her vision seemed to blur slightly. She felt hot all over, and when she opened her purse to look inside she found that she had brought her vibrator to work! She stood stunned, trying to remember when or why she had done that, when Ms. Hawthorne continued, "I really want you to show us how you use that, Marci!" Marci closed her eyes, feeling the heat run through her body centered on her breasts and her cunt, then drew the vibrator out of her purse. She licked the end of it tentatively as Jan gasped and her boss smiled.

Marci turned the device on and drew it across her bosom, feeling the buzzing through her blouse. Her boss came up behind her and turned her to face the newcomer, saying "Here, let me help you Marci, you know you will feel better without this extra cloth." Ms. Hawthorne's fingers flew down the buttons on the back of Marci's blouse and unsnapped her brassiere as well, so when Marci leaned forward the clothes came off as one and she stood again naked from the waist up. Ms. Hawthorne reached around her to take her hand and place the vibrator between Marci's breasts, rubbing it against first one and then the other. Marci gasped and moaned as she felt her breasts swell and swing in the office air, the massage felt so good that she lost track of where she was and what she was doing.

Jan came up to her and ran her hand up between Marci's legs, finding her panties already damp. The newcomer wriggled her finger underneath the legband as she urged Marci's legs apart, and began slowly stroking her finger in and out of the dazed girl's pussy. Marci's breathing was slow and heavy as the other two women removed her shoes, knee-highs and panties, and laid her out on the floor. Jan took off her shoes, pants and panties, and stood frigging herself as Ms. Hawthorne moved the vibrator at random between Marci's nipples, the soles of her feet (her breasts really shook when they did that) and her rapidly moistening pussy. As Ms. Hawthorne suggested "Marci, your tongue feels very thick, don't you need to suck on something?" Jan kneeled down over Marci's mouth. Marci opened her mouth and tasted her boss's friend, shuddering as the vibrator reached another sensitive spot.

Ms. Hawthorne left the vibrator buried deep in Marci's pussy, then walked around to sit next to her friend. The two women kissed as Jan hunched over Marci's probing tongue and Ms. Hawthorne fingered her friend's clit until she came. As her friend writhed over Marci's face, Ms. Hawthorne reached around to pinch Marci's nipples, and the girl started cumming herself, jumping only slightly more when her boss yanked the vibrator suddenly out of her. After Jan and Marci had both been cleaned up a bit, Ms. Hawthorne mentioned that she sould need Marci's assistance on a special business trip over the weekend. Marci said that she would be available, and returned to her desk, forgetting all about the vibrator.

For the next few nights, Marci slept restlessly but was unable to remember her dreams in the morning. She knew, however, from the sticky condition of her pussy that she had been fingering herself in her sleep. When Friday finally arrived, her boss called her to ask that she meet her after work at an address on the north side of town. The day went slowly, and Marci found herself rubbing her legs together frequently to relieve a feeling she couldn't quite place. When the workday ended, she got in her car and drove to the address her boss had given her. It was a modest townhome with several cars parked out front. She walked nervously up to the front door and rang the bell. She was relieved to see a familiar face as her boss opened the door and escorted her in.

Her boss turned her around to face a group of people, closing the door behind her and running her hand familiarly over Marci's ass. "This is the one," she said to the group, and reached around Marci to undo the buttons of her blouse, whispering in Marci's ear "I really want you to show everyone how pretty you are!" Marci's faint attempt to protest at this cavalier treatment died with those words, and she felt herself getting flushed as her boss's nimble fingers plucked at the buttons and took the blouse off. Her boss held her breasts up, rubbing them through the bra, then unclasped the back and removed that garment as well. Marci's nipples were prominent and her areolae were a dark brown, showing everyone in the room how turned on she was becoming.

Her boss pulled the front of her skirt up to show off the crotchless panties, and as several of the people in the room began talking, Marci's boss began probing her already-wet pussy. She slid her fingers up and down Marci's engorged labia, and when her hand moved up to Marci's clit she came - hard and loud, leaning back with lidded eyes as her boss supported her. Some of the people in the room came over then, touching her breasts, feeling her ass, helping her boss pick her up and move her over to lie on the sofa. Marci heard voices, but they were all fuzzy in the haze of her arousal - her breasts, her pussy, her whole body seemed to be hot. She heard without noting the phrases "sweet cunt", "Tokyo clubs", "good price", but before she could focus on what was happening around her someone's tongue delved into her pussy and she was off on a cloud of lust again.

Her boss picked up a phone and dialed a number. When the other end was answered, she said "Thank you, Doctor Calvert. Your therapy has been a great success."

This story is copyright 1993 (c) Rajah Dodger. Electronic reproduction rights are explicitly granted with the stipulation that this authorship and permission note must remain attached