yes, my darling - tonight
by Bonfils

I walk up the stairs from the subway into the cool night air. And there in the distance I see the apartment block where you live - a huge, concrete structure towering against the night sky.

This is a working-class area. I wouldn't come here if it wasn't for you, my darling. This part of town is as alien to me as my rich suburban home is to you.

I walk up to the building and look up at your window. Your lights are on - you're home tonight. Good.

I take the elevator, its walls of smeared with obscene graffiti. A lot of lowlifes live around here. But you, my darling, are not one of them.

Stepping out of the elevator at the eighth floor, I pause in front of the door to the left - your door. Even as I read your name below the doorbell, I feel myself getting excited: I can't help recalling your beautiful face, your perfect body, your soft, succulent flesh. And standing there outside your door, I already feel my cock throbbing inside the pants of my business suit.

I don't knock or ring the doorbell. I simply grab the handle of your door and open it. You never lock your door. You really should be more careful, my darling.

I step into your apartment. It's small, but neat. You've decorated it with cheap, but tasteful furniture and you keep it perfectly clean. Another thing I like about you.

Where are you? I close the door behind me, locking it, and look around. Haven't you heard me enter?

But then I see you. Slowly, you move towards me from your living-room. Your eyes are wide open, just looking at me. You recognize me, of course, from the last time, and the time before that, and all the countless times I have come to pay you a visit.

You're beautiful, my darling: Dressed in a short black skirt and a pale pink blouse I don't remember seeing before, but which shows off your shapely breasts quite nicely. And your dark blond hair is still cut in that pageboy hairstyle I love so much. Standing just a few feet away, I believe I detect the sweet scent of your lovely skin.

How old are you? I've never bothered to find out, but you must be in your early twenties. Yes, you are only half my age. And of course that adds to my excitement.

You stop in the doorway. I know you can't decide whether you should run past me or back off into the living-room again. You should know by now that neither will do you any good.

Oh, you're trembling, my darling: Your lovely, slender legs are shaking slightly as you stand there, staring at me.

"Please," you whisper. "Not tonight."

I don't say a word. I never do. I just watch you as you stand there, trembling, pleading:

"Not tonight. Please. Don't."

Slowly, I walk towards you, my cock swelling in my pants. I grab your hand and pull you towards your bedroom. Yes, I can smell you now: The sweet, intoxicating odor of female flesh. Whimpering quietly, you try to put up a fight, but you're no match for my strength, and I drag you into your own bedroom.

Your bedroom is neat, too: Pastel colors, soft carpets and a big, soft bed. As I throw you onto your bed, you let out a small shriek of surprise. Sprawled on the bedspread, you look at me.

"No," you sob. "Please don't."

You are so beautiful now, my darling. My erection has grown too large to fit inside my pants, and I have to zip down to let my cock out. You stare at my cock: Even half-erect, it's huge.

I stroke my cock. I like touching myself while you watch, and soon I have masturbated myself to an impressive erection: A big, swollen cock, all ready for you, my darling.

Walking up to your bed, I grab your panties and quickly pull them off. I sniff them greedily, savoring the smell of your lovely, young pussy. Then I throw them on the floor.

I kneel down and spread your legs.

"Nooo," you whisper.

But I lean forward, and as I lift up your skirt, I can see your pussy: Your beautiful, young pussy, a soft, inviting slit crowned by a tuft of blonde hairs. I can even smell it: A spicy, delicious womanly scent.

I have to taste it, and I lie on your bed, my face between your legs. As my lips touch your labia, you gasp. My tongue starts licking your flesh, and the taste of young pussy makes my mouth water. Slurping and dribbling, I lick your slit vigorously, exploring your fleshy lips with my tongue. I drink the taste of your pussy, making your labia all wet and glistening with my saliva.

You struggle feebly, my darling. One arm across your belly is all it takes to hold you down, as I keep licking away at your lovely, tasty crevice. I make my tongue hard and force it in between your labia like a tiny, soft cock. You moan uncontrollably. Moving my head up and down, I slide my tongue in and out of your pussy. In and out, in and out, yes, my darling, fucking you, fucking you with my tongue.

"Nooo," you whimper, "nooo."

The sound of your pleading voice makes me even more excited. My cock is swelling with lust, but I want to make you wait. Instead I pull my tongue out of your tight crevice and slowly insert a finger into your pussy. Slowly, carefully exploring the soft insides of your tender flesh. Then I slide it back out. And in. And out. Slowly fucking you with my finger, rhythmically massaging the moist walls of your sex.

You're writhing on the bed, my darling. You're trying to fight the sensations of pleasure, but it's no use. My finger keeps moving in and out of you. I hear you gasping with every stroke, louder and louder. I feel you getting wet, deliciously wet - allowing me to slip another finger into the yielding wetness, fucking you deeply and thoroughly with two fingers. I look up at your face. Your eyes are closed, your face flushed, you lips parted, trembling. My darling, you are more beautiful than ever.

"Oh, please, no," you cry. "Ohmigod."

Still sliding my fingers in and out of your moist flesh, I kiss your pussy. I lick your labia, sucking gently at your tiny pink clit, making your hips jerk violenty on the soft bed.

Sensing you're about to come, I increase my efforts. I poke my fingers rhytmically in and out of you, sucking and smacking at your succulent flesh. I feel your fingers grabbing the back of my neck, forcing my face into your pussy. I lick and lick at your slit, finger-fucking you at a mad, relentless pace.

"Ohmigod," you scream. "Aaah! Aaah!"

Yes, my darling. You have come. Your body lies writhing on the bed, shaken by a powerful orgasm. And slowly I let my fingers slide out of your hot pussy, dripping with your juice.

I lie on my knees between your thighs, watching your beautiful face transformed by ecstasy. As you finally open your eyes, I begin playing with my cock again. You're still breathing heavily, recovering from your orgasm. Your pretty little mouth hangs open as you watch me stroke my rigid shaft.

Yes - I will fuck you soon. Nothing you do or say can stop me now. Watch me masturbate, my darling, and imagine what it will feel like to be fucked by my cock.

I like to tease you - to prolong the wait. But now I cannot wait any longer. My cock is fully erect, and your sweet, succulent pussy is only inches away - wet and inviting.

Slowly, I guide my cock towards the mouth of your pussy, letting the bulging head rest against your labia.

"No," you whisper. "Please, no."

But your hoarse, pleading voice only excites me more, and I let my bulging cock plunge into your slit.

You whimper, as I bury the rigid shaft inside your tender flesh. The size of my excited cock stretches your pussy, filling every inch of your sex.

Again, you try to struggle away from me. Oh no, my darling: With both hands, I pin your wrists to the bedspread. You won't escape. I hold still for a moment, letting you feel your helplessness, before I start fucking you.

Ah, yes, my darling: I gasp with pleasure, as I feel my cock plowing through your soft, velvety flesh. I fuck you slowly, savoring the sensation: In and out, in and out, letting you feel every inch of my hard shaft.

Do you feel me, my darling? Do you feel me piercing your moist slit, fucking you in a slow, but insistent rhythm? You're writhing beneath me, sobbing loudly as I keep thrusting into you.

You are beautiful, my darling: Your sweet face grimacing slightly from the strain, eyes shut. Like an animal, I lick your face, tasting your sweet female skin. I lick your breasts, suck on your little, hardening nipples, then I bite into one of them.

"Aaah!" you shriek, wincing slightly from the pain.

I increase the tempo slightly, hammering the entire length of my cock in and out of you with every thrust. Your breathing increases, too, until you're gasping for breath in time with my strokes. Yes, my darling, despite yourself, another climax is approaching.

You dig your fingers into the bedspread, and I let go of your wrists. You won't run away. Not now, when I'm fucking you to an orgasm.

I withdraw completely and look down at my cock: It is hard as steel and glistens with your love juice.

Impatiently, you raise your pelvis towards me, offering your hot, yielding pussy to my cock. Again, I want to tease you - and again I can't resist. I cup my hands under your ass and force my erect member into you again, making you scream out loud.

I'm grunting like an animal, as I fuck you hard and fast. You tremble uncontrollably, as I plunge into you over and over, letting you feel the power of my thrusts.

"Oooh," you whimper, "oooh."

Yes, feel me, my darling, feel my cock. Feel how much I lust for you, how hard you make me. Oh yes, I want you to feel every throbbing vein on my rigid shaft, as I fuck and fuck and fuck.

"Oh, my God," you moan. "No, please..."

It is time, my darling: A few more violent thrusts of my hard tool, and you will come. I can't hold out much longer either: I feel my cock swelling, ready to discharge. But I will control myself until I've made you come again. I hammer my cock into your sopping slit, counting every stroke: One, two, three, four...

"Aaah!" you scream, as you climax, kicking your feet beneath me. "Aaah! Aaah!"

Never have you been more beautiful: Your perfect body tensing up with pleasure, your face reflecting the ecstasy you feel. Just a few more thrusts, and I, too, will give in to orgasm. In hard, fast strokes, I bury my cock inside you again and again, until I finally feel myself coming.

Ahhh. Ahhh yes. Ahhh.

As my huge cock starts contracting, I pull out. You open your eyes in time to watch the first spurt of semen pumping out of my swelling cock. I grab it hard with my hand, as my cock starts jerking wildly, spraying your naked body with piping hot sperm.

I love to watch my cock ejaculating over you, my darling, spattering your skin with the liquid of my ecstasy. My gift to you, a thick, creamy gift, brought on by your beauty and my lust for you.

I'm still kneeling between your thighs, stroking my cock. You watch the last drops of semen dripping onto your belly. I keep masturbating, slowly, my cock still hard as steel inside my fist.

Your eyes open wide as the truth dawns on you: My cock will remain erect. You thought we were finished, didn't you, my darling? But no, tonight you will be fucked again, hard and deep, until it makes you come once more.

You utter a pitiful sound of protest, as I turn you over, making you lie face down on the bed. Your perfect little ass sticks out invitingly, and I slap your ass-cheek hard with my hand: Slap! And again: Slap!

"Aaah!" you cry.

I look down at my cock: It really is remarkably hard. And for a man my age, it's quite amazing. But young flesh like yours will do that for a man, my darling.

I stroke my shaft a few more times - then I get up and walk over to your bedside table. I browse through your drawers, looking for a certain jar, and eventually I find it.

"No," you whisper, looking over at me. "No, please..."

But you know what is coming, my darling. Don't you? I walk back to your bed, my erect cock bouncing in front of me, and unscrew the lid. Carefully, I spread the lubricant over my cock. Then I dip wto fingers into the gel and gently force them into your ass, applying the slippery substance to the insides of your tight little hole.

As I assume the position behind you, my bone-hard cock glistening and smooth with lubricant, I hear you whimpering softly:

"Please, don't. Not tonight."

I grab your ass-cheeks and slowly force them aside, revealing your tight, lubricated hole, and my cock twitches with excitement. Placing the tip at the entrance to your ass, I apply pressure, slowly pushing forward between your ass-cheeks. Gradually, I feel your muscles relaxing, letting the head of my cock enter your ass.

"Nooo!" you cry. "Stop it! Aaah!"

God, it feels good. My cock-head feels so good inside your ass, swelling and throbbing inside your tight, slick opening. Absorbed by lust, I ignore your cries, driving my cock deeper into you, eventually burying the entire length of my hard shaft inside your ass.

"Nooo!" you whimper, impaled on my cock.

Ah, yes, my darling. Feel my cock. Feel my stiff tool penetrating your ass, as I begin fucking you. Slowly, I pull all the way out and then back in - and out - and in - slowly, slowly, fucking your ass.

You sob helplessly, your ass muscles stretching around the girth of my huge cock, as I plunge into you over and over.

I hear from your breathing that you're getting excited, too. You're gasping for breath, turned on by some sinful combination of pain and pleasure.

"Ah. Ah. Ah," you pant in time with my strokes as I fuck your ass.

I feel the blbous head of my cock swelling madly, your retum tightly clenched around it, as I drive my cock back and forth. I grab a fistful of uour hair and increase my rhythm, plunging into your ass faster and faster. It's so tight. So incredibly tight. And by God, it feels good.

I'm sweating from the strain and the excitement, the sweat running down my body, lubricating my cock even more, as I keep hammering into your ass. Your lovely tight little ass, my darling.

You're whimpering and sobbing uncontrollably, your face pressed into the bedspread. It could be just from pain, but I sense you're getting excited, too. And sure enough: As I look down, enjoying the sight of my huge cock impaling your ass, I see your little hand, trembling between your thighs, as it slowly begins massaging your juicy slit.

Ah yes, masturbate, my darling. Masturbate for me while I fuck your ass. Make yourself come - with my cock deep inside you. Maybe we can come together tonight. Maybe you'll feel me spurting my semen into your ass,while you masturbate yourself to orgasm. How would you like that, my darling?

The thought turns me on, drives me mad with lust. I keep going, relentlessly hammering my rigid tool into your tight littel hole. You're gasping for breath now, eagerly stroking your swollen labia.

I could climax any second, but I want you to come, too. I didn't only come here for my own satisfaction. No, I want to pleasure you, as well. I want to make you scream out loud in ecstasy, while my raging cock explodes inside your ass. You may feel it's rong, you may feel ashamed. But that's what I want. And I will make it happen.

Yes, my darling, keep going. Masturbate for me.

Your moans of pleasure are getting louder. You're stroking your moist flesh frantically, my swollen cock poking into you again and again. And I can't hold out much longer, either.

Now - come for me, my darling. Feel my stiff shaft stretching your tender ass and come for me.

"Aaah! Aaah!"

You scream out loud, as the climax hits you. With both hands I pin your shoulders to the bed, as you wriggle about, trembling with the pleasure of your orgasm. The ecstasy surges through your struggling body, shaking you for several minutes, making you sob and whimper heplessly.

Yes. I dit it. I held out until you came again, But the sight of your violent orgasm is just too beatiful to behold. As I feel the semen bursting out through my swelling shaft, I force my cock deep into your ass, holding still, savroing the unbearable tension, before I explode inside your clenching tightness.

"Unnnh!" I yell. "Unnnh!"

I know, my darling: Usually, I never make a sound when I'm with a woman. I let to let her do the moaning (and I do love the sound of female moans). But when I'm with you, my darling, feeling your flesh, watching your lovely body squirming beneath me, smelling the excitement on your young skin, it all gets to much. And I roar like an animal, my hot semen spurting into your ass.

You gasp out loud, my darling. Yes. Can you feel it? Jet after jet of piping hot sperm pumps out of my jerking cock, squirting deep into your ass. Dizzy with pleasure, I'm also amazed to feel the power of my second ejaculation tonight, as my cock keeps on going, spurting and spurting my sticky cream into you.

Ah yes, my darling. Finally my orgasm subsides. And slowly, slowly, I slide my still semi-hard cock out of your ass. You lie there, exhausted, breathing hard, face down on your bed as I zip up.

I look at you one more time before I turn and leave your bedroom. Yes, you are beautiful, my darling. And when I get home I will still fanatsize about you. Maybe I will even masturbate.

But you know I have to leave. Yes, I could spend the night with you, but that would change everything. It wouldn't be the same, then, the next time I came to see you, would it, my darling?

No, I must be the stranger who comes without warning, uninvited The stranger who fucks you hard in your own bedroom. The stranger who makes you come against your will.

You know I'll be back, my darling. And you may be afraid. And you may feel ashamed. But you'll be waiting.

Won't you, my darling?

Copyright 2002 by Bonfils